Responsibility and Organization Crossword Puzzle

How can you be responsible with school?
How can you be responsible at home?
You can be responsible by making sure you are at appointments on ________.
What is something you can do to make sure you are responsible and don't forget things?
To make sure you aren't late for school you can set an _________.
I can be responsible by not overusing ______in my phone.
I can be responsible by making my _______ and bringing snacks for after school activities.
________ for my tests is a good way to be responsible and help ensure I get decent grades.
I can be responsible by making sure time spent with ________doesn't overlap with other activities.
Responsibility is important because it will help me be a conscientious and _________ person.
What is one way you can organize your books and notebooks?
What is something you can do so that your locker stays continually organized?
What is something you can get rid of to make your folders more organized?
What is something you can get rid of to make your folders more organized?
What is something you can have that will help you be organized and plan out your schedule?
What is something you can use that will help you study important notes?
What is something you can do the evening before school that will help you be more organized for the morning?
What is a good order for your books to go in in your locker to help you be organized?
What is something you can use to mark important pages in a book that will help you stay organized?
What is a good way to start your morning off organized?

Lifeskills crossword

Lifeskills crossword

You can show responsibility at home by ____ your parents around the house
What month is Responsibility
When you show responsibility at work you could - ________ them before taking a sick day
What are the only things you need to bring home?
What can help you keep track of your homework?
What can you get rid of to keep organized?
When you show responsibility at school you could _______ with teachers about assignments before school instead of last minute.
When you show responsibility at home you could do your_________ before being asked
What is a way keep your locker organized
When you respect others dignity and work together with others what kind of responsibility are you showing?
When we take care of the earth and various equipment, what kind of responsibility are you showing?
What is a way to keep track of important papers when you are traveling to and from school?
What is a way to make sure you don't lose folders and notebooks forever/
What is one organized way you can study with out having tons of worksheets?
When you turn in all of your homework on time what kind of responsibility are you showing
When you pay your bills on time, what kind of repnsibiltiy are you showing
Who can show responsibility
When is the best time to organized Your school school things ?
What is a device to keep all of your online papers safe and organized?
What is a way to easily locate notes and folders?

Life skills Crossword Puzzle

Life skills Crossword Puzzle

Something you use to remember to do homework
Something you use to wake up on time
_______ is the best policy
Come to class ______
Making sure _____ is done when it is due.
Don't ______ just do it right away
Make sure your _______ for the day
______ to do you best
________ to make sure that you are ready for the day
Keep your ______
Use a _______ To help you
Use _______ on your IPad
Keep your _____ clean
Put your stuff in a ________ spot so you don't forget it
Use ______ to keep your stuff organized
Write things down to ______ them
Don't _____ anything that you may need later
Don't _____ your time doing something unnecessary
________ things out you don't need
Put things away Immediately so you don't ______ them

AVID Crossword

AVID Crossword

You need a 2.5 or higher if this in every class.
You will have this every two weeks on fridays.
You can recieve this for getting a good binder check grade and helping out in class?
AVID is a program that main goal is to make sure you get into...
Make this to help out with anything you need in class...
You create this twice a week to talk about what you learned.
This states that you will follow all the exceptions of being an AVID student.
It is important to have this to make sure you are up to date in all your classes.
This method is used to put all your notes into important facts.
The AV in AVID stands for.



Your own personal space to put papers, books, coats, etc.
Your hourly map of what classes you have.
One of the best parts of the day---done during 5/6 period.
Landon's mascot.
The principal of our school.
Required class for all students.
The sound of this lets you know it's time to go to another class.
Red and ___________ are our colors.
This class is the last one of the day. It helps you get prepared for the next day.
Each student gets one of these for their own personal use.
Go to this place first thing in the morning. Not allowed to go to your locker first.
This is used to carry your Chromebook and is allowed in the classroom.
In order to do well in school, you need to be here.
This keeps others from getting into your locker.
Should be turned OFF and out of sight.
This lets you know what is acceptable dress at Landon.
She is located in the main office.
Where breakfast and lunch are served.

Workplace Safety Crossword

Workplace Safety Crossword

You must be 16 years old to work on a ___________ site
__________ hazards are germs that come from living things
Helps you learn the policies, rules, and procedures to help do your job safely
. Someone who works closely with you on a day-today basis and makes sure you follow safety rules
_____________ Health and Safety Act
A biological hazard often found in hospitals
Someone who helps other people and works without pay
What you do frequently to your hands before working with food
Things that should be followed in order to stay safe
Minor injury that could result from picking up heavy boxes
It is your ______________ to work safely and report hazards
Hand protection needed when working with food, chemicals, etc.
What you do when you don’t understand instructions or if you think your work is unsafe
To avoid a serious shock, this should never be mixed with water
Workplace ___________ Materials Information System (WHMIS)
Head protection
What you wear in a science lab to protect your eyes from chemicals

Organization and Responsibility Crossword

Organization and Responsibility  Crossword

put your papers in to stay organized
keeps all of your folders in one place
put all your pens and pencils in
needs to be organized so you can hold your books in it
A skill in life
you can be organized and...
in your locker you can find your books if you stay
if you are organized you can have
organized means
if your locker is clean you are
taking the blame good or bad
staying on task and doing what you are told
doing your ____ is your responsibility
acting responsible is considered
responsibility is your
behaving correctly is your
not getting homework done is
getting homework done is
keeping stuff together

Social Skills Crossword

Social Skills Crossword

Back and forth conversation- like a tennis match
The thing that you do to make your appearance neat and clean
View of someone of something
Where you go to get the job done
It is important to do this when working on a team
The limits
Information to help you improve
Meet each other halfway
What your face says
Communicating with no words
Speaking up for yourself to get what you want or need
Acting in a way that respects others and your job
Adjusting to changes
Combined effort, communication is key!
Feeling anxious or being upset by something or someone

Responsibility and organization Crossword

Responsibility and organization Crossword

Were do you right down your assignments?
Were do you keep your books?
Were do you write down your notes?
What helps you organize your books?
What helps you organize your pencils and scissors?
What do you get before class?
What do you use to check your assignments (online)
What do you do before you go to bed?
What do you wear to school?
What do you do when you leave your desk?
What do you do when you get home?
What do you do to organize your papers?
What do you do before a sport?
What can you do to organize your shoes?
What do you do after sports?
What can you do to organize your shirts?
Wait can you do to organize movies?
Were do you put your loose leer paper
Were do you put your materials during class?
How can you organize your games?

Activity 1 spot the ha Crossword

Activity 1 spot the ha Crossword

A set of values, which involves the right approach, attitude, precise behavior, respect for others and lively communication.
Without double-dealing, untruthful or larceny; integrity at work.
Shows wholeness and reliability in a person's character and in an organization; implies strength and stability.
hard to earn and even harder to get back after you've lost it. Everyone who comes in contact with you or your company must have confidence in how you do business ethics.
More than a feeling, but a demo of honor, value, and admiration for something or someone.
Is vital for a person's own growth as well as the improvement of the company he is working with.
Providing an example that others will follow.
Don't wait to be told what to do. If you are doing the right thing in an acceptable manner, do not hesitate
Habits that will impress the people you are working with and your superiors as well.
Is very important to complete your tasks successfully. This is because your coworkers get affected by your trait and respond accordingly.

Computer Crossword Puzzle

Computer Crossword Puzzle

A screen that displays an image that is being generated by a computer.
The set of keys that are used to type words on a computer or typewriter.
A small device that is connected to a computer that you move with your hand to help you click on items on the computer screen.
A machine that is used for printing documents, pictures, etc.
An electronic device that can intensify speeches, music, etc., and made audible throughout a room, hall, or the like.
A set of facts or figures that can be displayed through a computer, especially in columns.
or the Central Processing Unit is the component of a computer system that processes and exchanges data with the peripherals.
The main circuit board of a computer that holds together many of the important components of a computer.
are on a keyboard to help you enter information on the computer.
where you can find the images on your electronic device.
where you can find the physical components of an electronic device.
a computer program where you can look up and information on the internet.
A group of files or documents that are stored together by a title on your computer.
A brief comment or explanation.
A small picture on a computer screen that represents a program or function that can be opened.
Booting a computer system again usually due to a problem.
A special kind of cord that enables you to connect a computer to another device.
An disk that contains usually a video recording or computer data.
To look up something.