the line that divides a figure into two parts that are mirror images
axis of symmetry
a polynomial of two terms
the numerical factor in a term
number pairs of the form a + bi and a - bi
complex conjugates
the real numbers AND the imaginary numbers
complex number
conjugate number pairs where the sign of the radicals or the imaginary numbers are opposites 
conjugate number
a quantity whose value does not change
a function of the form y = a where a is a real number
constant function
a term with no variables
constant term
in a square matrix it is a real number describing the matrix determined by ad - bc in a 2x2 matrix
the value of the expression b^2 - 4ac for a quadratic equation
the set of all inputs in a relation (usually x) 
determining the arithmetic value of an expression by substituting number values for the variables
any number of the form a + bi, where a and be are real numbers, b is not equal to zero, and I is the square root of -1
imaginary number
the input values of a function (usually x)
independent variable