Gathering of representatives from12 of the 13 colonies
Continetal congress
Fight at a minutes notice
British retreated to Boston
Lexington and concord
Boycott English goods
First contiental
Believed in independence from England
Remains loyal to British government
To side neither
Writings helped to stir colonist desire for independence
John Locke
Individuals are free and equal
Natural rights
Government to protect their natural rights
Social contract
Governments power originates with people
Right to change
Born in England in 1737
Thoms Paine
Immigrated to America in 1774
Thomas Paine
While colonist were engaged in an open rebellion
January 1776
Produced a 48 page bocket known as common sense
matter of natural law
First passage
All men are equal
Second passage
People yield their poet to government
Third passage
Threatens the natural rights
Forth passage
Eleminate any doubt the history of abuse
Fith passage
Relationships with the people of England
Sixth passage
Colonies are free and independent from England
Seventh passage
Britain gained the security of its NA colonies
Good news
British gained the Native American tribe
Bad news
Began to building forts though out the Ohio river valley
Out numbered the French population
British colonist

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