The anticipated learning outcomes sought from a potential career, or the goals you hope to accomplish in a specific career.
Career Objectives
An SAE type that is a series of learning activities that improve efficiency, value, use or appearance of the place of employment, home, school or community
SAEs outside of the normal scope of traditional agriculture.
An award that is considered an outgrowth of student’s SAE enterprises and recognize student skill development and career based competencies related to a particular award area.
Student developmental program that can be made up of multiple enterprises and activities, including research, entrepreneurial and/or placement enterprises, development of supplemental skills, learning activities and improvement projects.
Assists you in managing your project and is used by supervisors to evaluate your progress.
SAE Plan
This type of SAE includes a student-managed service activity where students are involved in the development of a needs assessment, planning the goals, objectives and budget, implementation of the activity, promotion and evaluation of a chosen project
Service Learning
This type of SAE is student managed, can be entrepreneurial or placement and takes place in a school setting outside of regularly scheduled class time
The actions which must be accomplished to reach the end career goal.
Target Dates
The actions to take for each step needed to accomplish goal.
Ways and Means
A student plans, implements, operates and assumes financial risks in an agricultural-related activity or business.
These activities are designed primarily to help students become literate in agriculture and/or become aware of possible careers in the AFNR career clusters.
Involve planning and conducting an agricultural and scientific experiment.
A paid or non-paid placement/internship in agriculture, food or natural resources related businesses, on farms and ranches, in school laboratories, at community facilities, or in a verified non-profit organization, provides a “learning by doing” environment.
Degree: Have an understanding of ag careers and entrepreneurship opportunities.
Degree: Have a satisfactory plan for SAE.
Degree: Have an approved SAE in operation.
Degree: Have completed 2 years of AgEd and SAE and Earned/Invested $1,000 or worked 300 hours
Degree: Detailed SAE records and Earned/Invested $7,500 or $1,500 and worked 2250 hours
Activities in which a specific skill is learned outside the normal class time that contributes to the agriculture skills and knowledge obtained by the student.

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