Who sang the song Maple Leaf Rag?
Scott Joplin
What was another term for a music competition in 1900?
cutting competition
What song written by Scott Joplin will become popular 70 years later?
The Entertainer
Where was the capitol of jazz?
Who publicized blues?
WC Handy
Where did W.C. Handy first hear blues played?
Train Station
What did blues draw from?
African Traditions
Who fused ragtime and blues to make jazz?
Buddy Bolden
Where was jazz music very popular in 1910?
New Orleans
What two genres were jazz formed from?
Blues and Ragtime
Who wrote the song I want to Hear a Yankee Doodle Tune?
George Cohan
When was the first radio transmission of music done?
What music school was established in 1905?
What song did Cohan compose about the American Flag?
Its a Grand Old Flag
What did Buddy Bolden go permanently insane during?
Mardi Gras
What was Irving Berlin's first song?
Marie of Sunny Italy
How much did Berlin make for his first song.
37 cents
Who introduced the New orleans style jazz to the West Coast?
Bill Johnson
What takes over cylinder wax music recordings?
flat disc recordings
What was W.C. Handy's first blues song?
Memphis Blues
Who conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra in 1912?
Leopold Stokowski
What song of W.C. Handy's was very popular?
St Louis Blues
Who wrote waiting for the Robert Lee?
Lewis Muir
Who wrote Peg O My Heart
Fred Fischer
Who wrote Dreams, Just Dreams?
Richard Howard
Who sang I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my way?
George Fairman
What was an organization for black musicians in New York?
Clef Club

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