If these were not at hand he might ________ the case for their production; stop procedding a time up to six months.
Tomorrow she would meet Romas's ______-brothers and parents; they are from a foreign country.
A _______, fresh-looking old man was conducting the service with that mild solemnity which has so elevating and soothing an effect on the souls of the worshipers.
He might thus ____________ for his numerical inferiority by superior mobility and superior leadership; that he earned himself.
He was a __________ ruler, much addicted to drunkenness; and his reign is chiefly notable for the influence enjoyed by his wife Nur Jahan, "the Light of the World."
His brilliant parts were somewhat obscured by his rather ________ conduct, and a certain contempt; partly aristocratic and partly intellectual, for commonplace men and ways.
His type of headache is rough, but I came to peace with it and was pretty happy with my __________, until a few days ago; the process of driving it away, didnt work.
Invasion was but a ______, executed by an army too weak to do much harm; because there were too many people to control.
He wasn't about to donate any ________ to the other horse in the race; his horse needed the food to fill his stomach.
Nicholas fixed his residence in Rome, which he began to rebuild and to _________;determining to render the Eternal City once more a capital worthy of its high place in Europe.
Humiliating is not too strong a term to apply to a letter in which he expresses his desire to "________ the past by every action of his life," in order to keep oneself from being noticed.
"They can't do anything... always make some _______, or some sort of a hopeless mess."
But periodically he forgot the utter uselessness of arguing with the ____________ old man; he realized that the old man was very stubborn.
There are no rivers and few _________ streams in the islands; this will last forever.
The climatic conditions of the Persian Gulf particularly seem to ____________to this disease, whick they can predict; for it very frequently attacks white persons resident there.
Were counter-attacked repeatedly and forced to ___________ Montbrehain and some of the ground gained to the south; Montbrehain were weak so they had to surrender.
There had to be something they could do to ________their relationship; however, there was nothing that could've saved thier relationship.
Sally suddenly has these tempers once and a while; this __________behaivor is unnecessary.
Sam stole the test answers on the test, from Cam; only does he know that the answers are ________.
Quinn tried to ride a __________ horse; he noticed that the horse was uncontrollable when he started riding it.