Where did Nathan & Lorena meet?
Savanna High School
Where was their first date
Coffee Code
What month did they get engaged?
How many days from today 'till they get married?
Thirty One
Where will they be Honeymooning?
What city will they be living in?
How long did they date before they knew this would be forever
One year
What is the name of Nathan's best man?
What is the name of Lorena's Maid of Honor
Who said "I love you" first
Who will be officiating the wedding?
Pastor Jeremy
Will Nathan be wearing a suit or tux at the wedding?
Is Lorena's dress white or ivory?
Where did Nathan propose?
Descanso Gardens
How many years have Nathan & Lorena been friends?
How many kids does Lorena want?
How many kids does Nathan want?
What is one of the colors of the wedding?
What is one another color in the wedding?
What is the 3rd color in the wedding?

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