This month's first weekly topic title
This survey begins on October 4, 2016.
Last name of this Postal couple celebrating 25 years that were pictured in Issue 15.
Cartoon image on Issue 17. ("When someone at work seems to care about you, you become more like family")
In our acronym for "CARE" the letter "C" stands for...
Cultural month from September 15- October 15
Cheryl and Daniel Hollis are both holding this type of animal in their wedding anniversary announcement picture
This month's Q12 element
An engaging mistake you can eat
Author of the weekly quote in Issue 17
Executive Director of Employee Engagement surprised the post office of this location
These ladies made this to show how much stamps ROCK
Her dad was a letter carrier in Chicago back in 1965
This P&DC cares about appreciation
This letter carrier retired after 30 years and loves his cowboys
The Postal Pulse survey measures
Next months Q12 element

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