Bends usually in the middle course of a river.
Where a river starts, usually a lake or spring
Water wears away rocks and soil on the river banks and bed.
Flat land next to a river which is sometimes flooded.
Flood plain
FIne sediments which are deposited by a river.
A type of erosion where rocks in a river hit each other, slowly becoming smaller.
The point where two rivers meet.
the mouth of a river which broadens into the sea and is affected by tides.
A steep, narrow valley with rocky sides.
A hollow under a waterfall created by erosion and filled with water.
Plunge pool
The boundary separating two drainage basins.
The speed at which a river flows.
A stream or small river that joins a larger one.
The process where some minerals dissolve in a river.
The gentle slope on the inside of a meander bend.

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