Hand and Power Tools Crossword

A tool with a blade to remove wood
A woodcutting tool with a thin steel blade with sharp teeth
A device to make work easier
A tool made of steel to shape or cut wood
A short-handled hammer with a large head made of wood, rubber or plastic
Tool that drives nails into wood
Tool that bores holes
Tool that holds pieces together
Metal piece that holds wood together
A fastener that twists into material to hold materials together.
A tool that twists fasteners into and out of materials
An abrasive paper to smooth an edge or side of wood
Metal tools that are used to hold and turn bolts, nuts and round pieces.
Metal tools used to tighten nuts and bolts
Takes 1/16" of wood off of the project in the process of leveling and smoothing the project
Power tool that cores out edges, designs, or purposeful holes
Tape that helps contractors measure everything
A tool that enables architects to draw blue prints at a particular scale
A tool to help mark measurement on wood that can be erased
A power saw that makes scrolling and angled cuts

Hand Tools Crossword

Hand Tools Crossword

A tool that fits into a head of a screw to turn it
A type of saw that is reinforced that keeps the thin blade from resorting
A wood saw worked by one hand
Used to prune small trees
Design to smooth out wood
Used to cut or shape wood or stone
A length of tape or thin flexible metal
Used for smoothing or polishing woodwork or other surfaces
Pencil that is rectangular or elliptical to prevent from rolling
Used for braking things or driving in nails
A tool for drawing circles and arcs
Woodworking or metalworking tool used for marking and measuring wood
Triangle shaped used for marking wood or metal
measure diffrent types of angles
to hold wood from moving when cutting
lectrical motor that rotates a replaceable drill bit to make a hole in wood, plastic, or meta
machine that drills wholes
used to cut precise shapes and curves
fine tuning your wood projects
used to guide the piece through the saw

WoodWork Crossword

WoodWork Crossword

Drives nails easily into wood and takes them out of wood
Measures things
You use it when cleaning out mortise joints or to scribe wood
They have sensing plates that scan the wood beneath
You need this to carvers, to clean out joints,and to saw cuts
Means horizontal, and plumb is vertical
Helps put screws in where you need them to be
You use them to drive _____________ into the wood so they are flush or right below the surface
This is adjustable, and you can lock it at the angle you want to mark, making it much more time-savvy to mark multiple angles.
The _____________ is a triangle that you can use to mark square cuts on stock.
You can flatten a piece of wood, add a curve to it, or square your work.
You can even get digital______ now that leave no guesswork as to whether you were inside or outside the line
You’ll need____ for 45 and 90-degree joints, and pipe____ to reach for long stretches
You usually use a___with a power tool, to guide the piece through the saw
Other ___, with their variety of cutting surfaces and angles, will come as the need arises.
Detects metal
They are important for achieving smooth, quality cuts
It can hold up to 500 lbs.
You drill things with this tool
Some_______ have an adjustment knob on each end of the fence, others on just one end.
________features perforated sheet metal and resembles a food grater.
Used for rough cutting shapes in the board, but especially for removing waste from dovetail joints (one of the most common wood joints)
Used for chopping mortises (rectangular holes) into the side of your board for insertion of a tenon.
Used checking the squareness of boards (when planing them to final dimension), scribing dovetail joints, measuring the depth of mortises
Used for taking and repeating a measurement over and over again on a work piece.
Used for transferring a measurement and repeating it over and over again
Used such as trimming tenons & other joinery, cutting rabbets, removing waste for hand cut moldings
Paper with sand or another abrasive stuck to it, used for smoothing or polishing woodwork or other surfaces.
A straight strip or cylinder of plastic, wood, metal, or other rigid material, typically marked at regular intervals, to draw straight lines or measure distances.
A brush for applying paint
A saw with larger teeth (fewer teeth per inch) for cutting with the grain of wood.
Short hand saw with a tapered blade used to cut curves or irregular shapes.
A saw with very fine teeth and is often used in a miter box for cutting angles. The thin blade is reinforced with a ridge of thicker metal along the back of the saw
A tool used for removing material from a surface.
A tool having one end of the head hemispherical and used in working metal.

Woodworking Crossword

Woodworking Crossword

protect wood surfaces
make chamfer edges
remove scratches from wood
remove saw marks
make pencil marks to locate holes and cutting
applies finish to wood surface
easily removed fastener
drives in nails
fills in sunken nail heads
trees that have leaves
makes 90 degree or right angle
hold swork for operation
trees that have needles
joins two pieces of wood
measure length
holds work to table

Woodshop Tools Word Search

Woodshop Tools Word Search
Word Search

phillips screw driver
combination wrench
adjustable wrench
flat screw driver
open end wrench
measuring tape
rubber mallet
drill press
wood chisel
bench brush
bench ruler
palm sander
claw hammer
scroll saw
file card
hack saw
band saw

Work Shop Hand Tools Crossword

Work Shop Hand Tools Crossword

Used to cut timber joints
What hammer is used by a cabinet maker
What hammer in the workshop is widely used by carpenters
Name the tool used to measure items up to 300 millimeters in length
What tool is required to measure long lengths of materials
What tool is used for marking out designs and lengths of work.
What tool is used to cat shapes in thin material such as plywood
What tool is used to shape timber
What tool is used to shape metal and perspex.
What saw is used to cut metal
Name the tool that protects the bench when sawing timber.
What tool can be used to check squareness
What hammer is used in metal work
Tool used to hold work while glue is drying
Used to remove screws
What tool is used to push nail heads into material?
What tool is used to mark metal to assist in drilling?
What is the name of the block that can be used when sanding?
What tool is designed to remove unwanted nails?
Tool that can be used to hold items such as wire.
Tools designed to dress timber surfaces.
What tool is used to mark parallel lines against timber?

Tool Identification Crossword

Tool Identification Crossword

A tool that is used to cut straight lines in wood
A tool that is used to cut curved lines in wood
A Machine that cuts curved lines in wood
A tool that removes wood and metal shavings
A tool that removes wood shavings
An Adhesive that is used for wood
More common name for Abrasive Paper
Used to support material that is being worked with
Hooks on a work bench to support wood when it is being cut
Looks like a hammer and more commonly used with another tool

Webelos Build It Adventure-Basic Tools Crossword

Webelos Build It Adventure-Basic Tools Crossword

drives and pulls nails
drive screws into wood
have x-shaped slots
used for screws that have six-sided holes on top
used to shave away small amounts of wood
used for making small holes in wood and leather
let you grip and twist things, bend and snip wire, and do other tasks that require strength
used for cutting pieces of wood
used to make detailed and curved cuts in wood
used to make detailed and curved cuts in wood
used for making wood or metal smooth or used to sharpen metal blades and tools
used for making wood or metal smooth or used to sharpen metal blades and tools
used to accurately measure pieces of wood up to several feet long
helps you make perpendicular (right-angle) cuts
used to make sure an object you hang on the wall doesn't tilt to one side
used to hold pieces of wood together firmly for gluing or cutting
used to hold pieces of wood together, but mounted on a workbench
used to store tools

CORE MODULE 3 Crossword

CORE  MODULE  3 Crossword

A metal tool with a sharp beveled edge.
A device such as a bolt.
A cut or channel made by a saw.
The process of shaping by striking it with a tool.
A steel tool to indent metal.
Exactly adjusted.
Metal handle-end of a file.
A rotating twisting force.
Perfectly horizontal.
Scissor-shaped adjustable wrench.
Used for cutting miter-joints.
A device used to lift and lower a load.
Weighted head tool.

Construction Crossword

Construction Crossword

The joint of two pieces at an angle that bisects the joining angle.
a specialized tool that lets you make cuts at a variety of angles.
a type of bow saw used to cut intricate external shapes and interior cut-outs in woodworking or carpentry.
diagram which shows the buildings, utility runs, and equipment layout, the position of roads, and other constructions of an existing or proposed project site at a defined scale
a length of tape or thin flexible metal, marked at intervals for measuring.
a circular saw mounted under a table or bench so that the blade projects up through a slot
a power tool with a shaped cutter, used in carpentry for making grooves for joints, decorative moldings, etc.
are both cutting and holding pliers used by artisans, jewellery designers, electricians, network engineers and other tradesmen to bend, re-position and snip wire.
a type of board made from plaster, wood pulp, or other material, used especially to form the interior walls of houses.
an imperial unit and U.S. customary unit (non-SI, non-metric) of area, used mainly in the United States
a characteristic always needed for safety
the way your work area needs to be
something you always need to have on in work area
this is never allowed in work area
never allowed in construction area

Sewing Equipment Crossword

Sewing Equipment Crossword

A flexible tape that is 60 inches long, used for body measurements
Used for removing stitches and has a small blade on the end.
Used with tracing paper to transfer lines on fabric. Most common one has a saw-tooth blade.
Shears that have a zig zag design to help prevent raveling.
Used to measure short lengths, such as hem and seam widths. Is 6 inces long and has plastic sliding marker.
Used to hold two layers of fabric together.
Used for cutting fabric and has a bent handle,. One handle is larger than the other.
Small squares used for marking fabric.
Used to get the wrnkles out of fabric.
A firm, round cushion used to press curved areas of a garment.
Tool used to help protect fingers when sewing by hand.
A long metal rod with a hook that is used to bias tubing right side out.
Something you shoudl ALWAYS be aware of when sewing