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Strictly Come Dancing Crossword

Strictly Come Dancing Crossword

Traditional Ballroom Dance In 4/4 Time
Series 12 Contestant, Thom
----'n'Roll, American Style Dance
What Strictly Come Dancing Is
----- Judd, Winner Of Series 9
Former Tennis Player and Breakfast Presenter Who Took Part In Series 9
Series 16 Finalist, Ashley
----- Ball, Another Name For a Glitterball
Dianne -------
Russian Pro, ---- Mushtuk
Ballroom Dance With 2 Variations Danced On Strictly
First Name Of Female Professional Dancer Who Hails From Australia
Davood Ghadami Danced His Argentine Tango As This Character From An Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical In Series 15
The Surname Of the Series 17 Winner
Alex Scott Danced a Jive to "Let's ----- Again" In Series 17
To Rotate In a Dance
Series 8 Finalist, Matt
Shared Surname Of 2 Female Contestants In Series 10 & 11
Charles Aznavour Classic That Anton Du Beke & Patsy Palmer Chose For Their Rumba
Judge Rinder's First Name
Where The Dancing Takes Place
First Name Of the Pro Who Lifted the Trophy With 1 Down In 2019
First Name Of Strictly's Band Leader, ----- Arch
Dance Of Cuban Origin, Which Became Popular In the US In the 1950s
Style Of Jazz That Had Its Heyday In the 1940s
The Inside Of the Strictly Studio
Stick Often Used As a Prop In Routines

Christmas Crossword


Arabic word for Bethlehem ( 2 words)
Hebrew word for Bethlehem (2 words)
Bethlehem is a town in the West Bank, situated in the Judaean Hills, 5 miles south of what city
What book of the Old Testment speaks of a prophecy of Isreal's future ruler coming from Bethlehamn Ephrathah
What book of the Bible states Bethlehem was the site of the Nativity of Jesus Christ (1 of 2 books)
What book in the Bible states Bethlehem was the site of the Nativity of Jesus Christ ( 2 of 2 books)
Bethleham is first mentioned in the BIble in connection with which female Biblical figure, who died on the wayside near there (Genesis 35:19)
King David; was anointed King of Israel in Bethlehem by which prophet
The town of Bethlehem was fortified by this person who was David's grandson/the first king of Judah (after the division of the state between Israel and Judah [Second Chronicles])
This person, a grandson of Caleb, is called the "father of Bethlehem" (1 Chronicals : 2)
in 313 this person proclaimed Christianity as the religion of the state of Palestine
The orgins of Judean Bethlehem are uncertain, but archaeological records indicate that it exsisted as far back as what century B.C.E
Bethlehem was the home of this peron and his concubine, her muder sparked an intertribal war that resulted in the near destruction of th tribe of Benjamin (Judges) (2 words)
This person was one of the first prophents in the book of Mormon. He prophesied that Jesus Christ would come 600 years after his father, Lehi, left Jerusalem

Bison Came Back Crossword


The ___________ almost became extinct because of overhunting.
There will probably never be as many bison as there once were, but at least they still _______.
If a species is _________, all of its kind are dead.
Some Native Americans wore clothing made from deer _________.
The buffalo ________ lazily across the prairie.
Many animals build a __________ as protection against other animals that hunt them.
Bison can use their hooves and horns as weapons, but their primary defense is to __________, or run away.
Bison winter coats are some of the __________ in the world.
_________ live in Africa and Asia, have no hump, and have smaller heads.
Native Americans made bison _______ into tools.
As _______ spread across the Midwest, they brought more hunters.
Some bison went to zoos and ______ to protect them.

Do You Know your Stuff? Crossword

Do You Know your Stuff? Crossword

an antonym means the ______
a suffix goes at the _____ of a word
a prefix goes at the _____ beginning of a word
a synonym mean the ________
what is the word we add a prefix or suffix to?
the prefix pre means _____
the suffix ful means _________
what is the time and place of a story
who are the people in a story
what is something that goes wrong in a story?
what is how the problem gets fixed?
a word that is sounds the same, but is spelled different is a ______
what do we call we a story is mostly about?
the prefix re means _____

Unit 5 AB Review Crossword


Because of his often failure to express agreement, Taiten gets himself into compromising situations
Because of his often courteous behavior and mannerly conduct, Jonathan has a reputation of being a knightly young man.
Often providing mercy in the form of pencils, Tiana should be deemed a saint due to the number of pencils she has lent Brian.
Mackenzie, though she is very reserved, has begun to open up, talk on occasions, and even have a cup of coffee.
Due to their little and loud differences, Kephon often argues with Michael, who in turn argues with Isaac.
Because of their refusal to yield to poor grades, Trinity, Shania, Kenzi, and a several others have worked really hard.
While very intelligent, Melissa often enters the classroom in a slow and heavy manner; she's typically a lot better after coffee.
Because of their neglectful mannerisms at times, Landon, Jason, Alphonso have to ask others to repeat classroom instructions.
Because of its intent to create integrity and character in students, ROTC is a perfect fit for both Jordan and Michael.
Be careful not to cross Amelia; though she is smart and kind, she can be full of malice when crossed the wrong way, ask Mason.
Due to an unselfish concern for helping each other, Makayla and Tiana have both increased their averages in English II.
Emma and Daisy help each other out during class work; this is a really good act for both girls as it helps them both.
Bryan's intelligence is often thwarted due to an inadequate supply of pencils.
Even though he can be scary at times, Kephon did at least make a start at a free style in class; his counterpart -- shameful...
Due to a superficial manner of writing, journaling became easy for Austin, an error he has since corrected.
Kenzi has worked very hard at writing this year; her chunks are often free from error and dependable.
When I inquired about Carla's unusual piercing, she replied that it did not cause too much of a sharp sensation.
Haylie typically carries a very calm demeanor, until she hears something that stirs her opinion.
Though it can be difficult, each of us should seek to avoid aggressive and destructive comments towards one another.
I have come to know Jennifer is very sincere young lady since she has been in my class.

Hockey Crossword

Hockey Crossword

How many players do each team have?
What is the name of the player who participates in faceoffs?
What type of penalty puts you in the penalty box for 2 minutes? (minor or major)
What type of penalty results in you being put in the penalty box for 5 minutest? (minor or major)ut in the penalty box for ut in the penalty box for
What type of penalty could result in ejection after getting two major penalties?
What is the name of the penalty for hitting the puck from behind the center line and the puck going behind the goal line?
Name of the substitution where you substitute without stopping play? (no spaces between words)
Blue area in front of the goal that protects the goalie.
During a stopping of play the referee will drop the puck between two centers. (no space between words)
A free shot for a player after they get illegally hit from behind. (no space between words)
When a team has more players on the ice because of a player being in the penalty box (no space between words)

Berliner Mauer Crossword


The capital of West Germany.
The capital of East Germany.
The Berlin Wall was built on 13. _____________ 1961
East Germany abbreviation
West Germany abbreviation:
Berliner __________ (wall)
3. Oktober 2020 celebrates this many years of reunification
____.November 1989 - when the wall came down.
Wiedervereinigung is the German word for:
East and West Germany were created after World War ____.
True or False: The entire Berlin wall was destroyed.
True or False: The wall was built to keep West Berliners from leaving.
True or False: The Berlin wall ended up surrounding all of East Berlin

Peter's Spelling Word 1 Word Search

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New Testament Crossword


Fourth gospel
Starts with a genealogy
"Love is patient."
Comes after Acts
There is no "s"
Fast-paced gospel
Thought to have been written by the author of Acts
Acts of the _______
Among the earliest letters, in 2 parts
Particularly friendly letter
Often used as scriptural support for slavery and wifely obedience
Letter to a church in a city destroyed in an earthquake in 60s CE
Letter name and Jesus' brother
Beatles' song
Letter name for the Rock
Original language of the Old Testament, with an "s"
Letter to free a slave
Letter name and Paul's representative, in two parts
Letter name and Paul's other associate

Sight Words Word Search

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