An animal that feeds on carrion, dead plant material, or refuse.
An organism that can make its own food by using energy from its surrounding
An organism that eats other organic matter
An organism that eats only plants
An organism that eats animals
An organism that eats both plants and animals
An organism that gets energy by breaking down the remains of dead organisms or animal wastes and consuming or absurbing the nutrients
The pathway of energy transfer through various stages as a result of the feeding patterns of a series of organisms
Food Chain
A diagram that shows the feeding relationship between organisms in an ecosystem
Food Web
A triangular diagram that shows an ecosystem loss of energy which results as energy passes throught the ecosystems food ecosystem
Energy Pyramid
When u have certian limit on something
Limiting Factors
The largestpopulation that an environment can support at any given time
Carrying Capacity
The activity or condition of competing
An organism that is killed and aten by another organism
An organism that kills and eats all or part of an organism
A relationship in which two diffrent organisms live in close association with each other
A relationship between two species in which both species benefit
A relationship between two organisms in which one organism benefits and the other is unaffected
A relationship between two species in which one species ,the parasite, benefits from the other species, the host, which is harmed
An organism that feeds on an organism of another species(the host) and that usally harms the host;the host never benefits from the desence of the parasite
An organism from which a parasite takes food or shelter
The evolution of two species that is due to mutual influenece, often in a way that makes the relationship more beneficial to both species

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