training center for future policemen academy
community based corrections status probation
Unable to appreciate the nature of the charges against oneself and unable to assist one's attorney incompetent
Group that reviews the sentences of prisoners, the board of _________ pardons
theory that punishment causes people to avoid committing crime deterrence
release without bail recognizance
Latin for what comes next? Quo ______ Vadis
crime punishable by prison time felony
place of short term confinement jail
order allowing search or arrest warrant
questioning a potential witness or juror to determine qualification to serve. Voir ______ Dire
crime punishable by time in jail misdemeanor
go to a higher court to review the judgement appeal
charging document information
plea that results in punishment guilty
jury finding of innocence acquittal
Warning to suspect before custodial interrogation miranda
courtroom ____________group. Part of informal justice system work
culpable mental state, mens _________ rea
criminal act, actus ___________ reus
Intentional killing of another human being murder
reckless killing of another human being manslaughter
finder of fact in a non-bench trial jury
determiner of law judge
the tendency to return to a life of crime recidivism
rule that makes evidence not admissible because of police misconduct exclusionary
place for felons prison
taking of one into custody arrest
money posted to guarantee appearance in court bail

Criminal Justice Vocabulary Terms Word Search

Word Search

14th Amendment
Actual Custody
Actus reus
Age of consent
Appellate Court
Bail Schedule
Bench Trial
Bench warrant
Bill of Attainder
Bill of Rights
Capital punishment

Court Terms Crossword


The release of a person before their trial so they don't have to wait in jail. Most of the time money will be payed to guarantee them showing up to the trial. Bail
Prove that the person accused was somewhere else when the crime took place. Alibi
Lying on the witness stand. This can cause the witness to get charged. Perjury
Think out a plan beforehand. Premeditated
A crime that is usually involving violence and you go to jail for over a year. Felony
A person under arrest to be brought before a judge or court, especially to secure the person's release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention. Habeas Corpus
Private relations between members of the community rather than criminal, military, or religious affairs. Civil Law
A system of law concerned with the punishment of those who commit crimes. Criminal Law
The part of English law that is derived from custom and judicial precedent rather than statutes. Common Law
When the person accused pleads guilty for a lighter sentence. Plea Bargain
Decides lawsuits brought before the court. Judge
Group of people selected to hear the evidence in the trial and render a verdict. Jury
Instead of sending the accused person to prison the court releases the person into the community under monetization. Probation
Institute legal proceedings against a person or organization. Prosecute
The punishment ordered by the court for a defendant convicted of a crime. Sentence
The decision made by a judge or jury that determines the guilt or innocent of the defendant. Verdict
A person called upon from either side in a lawsuit to give a testimony before the court jury. Witness
Court authorization to conduct a search to make an arrest. Warrant
A law passed by legislation. Statute
the official power to make legal decisions and judgments. Jurisdiction
The dispute point between parties in a lawsuit. Issue
Information received by other people that cannot be confirmed (rumor). Hearsay
To place a paper in the legal custody of the clerk of court to enter into its files. File
Information presented in testimony that is used to persuade the judge or jury to decide the case in favor of one side or the other. Evidence
Officially tell someone that they can or must leave. Discharge
A person who has filed a petition for relief under the bankruptcy code. Debtor
A tribunal presided over by the judge in civil or criminal cases. Court
A judgment of guilt against a criminal defendant. Conviction
A state that does not have any evidence to prove it happened. Claim
Property of all kinds including real and personal. Assets

criminal justice Crossword


violation of the criminal laws of state, the federal gov't or a local jurisdiction. crime
the principle of fairness, righteous, truthful. justice
justice in terms of the distribution of privileges within a society. social justice
society taking precedence over individual rights public order
civil law civil justice
criminal law criminal justice
the systems opponents work together to achieve social product consensus model
assumes that the components function to serve their own interests. conflict model
oppurtunity for bail first appearance
information is gathered booking
issue written by a judicial officer directing law enforcement warrant
money; getting released bail
written accusation submitted to the court by a grand jury indictment
the first appearance of the defendant before the court arraignment
criminal proceeding, the examination in court of the issue trial
served with other sentence consecutive
served at the same time concurrent
scientific studies of causes and prevention of crime criminology
written accusation submitted by prosecutor information

Mock Trial Vocabulary Crossword


to clear from charge or accusation Acquit
to hear and settle a case Adjudicate
An act that violates the law Crime
Written declaration made under oath Affidavit
An assertion that must be proved with evidence Allegation
A defendant’s defense against charges Answer
Transferring a case to a higher court for review Appeal
Hears court appeals and reviews decisions Appellate court
Objecting that admits facts of an opponent’s argument that denies they sustain pleading Demurrer
To call the accused to answer the charge Arraignment
Someone’s specific attorney Attorney At Law
Responsible for the case Attorney of record
Assessing the cause of death and examining the cadaver Autopsy
Money in exchange for release of the arrested, in guarantee that they’ll come to trial Bail
Court attendant who keeps order Bailiff
Responsible of proving a charge or allegation Burden of Proof
Facts or evidence in support of claim Case
Hall for trials and court Chambers
Laws of a nation dealing with rights of citizens Civil Law
Summing up important arguments, after seeing evidence Closing Argument
Filed in court against someone, by a plaintiff Complaint
When someone is officially guilty of a crime Conviction
Someone who investigates suspicious deaths Coroner
One who gives advice on legal matters Counsel
Group of people who make decisions about legal cases, and the time when this happens Court
When the accused is charged and judged Criminal action
System for those who commit (or are accused of) crimes Criminal law
Witness is interrogated/extends testimony Cross Examination
Award as compensation for loss/injury, usually money Damages
The accused party Defendant
Questioning a witness Direct Examination
Fair treatment of anyone in court Due Process Of Law
Anything giving information on the case(documents, testimony, items) Evidence
Document or article that is inspected; a form of evidence Exhibit
Crime that is more serious than a misdemeanor Felony
Formal charge for crime Indictment
Court order that prohibits a party of from specific action Injunction
Witnesses must leave the room when someone is appealing to the judge Invoke the Rule
One who hears and decides on court of law Judge
Right to interpret and apply law Jurisdiction
A jury of 12-23 people Jury Grand
Sits at civil and criminal cases Jury Petit

Criminal Justice Crossword


violation of the criminal laws of state, the federal gov't or a local jurisdiction. Crime
money paid to get released Bail
criminal proceeding, the examination in court of the issue Trial
Sentence served at the same time Concurrent
served with other sentence Consecutive
Individual who has the responsibility of maintaining order in a courtroom Judge
crime represented by Penal Code 19.02 Murder
crime represented by Penal Code 22.011 Sexual Assault
crime represented by Penal Code 30.02 Burglary
_________ degree felony; punishable by 5-99yrs in prison First
Rule removed evidence obtained illegally Exclusionary
Amendment protects an individuals right to bear arms Second
Bill of Rights includes first ________ Amendments Ten
Level of proof required to conduct a search Probable Cause
Protection to be tried twice for the same crime double jeopardy
Amendment that protects against excessive bail or punishments Eighth
Individual who interprets a message Receiver
Haptics refers to Touch
Nonverbal communication of distance Proxemics
the area/location an agency has legal authority over jurisdiction
primary goal to use punishment to prevent future criminal activity deterrence
use of treatment to change an offender rehabilitation
first stage of a trial jury selection
form of community corrections; in lieu of incarceration probation
early release from prison parole
Supervisor of a prison warden
state of first formal security agency new york
Public and Private security cooperation in common in this location airports
Highest training for EMT's Paramedic
three elements needed for fire are referred to as fire triangle

Criminal Justice Matching Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

taking one into custody arrest
money posted to guarantee appearance in court bail
place for felons prison
plea that results in punishment guilty
people released from prison are placed on probation
place of short term confinement jail
crime punishable by prison time felony
training center for future police officers academy
intentional killing of another human being murder
warning said to a suspect before arrest Miranda
go to a higher court to review the judgment appeal

Juvenile Court System Crossword


Serious crime like murder Felony
Person accused of committing a crime and goes in front of jury or judge Defendant
Less serious crime like assault Misdemeanor
When a person is detained Arrest
To make a record of arrest Booking
Suspect enters a plea, if guilty, goes straight to sentencing Arraignment
Process of negotiation, may plead guilty for lesser sentence Plea bargain
A child that is less than 17 years old Juvenile
An offense that would not be a crime if committed by an adult Status offense
Committing a crime Delinquent behavior
A legal proceeding where an issue of law or fact is tried and evidence is presented to help determine the issue Hearing
A formal charge or accusation of a serious crime Indictment
A body of people (typically twelve in number) sworn to give a verdict in a legal case on the basis of evidence submitted to them in court Jury
A decision on a disputed issue in a civil or criminal case Verdict
Declare the punishment decided for an offender Sentencing

Criminal Justice Vocabulary Terms Crossword


A finding of not guilty by a judge or jury. Acquittal
The loser at a trial asks a higher court to rule the trial judge made an error. The result may be the trial court is affirmed (the winner still wins), reversed (the loser now wins), or reversed and remanded (trial court has more work to do and has to follow the rule of law established by the appeals court). Appeal
______ ____________is the details; taking the time to make sure all of the details have been examined. For example, when processing a crime scene, officers should use ______ ___________ to ensure all components of the crime scene have been examined. Due Diligence
If something has _____________ value in a case, then it is an item that can be used to prove guilt or innocence of a subject. In addition, items that have ________value show a crime did in fact take place. If an item does not have _____________value, then it is an item that has been ruled out from assisting in an investigation. Evidentiary
A crime with a lower penalty than a felony. Misdemeanor
During an arraignment, it’s a defendant's plea of ______ _________, not admitting to the guilt of the crime, but paying the penalty for it. Nolo Contendere
An inmate's early release from prison upon good behavior, as well as meeting conditions throughout the early release. Parole
a group (3 or more) of individuals who conspire and act out activities that our justice system deems illegal. Organized Crime
Crimes at a level charged higher than a Misdemeanor Felony
A Defendant's voluntary guilty plea to an offense charge, for a lesser sentence. Plea Bargain
Government action against an accused person's criminal conduct. Prosecution
Re-offending [to do the same crime twice] Recidivism
an order to appear in court. Summons
someone who takes the law into their own hands, ignoring the criminal justice process. Vigilante
The individual that the charges are against. Defense
It is the physical action of the criminal act. Actus Reus
________ __________are required whenever you are interrogating someone who is in police custody (arrested/detained) about a crime. It is important to note you do not have to read someone their _______ ________ if you are gathering initial information. However, once you start asking crime specific or detailed questions, then the ___________ ___________ has to be read. Miranda Warning
A defense to a criminal act that purports the defendant was somewhere other than the place of the crime at the time the crime occurred. Alibi
a category of crime that consists of setting a fire with the intent of causing some type of harm (excludes accidental fires). Arson
A sufficient reason based upon known facts to believe a crime has been committed or that certain property is connected with a crime. Probable Cause
This amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Fourth
This Amendment protects the freedom of speech, religion, press, and peaceful protest. First
This Amendment protects an individuals right of self incrimination. Fifth
Alternative to imprisonment where a person can stay in the community with supervision Probation
The use or threat of violence directed at people or governments to punish them for past action or to bring about a change of policy that is to the terrorist's liking Terrorism
The killing of one person by another, whether intentional or non intentional Homicide
Unlawful offer or attempt with force or violence to hurt another Assault
The taking of the property of another out of his or her presence by means of force and violence or the threat thereof Robbery
Acquisition of the property of another through deception Fraud
The nighttime breaking and entering of the dwelling house of another, with the intention to commit a crime or theft therein (a felony) Burglary
The theft of property or money with which one is entrusted with or responsible for Embezzlement
Wrong committed by one person against other that does not require punishment, only entitles the victim to compensation Tort
The relationship between private parties only Civil
The relationship between the misbehaving private individual and society/government Criminal
The wronged individual in a civil case Plantiff
What the plaintiff seeks to win (Money) - damages Judgement
An unintentional tort. When a person's failure to use reasonable care causes harm Negligence
Responsible for harm Liable
Legal responsibility - the obligation to do or not do something Liability
Oral statements that harm reputation Slander
Someone who helps another person commit a crime Accomplis
An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime Conspiracy
The most serious form of criminal homicide (done w/ malice) Murder
The deliberate taking of one's own life Suicide
Statement that contains information about the elements of a crime and that is provided and attested to by a person involved in committing the crime. Can be oral or written. Confession
That portion of a residence not open to the public. Sidewalks and alleys are open to the public. But the ________ is reserved for private use by the property owner or the family. Curtilage
Questioning of an unwilling person (could be a relative or friend or suspect or even a witness) that is reluctant to give you information and that is suspected of direct or indirect involvement in the crime being investigated. Interrogation
Failure to properly care for a child. Also failure to care for a property or one's actions. Neglect

Criminal Procedures Crossword


procedures that guarentee individual rights in a criminal prosecution due process
rule used to exclude evidences seized illegally exclusionary rule
conclusion that a defendant has reformed rehabilitated
act of stopping a person for investigative purposes and frisking for a weapon stop and frisk
a trail by a judge without a jury bench trail
punishment based on deterring future crime deterrence
an order by the judge to refrain from discussing case with press gag order
a jury that cannot agree on a verdict hung jury
the highest level of court Sumpreme Court
how many amendments in the bill of rights ten
warnings required before officers interrogate a suspect in custody Miranda Rights
a geographic location of the court venue
Sumpreme Court held that it is unconstitutional to give juvenile the death penalty Roper v Simmons

Judicial Branch Crossword


People or things that can prove one side’s version of what happened evidence
The document that created the judicial branch Constitution
Asking an appellate court to review a case appeal
Type of case about someone accused of committing a crime criminal
Court system that deals with United States laws federal
Court system that deals with state laws state
Type of case relating to peoples’ rights civil
Group of people that decides a case after hearing the evidence jury
Number of justices on the Supreme Court nine
the court of last resort supreme court
The Supreme Court’s power to decide what is constitutional judicial review
The lowest court in the federal system district court
minority opinion dissenting
Term used to protect the rights of individuals due process
False accusations in writting libel
An opinion in the supreme court that emphasizes the majority concurrent
Practice of spying for a foreign power espionage
The review by the supreme court of a decision made by a lower court certiorari
Supreme court Chief Justice John Roberts
The right to remain silent self-incrimination