Kim woke up late and could not find anything good to wear; she ____ through the clothes to find something.
The relationship was ____ when they started dating; being friends was a better comfort spot the way they used to hang out.
Dinosaurs were once on this planet; how they got ____ off the planet scientists are not sure.
Katari wanted to ____ his muscles; as a result he wanted to hit the gym.
The invasion of the robber was a ____ attempt; he was plotting revenge on his old boss
The ____ from the plane was scattered in the ocean; after it crashed near a lake, it drifted off into the sea.
The police officer tried to ____ lady's car; the lady was worried about her car as the officer drove away.
The students stole the wrong answers to the test; the teacher grinned while they were taking the test because she knew the answers were ____.
The A student was ____ to change his grade; he did whatever it took to get his grade back up to and A.
Fireman were rushing into the building to ____ items; the fireman rescued a couple of items after the building crashed.
Robb was stuck in a ____; there was a storm as he still needed to walk 2 more blocks to get home.
Bob did not notice his pimple when he woke up; when he got home he sat in front of the mirror and watched the ____ of it.
The father told the mother to stop drinking while pregnant; she stopped to think about what her baby could be ____to.
In class i got teamed up with my friends for a group project; all of my friends do not know how to work together because they are all ____.
I many superhero movies they usually reck the cities; although they never ____ the damages.
The ____ had her first day in America; when she was offered a tour from a friend she was excited.
The speech was ____; the kids fell asleep while listening to the lecture.
The child was so ____; he steals to make himself happy.
The ____ was stealing to feed his family; although he knew his actions were wrong, he kept going.
The horse ate his ____; watching from a distance, the kids seemed fascinated.

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