What season begins the church year?
Lent begins on _________ Wednesday
The color used in church for the season of Lent.
We use the color green during _______________ Time.
The feast of Epiphany is celebrated during the ______________Season
Advent lasts ____________ weeks.
How many weeks does lent last?
Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter are called The _____________.
The color for Christmas Season is ______________.
Holy Thursday remembers the _______________ ____________(2 wds)
Jesus' Resurrection is celebrated on _________________.
Jesus' death on the cross is remembered on ___________ ___________(2 words)

Holy Week Word Search

Holy Week Word Search
Word Search

Maundy Thursday
Easter Morning
Jesus Christ
Good Friday
Last Supper
empty tomb
Holy Week

Bible & Liturgical Calendar Word Search

Bible & Liturgical Calendar Word Search
Word Search

Hebrew Scriptures
Easter Triduum
Holy Thursday
Ash Wednesday
Ordinary Time
New Testament
Old Testament
Good Friday
Last Supper
Holy Spirit

Lent Crossword

Lent Crossword

The church gives us _______ weeks of Lent to prepare for Easter.
The liturgical colour for lent is _______.
We should view the journey of Lent as an ________.
When does Lent end?
What does the word Lent mean?
To go without.
One of our Lenten focuses.
Giving to the poor.
The day of Jesus' resurrection.
The day that Jesus died.
What word is never sung or said during Lent?
On what days should you abstain from eating meat?
What are we transforming our hearts from?

lent Crossword

lent Crossword

Easter Season
Special Day
do not eat
on your knees
happy day
dust to dust
sorry for sins
hand over
holy day
Type of Religion
Nailed to the cross
Jesus' crew
the tree Jesus was nailed to
Jesus' mother
Jesus was buried in a
last week of Lent
to give up something for something else
to stay away from something
jesus' road to crucifixion
color of lent

Palm Sunday and Holy Week Crossword

Palm Sunday and Holy Week Crossword

Lent ends on this day
A symbol of Jesus' love for all
A celebration of being forgiven
The 3 holiest days of the year
Lent is closely associated with the transition from winter to _____.
Jesus being raised from the dead
Jesus was crucified on this hill
Which Triduum day does the Church commemorate the day Jesus was crucified?
The Passover meal Jesus celebrated with his disciples.
The Jewish feast remembering freedom from slavery in Egypt
This describes the final events in the life and saving work of Jesus on Earth
This occurs on Holy Thursday
On Good Friday, this color is worn by the Priest?
The Church's season of New Life
This is the color worn by the priest on Easter SUnday.

Liturgical Year Crossword

Liturgical Year Crossword

This is what we call the church year
Begins the liturgical year
Starts with the celebration of the birth of the son of God
We remember that Jesus suffered, died, and rose from the dead
means "three days''
Begins on Easter Sunday
Held on the 7th Sunday after Easter
when Jesus rose from the dead
Falls between Summer and Fall
Christmas falls in this season
Lent and Easter falls in this season
Lent begins on this day
First Sunday after Pentecost
this color represents Ordinary Time
This color represents Advent and Lent
These colors represents Christmas and Easter
Making a small sacrifice by not eating during the day to symbolize the sacrifices that Jesus made for us
The feast of Christ the King is celebrated on the last ______ of Ordinary Time
A special day to praise God for giving us his creation
This man is the reason for the seasons

Sacraments & the Church Year Crossword

Sacraments & the Church Year Crossword

The number of Sacraments
The season when we prepare for the birth of Jesus
The season we celebrate Jesus coming into the world
The season when we get ready for Easter
The feast that celebrates Jesus' Resurrection
Holy Thursday, Good Friday & Easter
The remaining part of the church year
The 3 sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, & the Eucharist
The first Sacrament that we receive
We are strengthened in Christ through the Holy Spirit
Sharing the Body & Blood of Christ
The Sacrament of marriage
A man is ordained a Bishop, Priest, or Deacon
When we confess our sins and receive God's forgiveness
A sick person is anointed with oil
He was the one who Baptized Jesus

Lent and Holy Week Crossword

Lent and Holy Week Crossword

How many days are in Lent?
What city was Simon who carried the cross from?
Who ordered Jesus to die on the cross?
Who cut off the soldier's ear in the garden?
On what day does Lent start?
What is the day before Ash Wednesday called?
What day is the Last Supper?
What day was Jesus crucified?
What day starts Holy Week?
On Palm Sunday, what town did Jesus ride into?
Who betrayed Jesus for silver?
Who was released instead of Jesus by Pontius Pilate?
Jesus was stabbed on the cross by what weapon?
Who tempted Jesus in the desert while he was fasting?
How many people were crucified with Jesus?
Priests wash peoples' ______ during Holy Thursday mass.
On Good Friday service, you go up to the front of church and ________ the cross.
What station is when Jesus falls for the first time?
Who denied Jesus three times like Jesus predicted?
What is the color for Lent?

The Liturgical Year Worksheet

The Liturgical Year Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

The Church has how many seasons?
This season is celebrated in two parts.
This season is the celebration of the birth of the Son of God.
It Begins on Ash Wednesday.
During this season, we rejoice in Jesus' Resurrection and the new life we have in Christ.
During these three days, from Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday we remember the death of Jesus and celebrate his Resurrection.
The Liturgical year begins with what season?
How many books does the Old Testament have?
How many books does the New Testament have?
What are the 5 books of the Old Testament called?
The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are called what?

Lenten Season Crossword

Lenten Season Crossword

How many Days are observed in Lent? (Not including Sundays)
What comes after Lent (2 words no space)
What is the first day of Lent? (2 words no spaces)
Lent is the season of ____________________
What is the "Color" of the Lent Season?
What is Drawn on your forehead by Pastor on Ash Wednesday?
"Remember: You are ______ and to _______ you shall return" (one word)
What word is not said during the Lenten Season?
What is often practiced by individuals during the Lenten Season?
Lent is "a time to reflect upon baptism, a time for rebirth and renewal in preparation for the celebration of _________."
On this night Jesus instituted "a memorial" of his Passion in the Lord's Supper. (2 words no space)
The day of Christ's Crucifixion. (2 words no space)
Easter is the day acknowledging Christ's ____________ (2 words no space)
The color representing Good Friday is?
The day before Easter is called Easter _______
Holy week begins with? (2 words no space)
The Triduum consists on ____ days.
The word Lent means __________.
Ashes come from ______(s) that were blessed on _____ Sunday the year before
Sundays are "in" Lent but not "of'' it. How many are there?