What is the protective outer covering of all cells that regulates the interaction between the cell and envioment
cell membreane
What is constantly moving gel-like mixture inside the cell membrane that contains heretiry material?
What is a rigid structure that encloses, supports, and protects the cell of plants, algae, fungi, and bacteria
cell wall
What is a structure in the cyptoplasm kf a eukaryotic cell that can act as strong as a storage site, to process energy, moves materials, or manufacture shbstances
What is an organelle that controls al, the activites of a cell and contains hereditary material
What js a green, chlorphyll-containjng plant-cell organelle that uses light to produce sugar
What is a cell organelle that breaks food down and releases energy
What is a small cyptoplasmic structure on which cells make their own proteins
What is a cyptoplasmic organelle that moves materials around in a cell and is made up of complex series of folded membranes
endoppasmic reticulum
What is an orga elle that packag e s cellular matedials and transports them within the cell or out of the cell
Golgi body
groupnof similar cells thag work together to do one job
What is a structure, such as the heart, made up of different types of tissues that all work together