A documet of a goverment that explains its purpose
The system through wich a community is organized
A complete collection of civil laws commissioned by French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleonic Code
A system of law that uses earlier decisions
Common Law
The division of power between Federal and State Goverments.
The first 10 Amendments
bill of rights
A division of powers among the three branches of goverment
checks and balances
A legislative session called to discuss specific subjects
special sessions
Revisement of the legislative district boundaries based on population numbers
A commitee including both Senate and House of Representatives who try to resolve differences between two versions of a bill
conference committee
A serious crime
A less serious crime
To take a case to a higher court
A group of citizens who hear evidence on a legal case and make decisions based on the evidence
A panel of 12 citizens who serve for 6 months and listen to the district attorney to decide if there is enough evidence to indict a person for a crime
grand jury
Amounts charged to citizens by their goverments to support it self and its services
An amount charged for removing natural resources such as timber, oil, and gas
severance tax
Legal term for gambling
The primary local goverment division in Lousiana
The governing body for most parishes in Lousiana
Police jury
political power given to political subdivisions to govern their own affair
Home rule
A unit of local goverment (villages, towns, or cities)
Louisiana's form elections
open primary system
An organization of people who come together because they have shared ideas about how goverment should operate
Political Parties
To attempt to influence Legislators about issues
Information spread widely in order to promote or discourage a particular proposal or political point of view
document written in 1787