What do u call someone who rides your horses for you before a show?
What do u do to a horse when you bring it out to pasture at night?
What do you use to lead a horse?
What goes on a horses head when in stall or pasture?
What do you put on a horses back when ridding?
What do you use on your legs when ridding?
What are horseback riders called?
In some barns you would use what for on the floor in the stall?
What's the name of the speed that has 2 beats?
What do you call people who breed horses?
What happens to a horse when they have inflamed lungs?
What do you call people who get judged by their horsemen-ship in shows?
A rope tied up to a post in a _____ knot helps you when your horse freaks out and need to get out of it quickly.
Quick release
Where do you put a horse when not in a stall?
The ____ is right beside the barrel on the parts of the horse.

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