the repetition of a consonant sound at the beginning of a series of words
reference to persons or events in the past or in literature
a comparison of two things that are similar in some way for the purpose of explaining or clarifying
the methods used to show the personalities of the characters in a literary work
conversations among characters
the final outcome or resolution fo the main conflict of the story
hints or clues given to suggest what will happen later in the story
a statement that is deliberately exaggerated for effect
an expression that says one thing but means something else
using figurative language and description to convey mental images that appeal to our senses
words or phrases that mean the opposite of the literal meaning
comparing two things by suggesting one thing is another
the atmosphere or feeling created by a work of literature
the series of events that happen in a literary work
comparing two things by using the words "like" or "as"
the use of symbols (word, object, or action) to represent an abstract idea
the arrangement of words in sentences
the central idea, message, or meaning of a literary work
the attitude of a writer toward the subject of a composition
the character or force against which the main character struggles in a literary work
the main character in a literary work; hero or heroine

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