geography unit one word search
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cardinal direction
prime meridian
political maps
thematic maps
physical maps
compass rose
mental maps

Map & Globe Word Search

Map & Globe Word Search
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intermediate directions
cardinal directions
historical map
prime meridian
political map
thematic map
physical map

Map Skills Word Search

Map Skills Word Search
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Intermediate Directions
Cardinal Directions
Compass Rose
Map Key

Map Skills Vocabulary Crossword

Map Skills Vocabulary  Crossword

half of the globe
imaginary lines on the earth that run north and south
A tool used to locate directions
relationship between the size on the map and the actual size
a map key
7 landforms
natural formation of rock and dirt
a huge body of salt water
divides the north and south of the earth
imaginary lines that run east and west

5 Themes of Geography Key Terms Crossword

5 Themes of Geography Key Terms Crossword

Study of the human and nonhuman features of Earth.
North, South, East, and West
Directoins Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.
Distance north or south of the Equater.
Distance east or west of the Prime Meridian
Each half of the Earth; Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western hemispheres
A place's exact location on Earth.
Location of a place in relation to another place.
The mix of human and nonhuman features at a given location.
An area with atleast one unifying physical or human feature.
How people, goods, and ideas get from one place to another.
Height above sea level.
Map that shows physical, or natural features, such as mountains, rivers, and oceans
Map that shows political units, such as countries or cities.
Line of latitude at 0 degrees; imaginary line that divides the northern and southern hemispheres.
Line of longitude at o degrees; imaginary line that divides the eastern and western hemispheres

Geography Vocabulary Crossword

Geography Vocabulary  Crossword

Description of the formations of the earth, mountains, valleys, rivers, and lakes
Description of the boundaries of states & regions, the location of cities & towns, and other aspects of human society that have to do with geography
A map that shows a specific topic theme or spacial distribution of an activity
Imaginary lines that run east to west around the globe and measure distance north and south of the equator
Imaginary lines that run north to south around the globe and measure distance east and west of the prime meridian
The exact position of a place on earth often stated in latitude and longitude
A location of a place in relation to another place
The imaginary circle around the earth, halfway between the north and south poles.
It points which way is north, south, east, west, and some intermediate directions on the map.
A small table accompanying the map that explains the symbols that are used on the map.
The ratio between the distance between two points found on the map as compared to the actual distance between these points in the real world.
The line that passes through Greenwich, England. (0 degrees longitude)

Maps and Globes Word Search

Maps and Globes Word Search
Word Search

Relative Location
Absolute Location
Human Environment
Natural Features
Human Features
Prime Meridian
Compass Rose
Locator Map
Scale Bar

Intro to Physical Geography Part 1 Crossword

Intro to Physical Geography Part 1 Crossword

Biospere, Hydrospere, Lithosphere & Atmosphere
Latitude and Longitude find what?
Gases that surround and protect earth from the suns rays
Communities of animals, plants, etc.
Shows directions on a map
Due to the land's lower specific heat capacity
Warm air rises, cold air sinks
Elevation on a map
Causes warmest tempuratures
Causes coldest tempuratures
East of the Prime Meridian
Above sea level
Equal amount of sunlight and darkness during a 24 hour period
Latitude, elevetion, ocean currents, etc.
One or more common features that make it different from surrounding areas
Made up of sifferent places that are linked together and function as a single unit
The shortest place from one place to another
Where the Prime Meridian is located
97% of earth's water is salt water
Line that runs north to south
Natural feature of the landscape
Lists and explains the symbols and colors on a map

Map Terminology Crossword

Map Terminology Crossword

A circle showing the principal directions printed on a map or chart
Is included with a map to unlock information needed for the map to make sense.
Refers to the relationship between distance on the map and distance on the ground
Used to represent real objects like mountains
The four main points on a compass
The directions on the compass between the cardinal points.
Often included a lot of landforms like desert,mountain,and plains.
Representation of an area of land or sea showing cities and roads.
Often show countries ,states,counties,and bodies of waters
The Earth
A half of Earth ussually divided into northern and southern half.
Is half of earth that is north of the equator.
The half of Earth south of the equator.
A half of earth west of the prime meridian
A half of earth east of the prime meridian.
A imaginary line that is between the southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere
The Earth zero of longitude
The angular distance of a place northor south of the equator
The angular distance of a place east or west of the prime meridian
Te height of an object in relation to sea level or ground level

World Geography Review #1 Crossword

World Geography Review #1 Crossword

Answers the question, "What is it like there?" - Includes physical and human characteristics
A ___________ is a group of places united by one or more common characteristics.
Answers the question, "Where is it?" - absolute or relative
One theme is geography is the continual _________ of people, ideas, and goods.
The study of geography includes looking at human/environment ________, or how and why people chnage their surroundings.
A computer geographic program used in our modern society.
A model of the earth and shows the earth's shape, lands, distances, and directions.
Imaginary lines that divide the earth in half
Parallel lines that circle the earth and measure distance in degrees north and south of the Equator.
Meridian lines the measure distance in degrees east or west of the Prime Meridian.
Mapmakers use various ways, or _____________, of showing the earth on a flat piece of paper.
The map ____ explains the lines, symbols, and colors used on a map.
A symbol on the map that tells you cardinal directions is called a ______ rose.
A measuring line called a ________ bar, helps you determine distance on a map.
A _____________ map shows the names and boundaries of countries and often identfiy major physical features.
A __________ map shows landforms and water features.
A __________ map shows how flat or rugged the land surface is.
A __________ map shows elevation.
A _____ graph used wide lines to compare data visually.
A ________ graph is a useful tool for showing change over time.
A _________ graph is used when you want to show the how the whole of something is divided into parts.
This is used as a way of summarizing and presenting information visually.
___________ use rows of small pictures or symbols - each picture or symbol representing an amount.
A _____________ combines a line graph and a bar graph.
_____________ are drawings that show steps in a process.
Area of land drained by a given river and its branches
Flat, low-lying land built up from soil carried downstream by a river and deposited at its mouth.
A narrow stretch of land connecting two larger land areas.
Body of land jutting into a lake or ocean, surrounded on three sides by water.

Geography Unit 1 Crossword

Geography Unit 1 Crossword

Imaginary Line that runs North and South, but measures East and West
Imaginary line that runs East and West, but measures North and South
The exact position of a place on the earth's surface.
A location of a place in relation to another place. (New Jersey is south of New York).
What is it like there? Can be expressed by its Physical and Human Characteristics.
Areas of the earth with shared characteristics, such as physical, human, or cultural.
The ways and reasons people, products, & ideas move from one place to another.
The changes people make in their environment both for positive and negative.
An imaginary circle around the middle of the earth, located at 0 degrees latitude.
The line that is located at 0° longitude.
90 degrees South of the Equator
90 degrees North of the Equator
The line that tells the subject of the map.
Explains the lines, symbols, and colors used on a map.
Compares a distance on a map with a distance in the real world.
A graphic/symbol on a map showing cardinal and intermediate directions.
The natural characteristic of the earth's surface (river, mountain, lake, forest).
Theme that tells where something is. (Relative or Absolute)
The study of the earth in all its variety.
The way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs.