raped by stepfather and children taken from her
who Mr____ initially wanted to marry
Mr____'s first name
Mr____'s lover at first but then becomes friends with Celie and eventually becoming her lover
tries to abuse his wife to show dominance but fails because his wife is strong and independent
Celie's sister travels to this continent and thinks it is magical
main setting of the book, the state that Celie and Mr____ live in
the book is composed of _____ from Celie to God and from Nettie to Celie
strong and independent woman that does not accept mistreatment from anyone especially her husband
mulatto woman that Harpo has a relationship with after Sofia leaves him
Sofia's boyfriend after she leaves Harpo
was believed to be Celie's and Nettie's biological father until Nettie learned he was not. Abused and raped Celie
the minister that adopts Celie's biological children and ends up marrying Celie's sister
falls in love with and eventually marries Tashi
Olinka village girl who undergoes the african traditions of facial scarring and genital mutilation
racist wife of the mayor. She asks Sofia to be her maid but sofia refuses. Later Sofia is forced to become her maid.
miss millie
Shug's husband that begins an affair with Squeak
Sofia's reply to the mayor's wife request that she be here maid
hell no
the amount of years Sofia was sentenced for jail for defying the mayor and his wife
is the biggest struggle for the black characters in this book
the biggest struggle for the women in this novel
the age of Celie

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