Going to the Chapel
I want to Hold your Hand
Then He Kissed Me
Happy Together
Splish Splash
Yakity Yak
Great Balls of Fire
I say a Little Prayer for you
Hound Dog
Let’s Twist Again
Sweet Caroline
Mac the Knife
My Boyfriend’s Back
Born to be Wild
Dazed and Confused
I walk the line
La Bamba
Under the Boardwalk
Come Go With ME
Day O
Stop! In the name of Love
Brown Eyed Girl
Fly Me to the Moon
Run Around Sue
Twist and Shout
Leader of the Pack
Stand by Me
Be My Baby
I Got You Babe
Boots are Made for Walking'
A teenager in Love
Jailhouse Rock
My Special Angel
The Twist
Ain't no Mountain High Enough
Sugar Sugar
For Once in My Life
Chapel of love
Hang on Sloopy
Mony Mony
OB;la-Da O-Bla Di
Happy together
For Once In My Life
Donna, Donna
Book of Love
Save the Last Dance for Me
You Can’t Hurry Love
You Really Got Me
I Can’t help Myself
Monster Mash
Werewolves of London
Devil in her Heart
The Devil Went down to Gz.
Dancin in the Moonlight
I will survive
Tie a Yellow Ribbon
American Pie
Dancing queen
Let it Be
You’re the one that I want
Take me home Country Road
Knock three times
Lean on me
Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Thank God I’m a Country Boy
Hot stuff
We are family
Rappers Delight
Born to be Alive
Car Wash
Don’t Leave Me this Way
STayin’ Alive
Disco Inferno
Night Fever
Never Can Say Goodbye
Love Train
Take a chance on me
Another Brick in the Wall
Boogie Wonderland
Funky Town
Indian Sunset

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