neonatology Crossword

first 28 days of life of newborn of any gestational age
first year of life refers
12th week of gestation to delivery
complete expulsion from the mother
A fetus is defined from 8 weeks after conception until term while in the uterus.
fetal death is divided into
birth of a baby at fewer than 37 weeks' gestational age,
poor growth of a fetus while in the mother's womb during pregnancy.
incomplete development of the lungs,
deprivation of oxygen to a newborn infant

Chapter 14: The Reproductive System Crossword

Chapter 14: The Reproductive System Crossword

a barrier contraceptive
sac-like structure that surround and protects the testes
mammary glands
a fluid-like sac containing an ovum
a score of a newborn
another name for mannary glands
a gland that aids in the motility of semen
funnel shaped opening into the fallopian tubes
highly contagious condition by a bacteria Neisseria ____
a greenish material that collects in the intestine of a newborn
a sore caused by syphillus
neonatal intensive care unit
the top of the uterus
breaking off
coiled tube at the upper part of each testicle
the innermost membrane that surrounds the embryo/fetus
belly button
first movement of the fetus in utero
sperm, males gametes
postpartum vaginal discharge for 4-6 weeks after childbirth
the period of child development in the mother's uterus
bulbourethral glands
is a woman who has never been pregnant
pain during sexual intercourse
undescended testicle
a specialist in diagnosing and treating diseases of the female reproductive system
male sex hormone
premature infant
rupture of an ovary
fallen or dropping down of an organ or internal part
abnormal discharge from the uterus

Pregnancy Vocab Crossword

Pregnancy Vocab  Crossword

A flat, circular organ in the uterus of a pregnant person that nourishes and maintains the fetus.
The outer membrane enclosing the Embryo.
A solid ball of cells resulting from the division of a fertilized ovum.
An unborn human baby more than 8 weeks after Conception.
The process of carrying a baby or being carried in the womb.
The union of a human egg and sperm occurring the the Fallopian tube.
Possesses an inner cell mass which forms the Embryo.
Before birth: during or relating to pregnancy.
A flexible cord-like structure connecting the fetus to the placenta.
Cell formed by the combination of DNA in each gamete; a fertilized ovum.
Happens about 2 weeks after last menstrual period before pregnancy.
The attachment of the Blastocyst or Fertilized egg to the wall of the uterus at the start of pregnancy
The type of fluid that surrounds a fetus.
An unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development.

Female Reproductive System Crossword

Female Reproductive System Crossword

Holds all the digestive organs
Fluid surrounding the fetus
Fluid filled sac that contains and protects a fetus in the womb
When a baby is born with a deformity
Opening of the uterus
Things that you really want during your pregnancy
Unborn offspring in the process of development
The normal time your baby should be born in
The process of carrying in the womb between conception and birth
Burning sensation of the chest
A swollen vein in the region of the anus
Antigen in red blood cells
1st fetal movement
Organ in fetus nourishes the fetus through the umbilical cord
A mature female reproductive cell (egg)
Plugs the cervix
Nausea in pregnancy
An abrupt change in mood
Period of 3 weeks in pregnancy
Attaches the fetus to the placenta during gestation

Prenatal Development, Pregnancy, and Birth Crossword

Prenatal Development, Pregnancy, and Birth Crossword

The pear shaped muscular organ in a woman's abdomen that houses the developing baby
the neck, or narrow lower portion, of the uterus
slim, pipelike structure that connects an ovary to the uterus
almond shaped organs that contain a woman's eggs
egg cell containing the genetic material contributed by the mother
the union of sperm and egg
the expulsion of the ovum
first 14 days of prenatal development, from fertilization to full implantation
a fertilized ovum
hollow sphere of cells formed during the germinal stage in preparation for implantation
process in which a blastocyst becomes embedded in the uterine wall
structure projecting from the wall of the uterus during pregnancy through which the develpoing baby absorbs nutrients
structure that attaches the placenta to the fetus, through which nutrients are passed and fetal wastes are removed
bag-shaped, fluid-filled membrane that contains and insulates the fetus
the period of pregnancy
one of the 3 month long segments into which pregnancy is divided
the inability to conceive after a year of unprotected sex
any infertility treatment in which the egg is fertilized outside the womb. abbr.
a special hospital unit that treats at-risk newborns, such as lbw and vlbw

Pregnancy and Childbirth Crossword

Pregnancy and Childbirth Crossword

The process of childbirth
Pregnancy is split into three of these
A surgical birth
A non-surgical birth
This gives the fetus nutrients inside the womb
A type of touch bonding between mother and baby involving feeding
What a cell is called after fertilization
A shortening of the uterine muscles during childbirth
A common pain reliever during childbirth
A zygote is considered this after 10 weeks

Pregnancy & Birth Crossword Puzzle Word Search

Pregnancy & Birth Crossword Puzzle Word Search
Word Search

Braxton-Hicks contractions
FAS fetal alcohol syndrome
Certified nurse midwives
Very low birth-weight
Gestational diabetes
Oxygen deprivation
Natural childbirth
Caesarean section
Embryonic period
Low birth-weight
Germinal period
Bacterial STIs
Induced labor
Lamaze method
Breech birth
Fetal period
Viral STIs
RH factor

Prenatal Development Word Scramble

Prenatal Development Word Scramble
Word Scramble


Maternity Crossword

Maternity Crossword

A newborn child (less than 4 weeks old)
"break" the waters artificially; AROM
"first milk" that is high in antibodies and is laxative-acting
Being the mother of six, Dawn is a _________________.
inherited protein found in RBCs
acronym for the organisms that can cross the placenta
necessary for respiratory function outside the womb
"bloody ____" (mucus and blood) that sometimes signals labor has begun
implantation outside the uterus possibly in the tubes, ovaries or abdomen
incision of the perineum to enlarge vaginal outlet
Braxton Hicks contractions are sometimes confused as _______ _________.
________________ is a needle extraction of fluid for assessment of fetal health.
___________ is easily seen on the shoulders, forehead and eyebrows of a newborn even though it begins growing at 20 weeks gestation.
Flu-like symptoms, redness and tenderness characterize _________________, an infection of a milk duct in the breast.
______ ____ is a common occurrence in childbirth, but often the cord unwraps itself from the fetus' neck before birth.
During the first ____________ of pregnancy the woman is often nauseous and may throw up.
Stage I of labor is characterized by __________, thinning of the cercix.
"Pregnancy hormone" present in the woman's urine starting as soon as 8 days after ovulation.
A neonate with an _____ _____ of 8-10 likely has good reflexes, color and heart rate.
_________ is a dangerous condition resulting in seizure activity or coma due to HTN and proteinuria.
Crystals of sodium chloride that are formed when high levels of estrogen are present in cervical mucus.
Increased amounts of amniotic fluid, __________, can indicate certain genetic defects.
A _____ is a child in the uterus from the 8th week of gestation until birth.
Humans have a 38-42 week _________ period.
Infants born between 20-25 weeks gestation are on the threshold of _________.
When a mother reaches 38 weeks a ___ ______ ____ may be done to evaluate fetal heart rate and movement during stimulation.

Chapter 4 Crossword

Chapter 4 Crossword

The first two weeks of prenatal development after conception
The 3rd-8th week of prenatal development
The stage of prenatal development from 9th week untill birth
The developing oranism burrows into the uterus, where it can be nourished and protected
A developing human orgnism from week 3-8
A developing human organism from start to 9 week
An image of fetus produced by high frequency sound waves
The age at which fetus might survive outside of womb if special medical care is avaliable
A quick assesment of new borns health
A woman who helps with the birth process
A surgical birth
An agent or condition that can impair prenatal development and result in birth defects
The scientific study of birth abnormalties
In prenatal development when a teratogen is relatively harmless in small doses but can become harmfull
A cluster of birth defecrs that may occur in the fetus of a woman who drinks alcohol while pregnant
Labatory results that report something is true when in fact it's not
A body weight at birth of less than 5 and a half pounds
A body weight at birth less than 2 pounds 3 ounces
A birth that occurs before 38 weeks of pregnancy
Fact that low-SES immigrant women tend to have fewer birth complications than native born peers with higher incomes
A disorder that resilts from damage to the brains motor centers
A lack of oxygen that if prolonged can cause brain damage
An unlearned, involuntary action or movement in resonse to a stimulus
A new mothers feelings of inadequacy and sadness in the days and weeks after giving birth
Symptoms of pregnancy and birth experienced by fathers
Cooperation between mother and father based on their mutual commitment to their children
A strong loving connection that forms as parent hold, examine, and feed newborn
When mothers or fathers rest their newborn on their naked chest

Obstetrics and Neonatology Crossword

Obstetrics and Neonatology  Crossword

Mature germ cell, either sperm (male) or ovum (female)
embedding of the zygote in the uterine lining
innermost layer of the fetal membrane
navel (belly button); marks the site of the attachment of the umbilical cord to the fetus
unborn offspring from the beginning of the ninth week to of pregnancy until birth
inflammation of the amnion
inflammation of the umbilicus
rupture of the uterus
outermost layer of the fetal membrane
cell formed by the union of the sperm and the ovum
difficult labor
producing an embryo
pertaining to milk
before childbirth (reference to the mother)
producing milk (by stimulation)
first pregnancy (a woman in her first pregnancy)
physician who studies and treats disorders of the new born
many births (a woman who has given birth to two or more offsprings)
after childbirth
vaginal discharge after childbirth
first stool of the new born
individual who practices midwifery
act of giving birth
born dead
infant born before completing 37 weeks of gestation
system for rapid neonatal assessment at 1 minute and 5 minutes after birth
false pregnancy
study of the newborn
study of malformations
beginning of pregnancy
development of new individual from conception to birth
fluid within the amniotic sac which surrounds the fetus
structure that grows on the wall of the uterus during pregnancy
membranous bag that surrounds the fetus before delivery
cancerous tumor of the chorion
fetus with a small head
incision of the vulva
surgical puncture to aspirate amniotic fluid
pretaining to birth
thin milky fluid secreted by the breast during pregnancy and the first days after birth
birth of a fetus through an an incision in the mothers abdomen and uterus
scanty amnion water (less than the normal amount of amniotic fluid)