Became president of the United states when he was only 43 years old. He gained the reputation of smart energetic, and opinionated.
Theodore Roosevelt
Roosevelt created a program that he used office and its powers convince americans of the need for change and to push through his reform proposals. The goals of the programmer to keep the wealthy and powerful from taking advantage of small business owners and the poor.
Square Deal
It provided federal agents to inspect any meat sold across state lines, and required federal inspection of meat processing plants.
Meat Inspection Act
Placed the same controls on other foods and on medicines. Also banned the interstate shipment of impure food and the mislabeling of food and drugs.
Pure Food And Drug Act
A california naturalist whose efforts had led to congress to create yosemite national park in 1890.
John Muir
Roosevelt drew on the ideas of the "rational use" ideas of this person, who led to the Division of Forestry in the U.S. department of Agriculture.
Gifford Pinchot
(acronym) Congress passed this in 1902, which gave the federal government the power to divide where and how water would be distributed.
Roosevelt traveled around the country speaking about this. A program to restore the government's trustbusting power.
New Nationalism
The taft-Roosevelt battle split the republican party as an election neared. Progressives bolted from the republican party and set up this party.
Progressive Party
In 1906, Roosevelt got congress to pass this, which gave the ICC strong enforcement powers.
Hepburn Act
Democrats gained an opportunity for this candidate to win.
Woodrow Wilson
William shaped his ideas into this program.
New Freedom
gave congress the power to do.
sixteenth amendment
acronym that made wilson push the congress to pass.
In 1914 william persuaded congress to create this.
acronym congress passed which strengthened earlier antitrust laws.
due to the gilded age this emerged in the 1890s.
a community center that provided social services to the urban poor.
Settlement house
an election which citizens themselves vote to elect nominees for upcoming elections.
Direct primary
gave citizens the power to remove public servants from the office before their terms ended.
she belived that women were hurt by the unfair prices of goods they had to buy to run their homes.
Florence Kelley
She thought that family life and womens health would improve if mothers had less children.
Margaret Sanger
acronym for people trying to get the voting rights of women.
to make america great again.
separate but equal acronym.
groups that made loans and provided legal assistance.

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