value or variable that makes an inequality true
two simple inequalites joined by " and " or " or"
compound inequality
the distance a number is from 0 and has a positive or negative value
absolute value
mapping or pairing of input values with output values
set of input values
set of output values
one output for each input
ratio of vertical change to horizontal change
functions that are represented by a combination of equations,each corresponding to a part of the domain
piecewise function
maps the output values back to their original input values
inverse relations
uses the coefficents of the quotients to divide a polynomial
synthetic division
what can't contain a radical?
a number is a square root of a number
square root
if the vairable's exponent is 1 the line is...
on a graph if the line is horizontal what is " m "?
on a graph if the line is vertical what is " m "?
if the line on a graph rises what is the value of " m "?
if two slopes of two lines on a graph are the same what are the lines called?
if the slopes of two lines on a graph are the negative reciprocal of eachother what are these lines called?
what form of a line is represented by y=mx+b?
slope intercept form
what form of a line is represented by y-y1=m(x-x1)
point slope
what order does your final answer have to be when adding or subtracting polynomials?
when evaluating a polynomial function what method do you have to use a calculator?
direct substitution
when multiplying polynomials what do you have to do in order to solve the equation?
distributive property
when solving quadratic functions by factoring what do you have to set the equation to?

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