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Persuasive Techniques Crossword


This technique is used again and again for impact and emphasis repetition
A personal experience which supports a point anecdote
An example of this word class is 'we' personal pronoun
These can be proven Facts
This does not require an answer rhetorical question
This type of opinion is given by a specialist in the field expert
Another word for exaggeration hyperbole
Vocabulary which appeals to the audience's emotions emotive language
Data which supports a point being made statistics
An image created using 'like' or 'as...as' simile
Figurative language suggesting something/one is something else metaphor
A triad or triplet which gives a range rule of three
This is produced by the use of language, structure and punctuation to reflect the writer's feelings or attitude tone
A viewpoint reached by a person opinion
A technique where the first letter of two or more words is the same and it is used to draw attention to the point being made alliteration
A strong ending to sum up the points made conclusion
The type of adjective that suggests extremes of scale superlative
The type of sentence which gives impact when summing up simple

Literary Devices Crossword


Bang, boom, snap, and pop. onomatopoeia
A question asked to prove a point rather than getting an answer Rhetorical Question
Play on words Pun
Comparing one thing to another with "Like" or "as" Simile
Words left out... ellipsis
A sentence with only a single subject and predicate Simple
A situation that can be compared to something else in significance Analogy
Over exaggeration Hyperbole
Attempt to win a argument through emotional reaction Pathos
Sentence that states a fact or argument ending with a period Declaritive
Occurrence of same letter or sound of adjacent or close words Alliteration
Relates to the order at which time occurs in a piece of literature Time Sequence
The attitude of the writer Tone
When time goes backwards to show a past event Flashback
A form of language specific to a region or social group Dialect
When a word or phrase is applied to something not literally applicable Metaphor
Giving an object a human like description Personification
A sentence with more than one subject or predicate Compound
A sentence containing a subordinate clause Complex
Similar close by construction within writing Parallelism
Method of persuasion based on evidence and reasoning Logos
Method of persuasion based on the authors credibility Ethos
A logically unacceptable conclusion Paradox
A contradicting figure of speech Oxymoron
An example of this is, "It's raining cats and dogs" Idiom
A descriptive phrase or adjective Epithet
A particular way of looking at a matter Point Of View
A move forward in time sequence Flash Forward
Two things placed close together with a contrasting effect Juxtaposition
A sentence with two plus independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses Compound Complex
A sentence asking a question Interrogative
A sentence with a exclamation point Exclamatory

Drama Terms Crossword


A character is seen by the audience while remaining hidden from fellow actors. concealment
An introduction to a play Prologue
A literary art form that recreates human life and emotions. drama
Usually the main character in a tragedy; of noble birth or great influence, but has a flaw or weakness that leads to his downfall. tragic hero
A part of plot containing a series of conflicts and decisions by the characters, usually in the second act (rising action). complication
an object that stands for something else. symbolism
clues that suggest what might happen later in the plot foreshadow
When the audience knows something that the characters do not dramatic irony
the central idea, message, or one of the main ideas underlying a literary work. theme
The method a writer uses to develop the personality of a character; includes direct statements, appearance, dialect, thoughts characterization
A feeling of sympathy and deep sorrow for the misfortunes of others. Greek word for "suffering." pathos
A drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow tragedy
A struggle between two opposing forces:man vs man, man vs nature; man vs self (can be internal or external conflict) conflict
Statement or situation that seems to be a contradiction but reveals a truth paradox
personality characteristic that helps lead to a character's downfall) tragic flaw
a momentous tragic event, a violent ending in the final act of a tragic play catastrophe
A character whose qualities contrast with those of another character. A writer might use a foil to emphasize or de-emphasize another character’s traits. foil
A character’s remark, either to the audience or to another character that others on stage are not supposed to hear. Its purpose is to reveal the character’s private thoughts. aside
A single person speaking alone– with or without an audience. monologue
A speech that a character gives when he or she is alone on stage. Its purpose is to let the audience know what the character is thinking. This is a type of monologue. Soliloquy

Deaf Culture Totally Had A Moment: 2018 Edition Crossword


What was the name of the show that was premiered on A&E? Deaf Out Loud
Angels Camp, CA elected Amanda Folendorf, a 31 year old Deaf woman as what? mayor
A Federal Judge in Chicago finally approved a settlement resulting a guarantee in what? sign language interpreters
Due to early language deprivation, the median reading comprehension score of deaf and hard of hearing students at age 18 was below the median of which grade level of hearing students? fourth-grade
Bilingual Story Apps that are created at Gallaudet pending
First Signing Store in DC Starbucks
New feature in Lyft Amp
The owner of what type of shop had their whole staff learn ASL because his daughter was born deaf? ice cream
a Deaf dishwasher was refused accomodations Cheesecake Factory
Sued by Deaf man for not providing captioning for videos on their website National Public Radio
a new successfully brewery Streetcar82
number of deaf owned businesses today 1,000
Deaf show This close
Academy award nominated films feature deafness the silent child

HTML Crossword


<p> </p> paragraph
This tag <img src=” “/> allows you to enter an ________ on a web page image
Numbered, Roman Numeral numbered, and lists in alphabetical order are known as _______ lists ordered
This tag indicates the beginning and the end of a web page html
<b> </b> bold
Bgcolor, face, align, text, size, src, href are all examples of ….. attributes
This tag <h1> </h1> displays the _______ text of a heading largest
The RGB color code is a combination of __(number)____ codes representing the intensity of red first, green second, and the intensity of blue third six
The <h6> </h6> displays the _________ text of a heading smallest
HTML is not a programming language, it is a __________ language formatting
<i> </i> italic
This tag <a> </a> is known as a ______ tag anchor
Bullets such as discs, circles and squares are placed on a ________ list unordered
<u> </u> underline
<br/> linebreak
This tag <hr/> draws a divider on your web page horizontalline
Center, Comic Sans, justify, width, .jpg, .gif, are placed after attributes and are enclosed in quotes are known as…… values
This tag <dd> </dd> indicates an indention under the term is known as the _____ list definition
The default color of a link is _______ blue
Href must be included on this tag <a href=” “> </a> in order to create a _____ link

Acting Terminology Crossword


The time or events prior to the beginning of the play or scene moment before
contradictions and ambivalence within your character's desires opposites
something that is realized for the first time discovery
rivalry within a relationship competition
the character's environment and feelings associated with it place
the clash when two opposing objects meet conflict
emotional significance to the outcome to your character importance
a shared bond relationship
why characters do what they do motivation
spoken word by the characters text
the moment when the character wins or loses their objective climax
the unspoken undercurrents and meaning of the text subtext

AP Psychology Unit 7! Crossword


persistence of learning over time memory
process of getting information out of memory storage retrieval
memory-immediate, very brief recording sensory
memory-holds a few items briefly shortterm
memory-relatively permanent and limitless storehouse longterm
momentary sensory memory of visual iconic
momentary sensory memory of auditory echoic
tendency for distributed study or practice to yield better long-term retention spacingeffect
enhanced memory after actually retrieving testingeffect
clear memory of emotionally significant moment flashbulb
impairment of language (often damage to Broca's or Wernicke's) aphasia
controls speech Brocasarea
controls language comprehension and expression wernickesarea
smallest distinctive sound unit phoneme
smallest unit in language that carries meaning morpheme
inability to form new memories (______ amnesia) anterograde
inability to get information from past (_______ amnesia) retrograde

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Computers Crossword


Long Term Memory RAM
Lightweight computer that uses touchscreen Tablet
A computer and network connection Interface
Security device that controls access from the Internet Firewall
Small disk files that contain software codes System Files
Input device that emits an electronic signal Light Pen
Input device used to capture video images in real time Webcam
Use finely focused laser beam to read and write data Compact Discs
Converts characters, images and text to digital data Scanner
A wireless computer mounted on a mobile cart Computer on wheels
Easily transported wireless computer Laptop
Magnetic storage media inside a computer Hard Drive
Another word meaning quality of the image Resolution
Uses tiny nozzles to spray ink on paper Ink jet printer
A type of programming language COBOL
A type of software FOSS
Network lined up on a single cable Bus Network
Routes data between networks using IP address Router
Network that can reach across wide geographic areas Wide area network
Sends signal from router to PC Wireless

6th Grade Reading STAAR Review Crossword


The turning point in a story, where the character has to make a decision climax
The END END END of a story Denoument
Underline the ____________of every summary and match the endings. last sentence
Use your __________ at all times when you don't understand a word. dictionary
Draw __________next to every stanza to take notes. pictures
Highlight your __________ in informational text to help find the main ideas. buns
Do the ___________strategy for every picture before you read. I see I infer
__________carefully after you answer every question. Bubble
Keep track of __________ when you are testing. time
Label the _________ at the top of the page before you read. genre
Plot, character, ___________, theme, setting are the five things you need to write at the top of a story, memoir, or drama. conflict
"Illustrate", "convey", "highlight", and "emphasize" all mean to ___________. show
The conflict will be the __________or external struggle. internal
Stage ____________ will be important to highlight in a drama. directions
Take _____________notes for informational text. topicwhat
Take __________notes for stories, dramas, or memoirs. whowhat
ALWAYS _________your answers by highlighting and marking where you found it, or writing it down. prove
Put a __________next to figurative language you find in a poem. star
Theme is the __________of a story. lesson