A series of economic expansion and contractions.
Human made items that are used to produce goods
A socialist or communist economy in which the government controls the goods and distribution of goods
Based on the one party rule.
A measure of the change in cost of the goods and services most commonly bought by consumers
A deep and long lasting contradiction; creates unemployment
An official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a certain country
The private ownership of the means of production, free markets, and the right of individuals to make most economic decisions
The market value of all the goods and services produced in a nation within a specific time period.
The use of government spending to encourage economic activity through increasing the demand for goods
A policy where the government cannot not interfere in business matters
The belief by the of a society that something is proper and has the consent of the governed
The amount of money that employers may legally pay their employees
A situation in which any one seller controls production and supply or pricing of a product
The money owed by a national government
The government owns and controls capital and also sets prices.
The capital raised by a business through subscription of a piece of a corporation bought by the consumer
Where stocks and bonds are traded
A work stoppage by employees in order to gain better benefits
Government policies designed to stimulate the production of goods.
The number of people who are out of work possibly due to a depression
Income paid by the government to people who need the money to live
The government has no control of natural resources and capital goods
Free Market
The level of wealth, comfort and material goods
The relationship between the output of goods and services and the input of resources

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