Rachel and Michael have vowed to spend the rest of their lives together
to have something that you need to do
Sam told his mom that he went to school when he really skipped his classes
Christina's soccer team practiced everyday and at the end of the season they won the state championships
Kevin broke up with his girlfriend and moved far away
quitter quelqu'un
Sam wouldn't stop teasing his little brother
Lauren's mom told her friend a story that she was embarrassed about
Christina could feel the cold air before she even stepped outside
Sarah hoped to one day be a professional basketball player
rever de
After dating for 4 years, Lauren and her boyfriend are no longer together
Riley feels like she can tell her best friend anything
faire confiance
Ryan never showed up to his date
poser un lapin
Christina got a new curler for Christmas and let her sister use it
Sarah was her boyfriend's true love
âme soeur
Christina and Lauren are best friends

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