Civil war and Reconstruction Crossword

what was the name of the US fort where the opening battle of the Civil War took place? (2)
Who was president of the confederacy during the Civil War? (2)
what was the name of reformers who saw slavery as evil (1)
who became president in 1860 and hated slavery (2)
what was the name of a white abolitionist who raided a federal arms depot (2)
what was the name of the Union military strategy to blockade southern ports (2)
what was the name of the novel published in 1852 by Harriet Beecher (3)
term for which congress can put a president on trial (1)
what was the name for President Lincoln's lenient plan for re-integrating the south (2)
which amendment ended slavery? (2)
man who became President after Lincoln's assassination (2)
which state was the ONLY state that refused to ratify the 13th amendment until February of 2013 (1)
amendment that gave all citizens, black or white, that were 21 years old or older the right to vote? (2)
term given to white northerners who moved to the south after the Civil War and Reconstruction (1)
name for the codes that severely restricted the rights of black people (2)

Reconstruction Crossword

Reconstruction  Crossword

Became president after Abraham Lincoln
the period of rebuilding after the civil war
wanted to give African Americans full citizenship
Radical Republican who defended slaves
Bill passed in 1864 and vetoed by President Lincoln
federal agency to help former slaves
discriminatory laws passed through the south post civil war
all citizenship given to all born or naturalized in the US
formerly charge an officer with misconduct
amendment in 1870 that prohibits people of race to be denied to vote
northerner who moved to south after civil war
first African American senator
system where landowners give farmworkers land and seed in return for some of the crop
farmers who supply their own tools and rent farmland for cash
confederate veterans prohibiting Africans from their rights

reconstruction crossword

reconstruction crossword

a former slave
a federal agency set up to help former slaves after the civil war
an amendment banning slavery
a law passed by southern states that limited the freedom of former slaves
an insulting term used to describe a northern who moved to the south after the civil war
an amendment made all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. including former slaves citizens of the country
the system in which landowners gave farm workers land, seed, and tools in return for a part of the crops they raised
a white southerner who worked with the republican party and the reconstruction government after the civil war
one of the white politicians who took power after Georgia was readmitted to the Union in 1872
an amendment where the U.S. cannot deny a citizen the right to vote based on "race, color, or previous condition of servitude".
a terror group created by former Confederate soldiers that used violence and intimidation tactics to disenfranchise blacks
African- American who was very influential as a religious leader and Georgia politician.
elected governor over a Democratic candidate, former Confederate General John B. Gordon
an organization formed by African Americans throughout the south after Reconstruction to protect their rights
a series of laws that divided the previously Confederate states into military districts

The Reconstruction Era Crossword

The Reconstruction Era Crossword

A term that describes a former slave who was released from slavery.
Amendment that abolished slavery.
Amendment that assured the rights of anyone, including African Americans, who were born in America.
This system of agriculture eventually led to legal slavery. his is when a tenant could use land in exchange for a portion of the crop harvested.
This Amendment gave African Americans the right to vote.
Northern whites who moved to the South and served as republican leaders during reconstruction for profit. Usually carried there belongings in a carpet bag.
Southern whites who supported republican policy throughout reconstruction.
To kill by hanging without due process of the law.
To attempt to take a president out of office for high crimes. would be to ______ him/her.
Laws designed to enforce segregation of blacks from whites.
Vice President to Lincoln; President after Lincoln's assassination.
Presidential power to keep congress from passing a law. President Johnson did this the most, using this power twenty-nine times.
A clan started by ex confederate soldiers that used violence to try to restore democratic control to the South, and to keep white supremacy.
Financial panic during Grant’s presidency which caused a market crash and many banks to close down.
President after Johnson; Union general; Often refered to as a "Great General, Lousy President".
A set of laws limiting the rights of freedmen in the South.
A social system used to keep blacks separate from whites.
The period after the Civil War in which the South was rebuilt and reorganized before being readmitted to the Union.
Act/Law passed in 1866 intended to protect the right of African American. This act was vetoed by Johnson, but still passed by Congress.
An agency set of to aid former slaves in adjusting themselves to freedom. It provided food, clothing and work for them.

Reconstruction Era Crossword

Reconstruction Era Crossword

men and women who had been slaves
a government pardon
refers to the rebuilding of the South after the Civil War
a popular actor from the South, who shot Lincoln in the head
the amendment that banned slavery throughout the nation
became president after Lincoln died
laws that severely limited the rights of freedmen
the amendment thay granted citizenship to all persons born in the USA
to bring formal charges of wrongdoing against an elected offical
the amendment that forbade any state to deny African Americans the right to vote because of their race
a word used for small scruffy horses
dangerous white southerners that worked to keep blacks and white Republicans out of office
fortune hunters hoping to profit from the South's misery
required voters to pay a fee each time they voted
required voters to read and explain a section of the Constitution
is the illegal seizure and execution of someone by a mob
seperating people of different races in public places

Reconstruction Crossword Puzzle

Reconstruction Crossword Puzzle

The fiercely abolitionist group that controlled Congress during Reconstruction
The system of farming that was widely implemented in the South after the Civil War
The term for putting a President on trial
The derogatory term given to Northerners who moved to the South after the Civil War
White supremasist terror group created after the Civil War
The agency that was created to help newly freed slaves adjust to their new lives
System in which workers are forced to work off debts before they can find a new job
The amendment that officially ended slavery in the United States
Became president after Lincoln's assassination
The amendment that granted citizenship to everyone born in the United States
The derogatory term given to white Southerners who cooperated with northern Reconstruction officials
The era of rebuilding in the South
Laws passed after Reconstruction ended that segregated blacks from whites
The amendment that gave all male citizens, including black men, the right to vote
Low point of race relations from 1877 through the 1950's

8th grade social studies Crossword

8th grade social studies Crossword

He was the President at the end of the war and his plan would have made it easier for the south to rejoin the Union.
New laws used by the south to control blacks.
The bringing of formal charges against a public official.
Was arrested for sitting in a white's only railroad car
This is a group pardon
One of 2 blacks who served in the U.S. senate between the years 1872-1901
This had to be paid before voting
Enslaved people who had been freed by the war
This is a laborer who works the land for the farmer who owns it, in exchange for a share of the value of the crop
An exam given before voting to see if someone can read and write.
Assassinated President Lincoln
southern whites who had oppossed sucession
a provision that allowed a voter to avoid a literacy test if his father or grandfather had been eligible to vote on January 1, 1867
Proposes a relatively lenient plan of reconstruction
Name given by southerners to nothern whites who went south to start businesses or pursue political office
enforced seperation of races

The Civil War Crossword

The Civil War Crossword

The bloodiest day of the war.
The bloodiest battle of the Civil War.
Northern group. This group was lead by Abraham Lincoln.
The southern group whose leader was Jefferson Davis.
Largest southern jail that help Union soldiers.
General of the Confederacy
Battle that started the war.
President of the United States during The Civil War.
Commander of the Union at the end of the war.
Confederate's strategy. They would export cotton to other countries hoping to become allies.
Northern strategy. The north would destroy the supplies and land of The South
Northern soldier, W.T Sherman, spread his army around the south and destroyed land and supplies.
Largest cause of the Civil War. Union believed the south should not enslave people, while the south thought otherwise.
Compromise set to make the north and south happy by making CA a free state, but other states would now be open to slavery. a very strict fugitive slave act was set. GA Platform was created because of this compromise.
Compromise set where Missouri became a slave state and Maine a free state. Slavery would now not be allowed above the 36,30 line of latitude.
Belief on whether state's rights are more important than federal rights. The south was for this while the north was not.
People opposed to slavery
Northern economic system during the Civil War
Southern economic system during The Civil War
Middle-class farmers. They usually owned less than 100 acres of land.
People who owned no land and got by the best they could. About 1 in 10
The North put tariffs on imported goods, forcing the south to buy goods from the north. SC was the first state to nullify this.

Crossword Puzzle Reconstruction

Crossword Puzzle Reconstruction

Where did the people that live in the south mostly work at ?
What was the name of people that attacked the blacks ?
Who risked there life to set slaves free ?
The 15th amendment grants all men the right to ________
The 13th amendment bans this ... ?
Who took control over state governments in the south ?
Slavery was replaced by ________
President Hayes removed federal troops & ended ___________
The Freedman's Bureau provided to help who ?
Jim Crow Laws kelp african americans from _______
Reconstruction was the " _____________" of voting for African Americans
What was illegal to teach the slaves before the civil war ?
who assassinated Abraham Lincoln ?
Civil war ended slavery but african americans had little _______
Freedman's created _______ for African Americans
Whatis the laws called that control freed slaves in the south ?
what was the Congress controlled by after lincoln's death ?
Northern whites who came south to help freedman are called _____
Who tried to continue lincoln's policies when he died ?
Freed slaves mostly starting working in ________

Reconstruction Crossword

Reconstruction Crossword

Ammendment that banned slavery
he assassinated president Lincoln (last name only)
Lincoln's reconstruction plan
What Lincoln wanted to grant southerners
Who became president after Lincoln (last name only)
Johnson's reconstruction plan
Southern laws that controlled free men and women
President Johnson was the first president to be ___________
Who did Johnson fire because of the Tenure of Office Act
In 1870 African American men got the right to _____
Another name for southern republicans
Northern whites who moved to the south, but were republicans
A new system, where a farmer provides you land and you had to share your crops with them

U.S. History Reconstruction Crossword

U.S. History Reconstruction Crossword

Lincoln's plan for reconstruction was called this
The Congressional Republican's plan was called this
What did congress create to protect the rights of former slaves?
What were the legal codes called that denied African Americans the right to purchase land?
Which amendment abolished slavery?
Which law guarantees equal rights in public places and prohibits the exclusion of black from juries?
When did congress propose the 15th amendment?
what was the organization of southern racists called?
A ___ tax required someone to have to pay to vote
Who assassination Pres. Lincoln?
This President was impeached Congress for not following their plan for Recontruction
This type of farming system developed was very similar to slavery
Theater in which Pres. Lincoln was killed
This Amendment guarantees African-American males the right to vote
The ___of 1877 was a secret deal that ended the Reconstruction Era
Term for Northerners who went south to Profit from Reconstruction