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OUR BRAIN Crossword


Someone who is very smart, is very In____________________.
The organ of our body that controls our thinking and our body movements
This test measures how intelligent we are
If we like to sing songs and can play musical instruments, we are m _ _ _ _ sm_ _ t
People who are good at dancing and sport are b _ _ _ s _ _ _ t
The use this part of our brain to remember things
Our brain uses 20% of the ox_ _ _ _ that our body needs
This animal has the largest brain of all living creatures
A mouse's brain is ________________ than a cat's
When we make ______________ in our mind, it helps us to remember things
Someone who likes to be outdoors and knows the names of animals and plants, is ______________ smart.
If you have a good memory, you can _________________________ things well
Another word for "smart"
Our brain controls our whole body and can do so many things! Our brain is really p__________________________.
An elephant's brain is larger than the human brain, but humans are more ______________________________.have larger
Someone who likes reading and is good at languages, is _________ smart.
When we think about many things, we have a lot on our _____________.

Crossword Puzzle aye aye aye

Crossword Puzzle aye aye aye

Who was the legendary Cat that Ari Had?
What is Sherry's cats' name?
What color are the dog biscuits? (two)
Drew's dog's name?
Cashier's checks are how much if they don't got a relationship ch?
If it is an LLC, can we give cash back from a deposit?
If you are strapping a full bundle of hundies, what is the strap? (not 2k)
What does MLG stand for?
Who is the teller supervisor at 84?
If we fill a bag of quarters in the coin machine to sell, how much is it?
Before you go to lunch, you should always...
Balance in spanish
Withdrawal slip in spanish
who do we sell to? (Three letters)

Canine Disruptive Behaviour Crossword


Typically, aggression occurs when a dog is exposed to a____
Dogs that are ______ may overreact to certain stimuli and appear aggressive to observers
______is a change in behaviour in the presence of something the dog considers valuable.
When trying to correct resource guarding behaviours we can use high ______ food drops to teach the dog that our presence indicates good things.
To address unwanted barking, we first need to understand the ______.
Three reasons why a dog may bark include fear, alarm barking and ______.
When training a dog not to bark the most important step is to prevent ______ as this strengthens the neural pathways and increases the likelihood of re occurrence.
Nipping is a ______ behaviour for puppies.
It is important puppies remain with their litter and mother until 8 weeks of age so that they may learn bite ______ and the consequences related to nipping.
Housetraining may be more difficult if the dog has a ______ and has become accustomed to eliminating on a particular surface (eg. Grass, ca Grass, carpet, newspaper).
Many people believe male dogs use marking to mark their territory. What is another possible reason for this behaviour?
When a puppy is chewing on something they should not be you should calmly interrupt and ______ it with an appropriate, puppy safe item
One reason destructive behaviour may occur is a lack of physical and/or mental ______.
If destructive behaviour is focused on points of entry, it is likely due to ______.
The best solution for deterring digging is to provide the dog with mental and environmental ______ if they are going to be left outside.
Digging can sometimes be managed by using a dig pit, which provides a controlled location for the dog to participate in “______” digging.
We can offer an ______ behaviour to be performed to stop a dog from jumping up.
Rather than yelling at the dog the best thing you can do when a dog jumps up at you is ______ them.
By using words such as “no” and “leave it” your dog may learn that items on counters or tables are only off limits when you are ______.
When we want to redirect our dog's attention from the food or item on the counter, we can use an attention noise. What should you not use to get their attention?
To avoid conflict between household dogs, you should not allow the dogs to ______ at one another, rather, calmly interrupt
Many conflicts between household pets can be due to incompatible personalities and ______.
One of the most important behaviours you can teach your dog is ______.

Memories of Andrea's time at Leigh Crossword


the new walls were talked about for years before your arrival, but you had to deal with inconvenience repair to this
here is your bag, now drive along
kept us inside for 7 days also name for an older woman on the prowl
gave us a renovated office and a new gym floor
the forest fires created a lot of this, which kept us inside
because of these, falling trees kept us inside
these dirty trousers created quite the smell while the K’s are drumming
sharing our land with many 4-legged
this baby was born in our forest
upgraded to improve ventilation
created a cozy and united staff
a well-deserved drink choice on Friday nights
acceptable drink to get you through the day
these hide our smiles and our looks of exhaustion
created these on our land to play within
veins, hips, and eyes oh my
caused unexpected evacuations
a collaborative K partnership that required this
the school rocks to this beat, thanks to your brother’s connections
the dad that made a tearful speech every September
this message was graffitied on the boy’s bathroom wall especially for you
time spent with a small group of 5-year-olds
not the boxer, but the owl that gave us something to write about
this was an uninvited flying visitor in Michelle’s room
used to alert you of sick kids in class
you taught Kindergarten on this day
the messenger of joy was found in a portable
an embarrassing assembly moment when you had to do this
resulted in temperatures above 40 degrees
friend, colleague and co-pilot
the man was here, moved to the creek then to see the Habs
this person is your frontline right-hand
after a few years of being overpopulated, we lost some of our staff and students to this new school SMILING
this head teacher ran our morning meetings before her departure last year

The Antelope Ate My Cantaloupe Crossword


A big round fruit that grows on a vine.
A game where you kick a ball and can't use your hands.
This is a path that goes over a river or creek.
This has four wheels and we drive them.
Animals live in these.
A tall tube-like toy at a playground.
An animal with big horns and rhymes with cantaloupe.
An object with words and pictures that you read.
A place outside where you can grow vegetables.
You see this on the back of an animal and they can wag it back and forth.

Winter Road Safety Quiz Crossword

Winter Road Safety Quiz Crossword

What is the first word of the Green Cross Code?
What is the third word of the Green Cross Code?
Roads are busier in the ......
Another name for a pedestrian
Lights that are red, amber and green
A crossing which has the same name as an animal
Where you should you stop, look and listen
Something that makes the road slippy for drivers
You should cross the road with a trusted .....
A ........ person can help us cross the road at school

KyRo & Sho Save The Unsiverse Crossword


How much I love you?
I think you're my ________ to believe in.
"I was looking for ___ in the f*** you're talking too" - Ghost
The first Oasis song I sent you that isn't "Wonderwall" & probably the last :)
The first song written, composed & performed by Adrian Jacob Barksdale about Kylie Ann Rowlett.
The self-given stage name/persona/alter-ego that is often perceived as hot-headed & fast spoken.
The stage persona, ladies man, rock star and guitar god himself.
Adrian Barksdale's former band before he was inspired by recovery and revelation in the year 2022 and went solo bringing him more happiness and success than ever imagined to him, his wife, and his countless fans.
The first outing you took me on out of town.
The man who I have always (and probably always will) proudly declare is my husband despite our lack of introduction entirely.
The song heard blaring from an approaching vehicle in downtown Philly that I've dedicated to you on more than one occasion and you me at least once. (hint: features drake my husband)
"...but you're a lot to lose for a _______."- Kyro
First artist we covered together.
Adrian's Idol.
Your tattoo reads ____.
Our daughter (Shhhh)
Our You tube Series
Our shared hometown.
Your best firend when I met you.
They're eating babies in H________.
The city we resided in when we lived in the cozy cardboard box.
First restaurant we met up at. hint: you were waiting on the arrival of your girlfriend at the time. 23) Hotdogs, The first food that you told me was your favorite.
Kyro & ShowTime's first ever, released, musical collaboration.
This was one of your favorite performance venue's before it was tragically torn down this year.
This was the name of the radio station you initially interviewed me for looking fine as hell.
The first ever Barksdale family outting I got to attend. hint: I recieved the invitation to this event as a Christmas gift in the December of 2020 from Eli and Caitlin.

Do You Know your Stuff? Crossword

Do You Know your Stuff? Crossword

an antonym means the ______
a suffix goes at the _____ of a word
a prefix goes at the _____ beginning of a word
a synonym mean the ________
what is the word we add a prefix or suffix to?
the prefix pre means _____
the suffix ful means _________
what is the time and place of a story
who are the people in a story
what is something that goes wrong in a story?
what is how the problem gets fixed?
a word that is sounds the same, but is spelled different is a ______
what do we call we a story is mostly about?
the prefix re means _____

Parts of Speech Crossword

Parts of Speech Crossword

a person, place, thing or idea. 
a word to describe a noun. 
a word used to connect sentences or words. 
a word for an action or state of being.
an abrupt remark or interruption. 
a word to describe an action or the extent to which it is performed.
a word to replace a noun.
a word to describe the relationship between two nouns. 
The cat is red. What POS (part of speech) is red?
The athletes are running. What POS is running?
Those people are happy. What POS is people?
She typed fiercely at the keyboard. What POS is fiercely?
He loved his dog What POS is he?
“Stop!” Said the police officer. What POS is stop?
Tomatoes and potatoes. What POS is and?
The ball was in the box. What POS is in?

Cross word puzzle PE

Cross word puzzle PE

A place where you work out
Something that helps your body stay with perfect health
Something that is apart of your body that helps you move around
A body part that gives your body blood
A materiel that gives you strangest
Something that is a liquid that you can see in rivers, oceans, etc
Your body going down into a sitting position but your butt isn’t touching the ground
A fruit that is either green or red that you can pick from trees
spreed your legs apart while your jump in in the air then you bring your legs back together when your standing
You go into a triangle position while having your hands on the ground and your staring at the ground making a triangle shape with your body and your back flare in the air
It is filled with vegetables and with lettuces and you can put any dressing on it
A bench that you do sit-ups on
Something red that has millions of seeds inside and outside of it and it’s really small
Something orange that comes from the ground
A orange fruit that comes from trees and it has the same name as its color
Walking but in a fast pass
Something that grows on trees and is yellow and it has a moon crescent type of shape
A fruit that is named after a magical creature that can fly and can breath fire
Is blue and is named berry
A purple fruit that is really small and it looks like a berry