This person was born in the oasis town of Mecca around A.D.570
This place was a bustling market town at the crossroads of several caravan routes.
Yathrib was renamed as this ______ also known as the "city of the prophet."
This person was Muhammad's father-in-law an early convert to Islam, should be th first caliph hi name is_____
Abu Bakr
these people moved through the desert to reach seasonal pasturelands for their camels, goats, and sheep
_____ is a body of that includes interpretation of the Quran
The cheif builder of the mughal empire was Babur's grandson his name was ______.
The second abbasid caliph, al-mansur choose _____ as the site of his new capital
Muhammad wnt on a journey known as _____.
The pilgrimage of Mecca is aso known as
A struggle in god's service is also known as
The muslim ruler of Ghur Defeated hindu armies across the northern plains and made _________ his capital.
After the ottoman turks conquered and took over constantinople they renamed it ________.
A muslim mystic who seeks communication with god through meditation, fasting, and other rituals, is also known as.
A _______ is a member of one of the largest muslim sects; believed that inspiration came from Muhammad and his followers.
A famous persian physician ____ _____ was known in europe as Avicenna.
Ibn Sina
A member of one of two major muslim sects. They believed that muhammad's daughter and son-in-law, Ali, are the true leaders, is called?
This person set the standards for the scientific sudy of history, his name is ______.
Ibn Khaldun
This person is one of the greatest muslim mathematicians, his name is ___ _________.
Local hindu rulers, in place, are also known as?
This dynasty ruled bagdad from 750-1258 it was formed and lead by Abu al-Abbas.
______ is the name of God among Muslims.
The shiite muslim empire that ruled much of present-day Iran from the 1500s to the 1700s, is also known as________.
The safavid king was also known as/called the ____
A tomb built by Shah Jahan for his wife, is also known as the ____ ______.
Taj Mahal

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