Activity 1 spot the ha Crossword

A set of values, which involves the right approach, attitude, precise behavior, respect for others and lively communication.
Without double-dealing, untruthful or larceny; integrity at work.
Shows wholeness and reliability in a person's character and in an organization; implies strength and stability.
hard to earn and even harder to get back after you've lost it. Everyone who comes in contact with you or your company must have confidence in how you do business ethics.
More than a feeling, but a demo of honor, value, and admiration for something or someone.
Is vital for a person's own growth as well as the improvement of the company he is working with.
Providing an example that others will follow.
Don't wait to be told what to do. If you are doing the right thing in an acceptable manner, do not hesitate
Habits that will impress the people you are working with and your superiors as well.
Is very important to complete your tasks successfully. This is because your coworkers get affected by your trait and respond accordingly.

7th Grade Word Search

7th Grade Word Search
Word Search

winning is not everything
attitude is everything
arrive late and lose
conquer opportunity
I believe in you
I am successful
I will not quit
make no excuses
respect others
never give up
good choices
be positive
born to win
good habits
keep trying
have goals
study hard
hard work

Job Interview Crossword

Job Interview Crossword

Document used to present a person's education and skills
paper sent in with a resume with additional information
a conversation where questions are asked and answers are given
outward behavior
appropriate attire for an interview
what a person does to get ready for a successful interview
a very important factor in giving a first impression
how many pages your cover letter should have
something that should be included in your resume
the principle that hard work is held in high regard
gather information about the company you're interviewing with
the first way an employer sees you, it's a very important factor

Integrity and Ethics Crossword Puzzle

Integrity and Ethics Crossword Puzzle

Who We Are Month is a celebration of our ______, culture and values
Ball employees are expected to behave as ______ of the business
______ has always been a key component to “Who We Are” at Ball
Our core purpose is to add ______ for all of our stakeholders
Our core values are ______, integrity, respect, motivation, flexibility, innovation and teamwork
Corporate compliance includes our legal and ethical responsibility to conform to all laws, rules, regulations, ______ and procedures
Every employee is responsible for maintaining personal ______ to ethics, laws and policies
Ball Corporation has a formal Corporate Compliance ______
The Corporation will not tolerate ______ in the workplace
Conflicts of ______
Never use the Corporation’s ______ information for personal benefit
Ball’s Social ______ Activity policy is in effect whether you, as an employee, are at work or off duty
No ______ statements or entries may be made for any purpose in the records of the Corporation
Ball has adopted ______ employment opportunity and affirmative action policies
Acts of discrimination and violence will not be ______
Ball views health and ______ as one of its most important business priorities
All employees are expected to safeguard their own health and safety, as well as that of their fellow ______
Our sustainability goal is focused on continuous improvement toward the ultimate goal of ______ accidents
EVA stands for Economic Value ______
EVA dollars are the measurement of our long-term ______
Who We Are month reaffirms our ______ of ethical behavior and record of personal and corporate compliance
Which plant has the best employees?

Workplace Readiness Skills- Positive Work Ethics Crossword

Workplace Readiness Skills- Positive Work Ethics Crossword

Without double-dealing, untruthful or larceny.
Don't wait to be told what to do. If you are doing the right thing in an acceptable manner, do not hesitate.
This is because your coworkers get affected by your trait and respond accordingly.
Providing an example that others will follow.
Humbleness; a wise person always shows behaviors of humility.
Do what is not only good for you, but also, beneficial for the team as a whole.
A demo of honor, value, and admiration for something or someone
Hard to earn and even harder to get back after you've lost it. Everyone who comes in contact with you or your company must have confidence in how you do business ethics.
habits that will impress the people you are working with and your superiors as well.
Implies strength and stability; solid workplace behavior ethics that matter in the real world that promote positive work ethics.
Considered reliable as well.

Business Vocabulary Crossword

Business Vocabulary Crossword

A business or association usually formed to manufacture or supply products or services for profit.
A company legally separate from stockholders who own it and the managers who run it.
A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture.
A company owned and managed by two or more people who share its profits or losses. A partnership is not separate from its owners, who are liable for the company’s debts.
A corporation that doesn’t sell shares to the public. You cannot buy shares of a private company in the stock market.
The stock of a public company is owned and traded by individuals and institutional investors. In contrast, the stock is held by company founders, employees, and sometimes venture capitalists.
A company owned and run by one individual who receives its profits or its losses. A proprietorship is not separate from its owner, who is liable for the company debts.
Shares of a company that do not guarantee a dividend and have more risk and volatility than preferred shares. Common stock holders have the benefit of providing shareholders with the right to vote for the board of directors as well as on issues that come before the board at the annual meeting of shareholders.
A business that is owned by stockholders and has right and responsibilities as if it were a person.
Part of a company’s profits (earnings) that it pays as money to stockholders.
The amount of money that remains after subtracting the company’s expenses from its revenue.
Someone who risks funds by purchasing financial products with the hope the investments will increase in value over time.
The initial sale of stock to the public by investment bankers.
Shares of ownership of a company in which the shareholder is guaranteed a dividend if one is declared and whose shares are usually not as volatile as common stock. Preferred stock holders do not have voting rights in company elections and decisions.
A company that is owned by a person, family, or small group of investors that does not sell shares of stock in the company to the public.
A company that is owned by investors who buy shares of stock, partial ownership of the assets of a business, in the corporation usually through one of the stock exchanges.
The chance of losing all or part of an investment.
A type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim to a part of the company’s profits or losses. Companies usually issue stock to raise money for a variety of reasons, including expanding or modernizing their operations.
An announcement appearing in financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal announcing a company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO.)
Indicates how much and how quickly the value of an investment, market, or market sector changes.
By law, each publicly held corporation must provide its shareholders with an annual report showing its income and balance sheet. In most cases, it contains not only financial details but also a message from the chairman, a description of the company's operations, and an overview of its achievements.
Process by which assets of a business are converted to money.
The condition of owning stock. The value of a long position is a stock’s current share price multiplied by the number of shares owned.
If you own common stock in a U.S. corporation, you have the right to vote on company policies and to elect the company's board of directors. You may vote in person at the annual meeting or authorize the board to vote on your behalf using an absentee ballot, or proxy,Which you can submit by mail or, increasingly often, by telephone or over the Internet.
An individual or company (including a corporation) that legally owns one shares of stock in a stock company. The shareholders are the owners of a corporation.

Credit Cards Crossword

Credit Cards Crossword

Any card that may be used repeatedly to borrow money or buy products and services on credit.
Any card that may be used repeatedly to borrow money or buy products and services on credit.
A payment made to a professional person or to a professional or public body in exchange for advice or services.
A current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively
The fee charged by a lender to a borrower for the use of borrowed money, usually expressed as an annual percentage of the principal; the rate is dependent upon the time value of money, the credit risk of the borrower, and the inflation rate.
The amount of money owed to the credit card company.
A place where you can keep your money safe
When you don't pay bills on time
When you pay your bills on time
A contractual agreement in which a borrower receives something of value now and agrees to repay the lender at some later date.
When a person you work for or your boss pays you not in cash
A price that one has to pay
When you put money or a check into your acount
The record of use of debt.
A bank account equally shared by two or more people
Charged by a credit card company each year for use of a credit card.
A three digit number that summarizes how well a person or business has handled debt and credit
The total cost of borrowing, including interest and fees, expressed in a dollar amount.
Consumers or businesses seek legal assistance when bills cannot be paid.
An amount owed

10 Golden Rules to Professional Ethics Crossword

10 Golden Rules to Professional Ethics Crossword

Quality of service which is unusually good and so suprasses ordinary standards
Fulfilling an assigned task and as an extension-not letting down expectations, it is been dependable, and reliable when called upon to deliver a service.
Being friendly, polite and well mannered with a gracious consideration towards others
A Facet of moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as truthfulness, straightforwardness of conduct, loyalty, fairness and sincerity.
The ability of an individual to do a job properly. A combination of knowledge, skills and behavior.
Acting within certain moral codes in accordance with the generally accepted code of conduct or rules.
Behaving in a way that protrays "nobility of soul and magnanimity.
Respecting the set of rules or promise that restricts you from futher and unauthorized dissemination of information
A positive feeling of esteem or deference for a person or organization; it is built over time and can be lost with inconsiderate actions.
To show and lead by ____________________.

Digital Literacy Crossword

Digital Literacy Crossword

electronic devices and media platforms such as computers, cell phones, video, the Internet, and video games that allow users to create, communicate, and interact with one another or with the device or application itself
a figure of speech in which a comparison is made between two different things using the word like or as
navigating the digital world safely, responsibly, and ethically
a representation of someone or something, such as a photograph or drawing; the way someone or something is perceived by others
a rule that is unfairly applied to different people or groups of people
a set of principles and morals governing people’s behavior, including honesty and respect toward others
a set of principles and morals governing people’s behavior as it relates to the Internet and digital devices
to depict yourself to others as being a certain way or having particular characteristics
an image and personality that you show to others
a graphic image that represents a person online
without a name or other information that identifies who you are
the effect of something that happened earlier
all of the information about a person that can be found online
to let in or to be given entrance
someone seeking entrance to a school or placement in a job, usually competing with others for the position
the general impression of a person held by others and the public
to continue and endure
different factors that surround a piece of information that help determine its meaning
a person or company other than you and the owner of the website you visit
choices a website might give you about what it does with your information
when companies collect information about you based on your online behavior
when companies tailor content to you based on the information they have collected about you
common categories of the population, such as age, gender, and race
data files that are stored on your computer when you visit certain sites, often used by companies to identify repeat customers and personalize visitors’ experiences
knowledge collected from many people towards a common goal
a website created by a group that allows all users in a group to add or edit content
the ability to use a small amount of someone’s creative work without permission, but only in certain ways
a use in connection with a business, usually for profit
a law that protects a creator’s ownership of and control over the work he or she creates, requiring other people to get the creator’s permission before they copy, share, or perform that work
creative work that’s not protected by copyright and is therefore free for one to use however one wants
an idea –whether a phrase, expression, image, or video – that gains widespread recognition online viral: the rapid spread of information, particularly
the view or outlook of someone, based on their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and background
a person who is the object of an intentional action
a person who intentionally commits acts to hurt or damage someone
a person who passively stands by and observes without getting involved
a person who supports and stands up for someone else
to increase or make more intense
to decrease or make less intense

Professionalism Vocabulary Crossword

Professionalism Vocabulary  Crossword

to build confidence through teamwork and open, candid communication
to treat one another with dignity, and fairness, appreciating the diversity of our workforce and the uniqueness of each person
to say what we mean, to deliver what we promise, and to stand for what is right
– to speak up, without fear of retribution; to be accountable for one’s actions
individual’s attitude toward work and dedication to completing a job
to be truthful in all our endeavors, to be honest and forthright with one another, with our customers and our community
reliable, trustworthy, accountable, steady
being on time
cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause
reflection of opinion, work ethic, initiative
doing something on your own without being told or given special incentive
conducting oneself according to the highest standards of industry
a person who has commanding authority or influence, someone who keeps members focused on a goal, makes sure everyone understands the goal/task, watches the timeline, sets a good example
a set of moral principles, dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation
quality or state of being certain
to act or work with another or others, act together or in compliance
following a line of conduct as though it were a profession
response or opinion of a customer or the receiver of a service
form used to grade the employee’s work
treating the customer with utmost respect, listening to customer needs, providing the best product/service to meet customer needs

Work Ethics Vocabulary Crossword

Work Ethics Vocabulary Crossword

the power to perform or accomplish what individual can do
working without mistake
showing up to work everyday
they way you think and feel about certain topics or life in general, your general outlook on life
the manner of conducting oneself
trusting others with personal and private information
the results of your behavior
a suggestion for how you should do better
a polite or helpful comment
the mode of thinking - about any subject, context, or problem- in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it
how a person reacts to their job including their values, attitudes, and behavior at the job site
doing what you say you're going to do
step in making better choices, how to make good choices
a person who works well with other associates and pitches in when needed
to work jointly with others
the positive way of getting your message across
the event or factor that causes stress
to spread rumors or talk about private matters of others
the ability to do something well
the quality of being fair and truthful
ability to take independent action
the power or opportunity to do something before others do
showing admiration; proper courtey
the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something
the response or change in the body caused by any emotional, physical, social or economic factor
arriving or doing something at the expected or planned time
the amount of work done
being competent in any endeavor; able to finish what you try
following laws, being ethical, having good work ethics, and having the skills to do your work