court order that requires the government to chage an imprisoned personwith a crime or let the person go free
habeas corpus
the wearing down of one side by the other through exhausion of soldiers and resoures
small, fast vessels the South used to smuggle goods past the blockade
lincoln interpreted his reelction as a
rebuilding the nation after the war
or pardon to all Southerners who took an oath of loyalty to the united states
arrived with their belongings in a suitcase made od carpet fabric
weak underfed worthless animals
did not paybtheir rent in cash instead they paid in thier share in crops
the right to vote
fiftennth amendment
to cut off food and suppiles and bombard it until its defenders gave up
banning slavery in the us
thirteenth amendment
to feeding and clothing war refugees in the south using surplus army supplies
freedmens bureau
kept african americans in a condishion simialr to slavery
black codes
granted citezenship to all persons bornor naturalized in the us
fourteenth amendment
paid rent in crops
share croppers
lincoln blocked it with,
pocket veto
feed and clothed the refuges
freemens bureau
refused to enforced the they passed
allowed all slavery in federal territories
lincoln is elected
raided the Harpers ferry
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" was published
wanted to ban slavery in Mexico
California applies for statehood

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