what term is used to describe the phenomenon that gay and lesbian people perceive bisexuals as being more attracted to men, treating them with disrespect?
66% of ___________ do not feel apart of the LGBTQ+ community
Author Ibram X. Kendi tackled the topic of _____ in his most recent book.
Ibram X. Kendi believes it is critical to do what before discussing terms and topics such as racism?
Richard Spencer believed racism was a ______ term
Ibram X. Kendi feels racism is _______, and is not a fixed term.
According to Ibram X. Kendi an individual can be racist and _________ depending on the types of behaviours they are engaging in at a given time
Ibram X. Kendi thinks racism should be defined by what a person is _______ rather than intent
According to Ibram X. Kendi regardless of the intent a policy is racist if it leads to...
Ibtihaj Muhammad, American soccer player was the first ______-________ to win an Olympic Medal
What has Nike decided to design to help individuals like Ibtihaj Muhammad feel comfortable while in sport?
Ibtihaj Muhammad is helping break the stereotypes around Muslim women are...
What governing body offers sport approved Hijabs
The headlines surrounding btihaj Muhammad and muslim women in sports often focus on their ________
thr Art commemoration with Walking with Our Sisters was designed to commemorate the loss of __________ and murdered indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people across Canada
The former red river cart trail that was selected is also known to mean what?
Months after getting into a physical fight with his step-daughter what project did Nathan sign up for?
Throughout the training program Nathan took part in he learned about his ____________ which is typically consitered 'un-masculine'
Through training Nathan realized that he was projecting his _________ onto his family.
Progressive Masculinity is the opposite of __________ Masculinity
Occupational Masculinity has been shown to ________ violence between bouncers and clientele
Men who embody ___________ Masculinity have a higher chance of substance abuse, delinquency, anger issues, and are likely to have poorer mental health
In the US only 6 in _______ cases of assault lead to a criminal conviction.
What term does of Vivek Shraya not use in her book 'Im afraid of Men'
What are all the people in these articles fighting for?

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