A child who lost both parents. Rodzina was one of them.
A railroad engine. In the story kids were traveling in it across America.
A country in Europe. Rodzina and her family came from this country to the United States.
A four wheeled designed to be pulled by an animal. In the story farmers were using them to travel through prairies.
People who leave their own country and go to another country looking for a better life. Rodzina and her family were them.
A green round vegetable with leaves. Boys in the train called Rodzina as a “…. Head”.
A process that gives out light, flames, heat, burn. Rodzina’s brothers died in it.
A domestic animal, kept for its meet. Roddzina’s father won it one time and had to carry it home in the street car.
A person who performs house duties for others. The orphans were traveling for new families, but often became one of them.
A big "Windy" city in the state of Illinois, Rodzina used to live here with her family.
A type of food made with fruit. Kids in the train had sandwich's with it every day.
A place to stay, while you are out of your home. Kids with their caregivers stayed there while waiting for new families.
An animal that likes to run up trees while dogs chase it. Kids found it on the trip and Lacey wanted to take it with her.
Native American people. Rodzina saw them first time while traveling by train.
A large grass area. In the story people were traveling through it in their wagons.
The direction opposite of east. Kids on the train were traveling this direction.
A group of people, parents and kids living together. In the story kids were traveling to find a new one.
A group of people and animals traveling together and preform shows. Lacey ran out of the train one time to see it.
A person whose occupation is to make or alter clothes. Rodzina was telling a story about one of them who helped stop the rain and became a king.
A deep ravine or narrow valley. The train was traveling in this in Utah.
A type of food that can be stuffed with cheese or meet. In the story it was Lacey’s cat name.
A round container to keep water. In the story kids had this on the train to wash themselves.

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