Mexican lutenant who went to Gonzales with the Mexican army
The flag flown at Gonzales
Come and take it
Where the canon was hid when the troops came for the first time
Peach orchard
# of volunteers that joined the Texians at Gonzales
Commander at Gonzales
Colonel john Moore
What the cannon fired at the Mexicans
Metal scraps and chains
the cannon was mounted on a ___________
the black smith fired the canon on ________________
October 2 ,1835
Santa Anna wanted to control the __________ in Texas
In 1831 mexican authorities gave a ____________ to the people of gonzales
in ________________Ugartechea sent a small group of soldiers to gonzalles
september 8,1835
the soldiers first mission was to claim a small _____ _____ from Gonzales
brass cannon
the mexican army was blocked by ____ _____ and the texian army was across the river
high water
originally the texian army stood __ strong
18 people
a flag made out of Naomi De Witts wedding dress that read ____ ___ ____ __
come and take it
Castaneda aranged a brief _____
the mexican troops withdrew near
San Antonio
the battle at gonzales sparked ___ __________
the revolution
the texian army used the cvover of ___ to suprise the mexican army
the connon was baried in ______ _____
sandy's creek