Informational Text Vocabulary Crossword

an event that happens and what happens because of it
tell how things are the same
tell how things are different
the who and the what, the overall topic
the conflict, something to be figured out and solved
the way to get rid of a problem
briefly retell what the selection is about
something that can be proven true
something someone thinks feels or believes
what line(s) in the text prove your answer
the perspective
the supports and information for the maid idea
to see in one's head what is being read

Argument Writing Vocabulary Crossword

Argument Writing Vocabulary Crossword

reasoned thinking that supports a specific claim or position
correct or suitable for a particular time, situation, or purpose
a statement that a speaker or writer is trying to prove, usually by using evidence
when something such as a piece of writing is easy to understand because its parts are connected in a clear and reasonable way
a justification of a claim; an explanation
details or quotes from a text that directly relate to the subject or problem being discussed or considered
not related to the subject being discussed
the opposing viewpoint or the opposite of the main claim in an essay
evidence that is relevant and specific
to give the reader a clear picture in his/her mind
identify information in the text that supports understanding and uses that evidence to explain ideas
a personal view, attitude, or judgment
to move by argument or evidence to belief, agreement, consent, or a course of action
a piece of factual writing in which ideas on a single topic are presented, explained, argued, or described in an interesting way
a method of doing something which involves several steps or stages
the specific reason a person has for writing

language art crossword puzzle

language art crossword puzzle

to Quote or mention
evidence from the text
a part of a physical abstract whole
precisely and clearly expressed
the main body of a printed or written work
the statement in the text
art or process of growth
to make a summary
signifying or suggestive of an accusative
strait up
the story of a persons life told by another
the story of a persons life told by that person
short piece of writing on a single subject
provides facts about a single subject
a conversation in witch one person asks questions to obtain information
a word or phrase that captures the main idea of the selection
a word or phrase that introduces subtopics related to the main topic.
text attached to a photograph
photos,pictures,or maps
writing that presents events or steps in time order
writing process in which the events or step in which they happened
writing in which one event results in another event
writing that explains the similarities or differences between two or more subjects
writing that identifies an issue and proposes a possible solution.
writing that helps the reader picture relationships among objects

STAAR Vocabulary Crossword

STAAR Vocabulary  Crossword

Numbers,tables,graphs used to support a claim
Occurs when actor turns to speak directly to audience
A long speech in which a character speaks at length to only himself or herself
A long speech in which one character speaker at length to another character
A character that has traits that are exactly opposite of the protagonists traits
Directions included in the script that tells actors exactly what to do and how to do it
Prevents information in sequence or in order in which it happens
A cause is why something happens while effect is what happens
Shows similarity's and differences between two or more things
A pattern of organization where info. In a passage is as a dilemma or concerning issue "a problem" and something that was, can be, or should be done to remedy the issue " the solution"
Starts with the most important point and ends with the least important point
Repetition of a similar sound
The occurance of same letter or sound at the beginning or adjacent to or closely connected words
A description that appeals to the five senses (sight,sound,smell,touch, and taste )
Main idea in an essay to be proven or explained

Strategic Words Crossword

Strategic Words Crossword

A writer's position on an issue or problem.
To create something
To show to be right or just
Feeling or atmosphere the writer creates
A life learned lesson
To tell all about an event
Writing that persuades, informs or entertain
To read between the lines
point of view of the author
To break apart or inspect closely
Takes individual information; combine with other pieces to get a better understanding
Guide for citing proof from the text
attitude towards a subject that the writer takes
A shortened version of the text
Implication of a word or its abstract meaning
A dictionary definition
To tell how something happened
elements that indicate the organizational structure of text
To back up information with details
An evaluation or critical review by a critic or reviewer
A memorable statement; a lesson taught
evidence that is thoroughly clear and understood
to judge something
Main idea; most important in the text
to take notes
to determine its accuracy
evidence where there is no doubt
to show how something is different
to show how something is alike or similar
to tell what may happen before it does
to list the steps
a story

Nonfiction Text Features Crossword

Nonfiction Text Features Crossword

dark letters that indicate a hard or important word
words printed in different colors indicating important information
slanted letters indicating important information
additional information that relates to a topic
tells the reader how to say a new or difficult word
the main idea or topic of the text
a phrase at the top of the text that tells the reader what the text is going to be about
phrases related to the heading or title that tell what each section will be about
text describing the contents of a picture, graph, chart, or map
a photograph or illustration to help the reader understand the text
a drawing or picture of a specific area
a visual representation of important events in chronological order
data shown in an organized way to help the reader compare information
a labeled illustration used to explain something

STAAR Vocabulary Review Crossword

STAAR Vocabulary Review  Crossword

the most exciting point in the story
a sound word
comparing two things using like or as
a piece of text that is not real
if we read and understand the text, the questions are _______
a type of organizational text structure that uses dates
words that have similar meanings
words that have opposite meanings
the ending of the story where conflict is resolved
the problem in the story
the time and location in which a story takes place
a type of conflict that only involves one character
a type of conflict that happens between a character and some type of negative force
when people are speaking to each other
unspoken parts of a drama that tell characters where to go or how to act
a statement that is true and can be proven
a personal belief that cannot be proven to be true
compares two things without using like or as
gives human characteristics to objects or non human things
repeating the same beginning sound
a point of view that uses pronouns such as I, we, me, my, us
organizational text structure that tells how things are similar or different
the lesson or moral of a story
using text evidence and prior knowledge to make a _____
hints in the text that predict the future
a feeling the reader feels during the most exciting parts of a book/story
when authors use your senses to paint a picture of what is happening in the story
point of view that uses pronouns such as you, your
point of view that uses pronouns such as he, she, him, her, they, them

Staar Reading Review Crossword

Staar Reading Review Crossword

Clues in the passage that help you know the meaning of an unknown word.
Deciding what is happening by using past knowledge
Author's purpose in expository type writing
The text structure of a how-to story
To tell what the story is about using BME
To take a word or words directly from the text
The overall feeling of the story
synonym means
A story that attempts to change your mind
Writing using I, me, he, she
To summarize beside each paragraph as you read
to compare is to show how things are alike. To ________is to show how they are different.
The first part of a plot which presents the characters and setting
The end of the plot diagram which shows how the problem was solved.
The most exciting part of the story where the story shifts.
An essay with a thesis and factual information
An essay that tells a story about something
a diagram used to show likenesses and differences between 2 stories
words that have the same meaning
Words that have different meanings

Nonfiction Text Features Crossword

Nonfiction Text Features Crossword

an alphabetical list of terms and definitions usually found at the end of the book
A visual representation of events in history displayed in chronological order
A secondary heading added underneath a subject heading.
the name of a book or article; gives the reader an idea about what they will read
visual representations showing how 2 or more sets are related to each othe
word close to photographs, illustration, or charts, explaining what they are
a visual representation of data
a drawing intended to explain how something work
a line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about
Pages at the back of the book that tell where to find important topics in the book
they help to understand where places are located
A picture that emphasizes key points and adds interest
Text that is heavier and darker than the rest of the text
A list of facts or numbers arranged in in rows and columns
A list of chapters and their page numbers.
Words that are slanted to the right. It calls attention to important words or terms

Nonfiction Terms Crossword

Nonfiction Terms Crossword

a central idea about a topic
questions that have obvious answer and are only asked for effect
statements that can be proven true
a nonfiction text that the speaker delivers orally
to inform, to persuade, and to entertain are examples of this
a speech presented without much preparation
an essay that tells the story of actual experiences
language not meant to be taken literally
the reuse of a key word
numbers used to compare things
the author's attitude toward a subject
an informal speech presented in a conversational style
an essay that tries to influence an audience's attitudes or actions
the perspective of the author
the judgments of people with special knowledge of a subject
specific cases of people, situations, etc.
an essay that explores the meaning of an experience or offers the author's thoughts and feelings
the use of similar grammatical structures
language that is specific to a discipline
the expression of the same idea but in different words
details that tell what what something looks like, tastes like, sounds like, etc.



I _______ what's happening while I read; it helps me understand and remember what I'm reading.
Guessing what might happen before you read the passage, is to make a _____.
The teacher had me _____ what I had read, so I briefly told her what it was about in my own words.
If you don't understand, its a good idea to ________ what you just read.
"I fell off my bike just like the character in my story! I know how she feels." This is an example of TEXT to ____ connection.
_______ is when you look at titles, sub - headings and pictures before you read to give you an idea of what you are about to read.
The teacher gave us a __________ for, or told us why we were to read the passage.
The story was about starvation and poverty. It reminded me of all the children in the world that are going through these problems. This is a TEXT to WORLD ______.
The boy was sad throughout the story. The author set his ______.
Make sure you understand something you are reading by _________ it or asking what it means.