The bible explains the belief that there is only ……. god that created all things living and dead, capable of anything and everything.
The one of the three persons apart of the supreme being that is god, the father and the son and the holy …….
God's love and patience for all his children is …….
The god is everything, everywhere. He his always there walking with you.
Everlasting, life forever in the kingdom of heaven.
God took the form of man in Jesus, while the angel Gabriel told Mary that she will born a child, son of the lord, this happened with the spoken word of the lord
……. with the scriptures, alongside the stories of the bible
Ruled by god, the king of heaven and earth.
Sacred, dedicated to our god. The ……. spirit, is part of the lord.
A person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God.
The beliefs of the apostles, regarding their teachings and scriptures, the descendent of this church is the Catholic Church.
A solemn ceremony, a series of actions in accordance the gods teachings, a time we can worship.
The day the lord, Jesus Christ was born.
God giving something to those who are under expression of very strong disapproval, the sinners of the world. Amazing …….
Something that is unlimited to us by god, one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the spirit is …….
God is the ……. of heaven and earth.
Someone that is caring to others, giving food and care to everyone even if they have done them wrong.
Having unlimited power, god is all powerful and is capable of everything and anything.
All powerful being, bigger than all things living and dead. God is al……..
Naturally ……. child, only son of God.
Put to death by being nailed to the cross, Jesus was punished as a ransom for our sins.
The stories about life before, during and after Christ. About his miracles and his teachings, the prophets of the son of the Lord
The kingdom of our Lord is ………, it will last forever, we will live for eternity in the kingdom of God.
The title of the Lord, coming of ultimate control and power over everyone. God is ……...
The complete devotion to the Lord, believing in him, living by his teachings and being close with god.
The religious faith that there is one God, Jesus is the son of God, the resilient that live by the Ten Commandments and the teachings of the bible.
Connected with a God, something that is holy and true to the religion
One of the three persons apart of God, the …… and the Son and the Holy Spirit, God is the …….. of Jesus Christ.
The …….. Creed.
A leader having authority in ancient Israel in the time between Joshua and the kings.
God is the direct …….. of power, love and trust.
God wrath is powerful enough to destroy us sinners, but he has shown compassion and forgiveness towards people of sin.
Rescued from sin and its consequences by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ
God has ultimate ……. giving him the ability to influence anything and everything
The Roman governor of Judea, the person that put Jesus on trial and crucified him.
After the resurrection of Jesus he ……. into the right hand of the father
The raising of our Lord Jesus Christ for the depths of hell into the right hand if the Father
To be satisfied with our life as we are complete with God in our lives, always by our side.
To worship and praise our lord the creator of heaven and earth.
A system of our religious belief, telling us and reminding us about our religion.

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