Ancient Greece  Crossword

What is a form of government in which citizens govern themselves?
Who is someone who uses reason to explain natural events?
What is the city-state in Ancient Greece that is the current capital?
Only 1/5 of the people were allowed to participate in ________.
Slaves, foreigners, and ______ were excluded from government.
Plato, Aristotle, and ______ were notable Greek philosophers.
Many Greeks believed that their ______ were responsible for all natural events.
A ______ is a sacred site used to consult a god or goddness.
Who was the goddness of war?
Who was the father of Hercules?
The first _____ was held in Greece.
Which philosopher believed intellectual intelligence can only be attained by upper-class males?
Which Athenian branch of government was made up of a council of only 500 men?
What kind of democracy does Ancient Athens have?
What princess did the Trojans capture that led into the Trojan war?

Ancient Greece Crossword

Ancient Greece Crossword

Games held every four years
Outdoor marketplace
Government ruled by wealthy privileged families
Famous for its army
A fast-spreading, often deadly disease
Earliest known greek civilization
Another word for slaves in Sparta
Who created the machine that carried water from a lower to a higher level
A machine that carried water from a lower to a higher level
Valuables seized in wartime
The war fought between Sparta and Athens was called
The Trojan war was fought between the Greeks and the people of
A great king of Macedonia who expanded the empire
One of Greek's finest achievements in architecture
Composed two poems about the Trojan War
The "Father of Medicine"
Had a mighty navy
A greek philosopher who used a question-and-answer method of argument
Greeks believed most gods lived on Mount
The first known lighthouse was located in
Government ruled by the people
Greek philosophers developed a respect for the power of
Created important theories about numbers and music
A great leader of Athens
Name of the longest olympic race
After the Greeks defeated the Persians they entered a time called the ______age

The Golden Age Of Greece Crossword

The Golden Age Of Greece Crossword

Who was the leader in Athens from 461 B.C. to 429 B.C.?
Where was the Parthenon to Athena built?
Under the leadership of Pericles, citizenship was extended to?
The Greeks laid the foundation for which civilization?
What is Plato's most famous work?
Who was known as the "Father of Tragedy"?
______________ Bound was one of Aeschylus's famous works.
One of Sophocles's famous works was the O------ at C------?
Both of Homer's works was based on the?
Who is known as the first writer to collect materials and arrange them in a narrative?
Herodotus is also known as the?
Who wrote The History of the Peloponnesian War?
Which statue is one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World?
Phidias was both a sculptor and a?
What is the most ornate type of Greek column?
Which is the least ornate type of Greek column?
Which is considered the average ornate type of Greek column?
Archimedes contributed to the discovery of?
Hippocrates is also known as the?
Which Greek mathematician wrote "The Elements"?
Which Greek philosopher created the theorem a^2 + b^2 = c^2?
Which Greek philosopher was a teacher of Plato?
Pluto believed in the concept of the philosopher king and disliked?
Aristotle was a tutor of?

Review for Ancient Greece Crossword

Review for Ancient Greece Crossword

Won the Battle of Marathon
Won the Battle of Thermopylae
Spartan Slaves
Athenian Leader
City and the surrounding countryside
Athenian form of government
Athens has a large_________
Sparta has a large __________
What Sparta is good at
Which battle happens first? Marathon or Thermopylae
Aristotle tutored him
Student of Socrates
Socrates was force to drink this
Plato believed in this type of king
Plato wrote this
Plato founded this which lasted 900 years
Type of government where voters vote on each issue
Most powerful Greek god
Athena was the goddess of this
The Parthenon was dedicated to
Number of Battles Alexander loses
Reason Alexander dies. Hint: means high temperature

Classical Greece! :) Crossword

Classical Greece! :) Crossword

What is name of the war between Athens and Sparta?
What is the shorter form of poetry that the Athenians created?
Which Greek historian tried to understand events from people's actions?
Where is the city Alexandria located?
How many years was the (answer to #1)?
True or false: Pericles died in the plague during the (answer to #1).
Which goddess had a palace on top of the Acropolis in Athens other than Athena?
What was the first city that Alexander the Great conquered?
What city the Alexander the Great die?
Where was King Philip's first empire?
What kind of clothing did Alexander the Great often wear to gain respect from the (answer)s?
After Alexander the Great died, how many kingdoms was his empire seperated into?
What is the name of a person who searches for the truth and the meaning of life?
How many columns does the Parthenon have?
True or false: Men typically go to the agora in the afternoon to debate over present issues.
How many feet tall is the statue of Athena inside the Parthenon?
True or false: Alexander the Great married the Egyptian pharoah's daughter.
True or false: the ancient Greek land was good for farming.
True or false: Everyone in Greece had different colored clothes.
True or false: Bread and olives were very important foods in ancient Greece.
What is the name of the type of play that was most popular in ancient Greece?
What is the name of the type of poetry in ancient Greece other than (answer to #2)?
Which historian traced many events to the will of the gods?
Which philosopher asked the question, "What is right, and what is wrong?"
What is the name of the most famous philosopher that was a student of Plato?

Ancient Sparta Crossword Puzzle

Ancient Sparta Crossword Puzzle

Some Ancient Greeks beleieved in many gods/goddess, were most Ancient Greece monotheistic or polytheistic?
This war is divided into two sub wars. Jealousy from Sparta because of Athens resilience of power of wealth started it. Sparta declared this war on Athens and won.
This city-state defeated Athens in the Peloponnesian War. Culture was centered loyalty the military service and state.
For years the Greeks had been trying to breach the Trojan wall. Odysseus, the Greek general, made a plan to make a huge beautiful wooden horse with men inside to put outside of the Trojan wall. The Trojans took the horse inside and at night the men inside of the horse opened the gates for the Greek Army. That was the end of Troy.
A system of government chosen by the people.
A piece of land surrounded by three bodies of water. This piece of land made it easier for Greeks to access water, while the high mountains kept them isolated so enemies would have a hard time communicating and traveling to them.
This city-state won the Persian War with Sparta, but lost the Peloponnesian War to Sparta. Became bankrupt, tired, and unpatriotic.
The Trojan war is considered a (BLANK), because it is thought to be historical yet unauthentic.
Athens and Sparta are both considered to be (BLANK). They both were located in Greece.
This war is divided into four battles. This war was fought to conqour the Greeks (Athens and Sparta), but the Greeks won.
A collection of stories told to explain nature, history, and customs.

Golden Age of Pericles Crossword

Golden Age of Pericles Crossword

A form of government in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives.
He led Athens during much of its golden age.
An alliance of ancient Greek city states, that was dominated by Athens.
This temple was built to worship Athena, the goddess of wisdom and the protector of Athens.
Their val- ues of harmony, order, balance, and proportion became the standard of what is called...
A serious drama about common themes such as love, hate, war, or betrayal.
He wrote more than 100 plays, including the tragedies Oedipus Rex.
Contained scenes filled with slapstick situations and crude humor.
His book on the Persian Wars is considered the first work of history.
A war fought between the two leading city-states in ancient Greece.
Meaning “lovers of wisdom.”
He was brought to trial for “corrupting the youth of Athens”
Poison that killed Socrates slowly.
He was a student of Socrates, and wrote The Republic.
He questioned the nature of the world and of human belief, thought, and knowledge.

Ancient Greek History Crossword

Ancient Greek History Crossword

These works of art were created with beautiful and elaborate designs
Around 500 to 400 B.C., Greece went to war with____________
During the Hellenistic Age, the Greek Empire was ruled by __________________________
This war left the Greek economy and government weak.
The ___________ tells the story of Achilles.
Great works of Greek poets, historians, philosophers, scientists, and other writers were stored at ________________________________
Around 750 B.C., Grecian traders came in contact with ____________________, who used a script called the alphabet.
__________________ wrote about logic, metaphysics, astronomy, physics, politics, and poetry.
____________ continued the work of Socrates by writing hundreds of profound and complex dialogues, which illustrated his philosophical viewpoints.
The most important cultural center in the Hellenistic world was_________________-
Alexander the Great founded an empire that might be described as a _____________
The head of the government was called __________
A high area that held a temple and religious shrines
This was one of the biggest cities in ancient Greece
A central marketplace where people could shop, perform business transactions, and socialize

Athens and Sparta Crossword

Athens and Sparta Crossword

Which empire took control of Athens?
Spartian warriors were known for their skill and ___
How many kings ruled the city of Sparta?
Athens was a powerful ___
Building this structure was an achievement in Athens
8,000 of these ruled over 10,000 slaves
Women in Athens had lots of ___
The Assembly met on top of this hill
How many social classes did Athens have?
What was the lowest social class in Athens?
Athens had four of these around their city
What class were the farmers in in Sparta?
A famous philosopher in Athens
At what age were boys in Sparta taken from their parents and trained for warfare?
Athens had this type of government
What did Sparta do early on to the land around them
Who was the king who helped Sparta defeat Troy?
What was the name of the middle class in Sparta?
War between Athens and Sparta
This caused lots of people in Athens to become sick and die

Ancient Greece and Rome Crossword

Ancient Greece and Rome Crossword

A narrative poem about heroic deeds is a _______.
___________ was a Roman dictator.
What water transport system did the Romans make?
Who is the ruler of the Greek gods?
Who was Zeus's wife?
A _____ is a form of government ruled by a king.
_______ isolated from much of Greece, builds a military state.
_________ the Great.
Greek _______ where stories that taught them about their environment and morals etc.
Sparta had a better army, but Athens had a better ______.
Who believes in questioning morals and the gods and was sentenced to death?
Who was the student of Plato?
Who was the teacher of Plato?
Who did Aristotle teach?
The two forms of drama in ancient Greece are _______ and comedy.
What is the name of the arena in Rome where gladiators fought?
A _______ is a ruler with total power over a country.
A __________ was a man trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena.
What new religion began to become a dominant religion in the Roman Empire?
Who was the greatest story teller?

Ancient Greece Vocabulary Crossword

Ancient Greece Vocabulary Crossword

A circular shield used in battle by the Hoplites.
An area/settlement that is controlled by or belongs to a country.
A formal speech, especially given on a ceremonial occasion.
A contagious bacterial disease characterized by fever and delirium.
The study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, etc.
The school male Spartan children were sent to, to become a citizen and soldier.
A public open space used for assemblies and markets.
A body of heavily armed infantry formed in close, deep ranks.
A staple soup made of boiled pigs' legs, blood, salt, and vinegar.
A fortress built on top of a high hill.
The Greek word for city-state.
They entered Greece and settled in Peloponnesus, and later colonized Sicily and Southern Italy.
A member of a group of rich landowners who took power.
A galley with three rows of oars on each side, used as a warship.
Of or relating to Greek history, culture, or art after Alexander the Great.
A democracy in which the power to govern lies directly in the people, rather than through representatives.
A form of government in which citizens hold the power.
One of five Spartan magistrates having power over the king.
A leader who held power through the use of force.
The period of history from the Dorian invasion and end of the Mycenaean civilization, to the the poleis.
A government in which only a few people have power.
To banish an unpopular or too powerful citizen from a city for 5 or 10 years by popular vote.
A provincial governor in the Persian Empire.
People who have the right to participate in government.
A member of a class of serfs (slaves) in Sparta.
A heavily armed foot soldier of ancient Greece.
A democracy in which officials are elected to represent a group of people.