Matching Worksheet

How many Americans have hypertension? 116.4 million
What are the parameters for "normal" blood pressure? <120/<80
What risk factor cannot be changed? Genetics
What is the appropriate diet for someone with hypertension? DASH Diet
What is considered to be a healthy BMI? 18.5 -24.9 kg/m2
How many minutes/day of moderate to intense aerobic activity meets the definition of "regular physical activity"? 30 minutes
What are the parameters of Hypertension Stage 2? Equal or >140 or equal or >90
What dietary mineral if used too much is a risk factor for hypertension? Sodium chloride aka "salt"
Name a possible symptom of hypertensive crisis. Headache or nosebleed
Hypertension is a leading risk factor for___________. Stroke
Smoking is more prevalent in the US in males or females? Males
What beverage should be limited by a person with hypertension? Alcohol

Coronary Artery Disease Crossword Puzzle


Also know as coronary heart disease coronary artery disease
The type of risk factors you can change Modifiable
The type of diet you should eat to reduce the risk of CAD Heart Healthy
Increase consumption of these in your diet Fruits and Vegetables
The type of fat that contributes most to high cholesterol Saturated
When plaque builds up on walls of coronary arteries Atherosclerosis
Occurs when blood flow to your heart is blocked, resulting in death of heart muscle Heart Attack
These supply blood to the heart Coronary Arteries
Quitting this can reduce your risk for CAD and heart attacks Smoking
You should consume less than 2300 mg of this per day, less if you have high blood pressure Sodium
A common sign of a heart attack for men and women Chest Pain
The amount of physical activity you should get every day Thirty Minutes
You can manage this to improve your mental and physical health and reduce your risk of heart attack Stress
A non-modifiable risk factor Age
Uncontrolled _____________ increases triglycerides and your chances of coronary artery disease Diabetes

Cardiac Rehab Crossword


High Blood pressure Hypertension
Years MMC has had Cardiac Rehab Thirty Four
How many minutes of exercise per week One hundred fifty
A popular piece of exercise equipment Treadmill
Patients should limit this ingredient in their diet Sodium
A high cholesterol food Fried Chicken
This berry is a super food Blueberries
A job related risk factor Stress
A surgical procedure for severe heart disease Open Heart Surgery
A common medication for high cholesterol Statin
What is the abbreviation for "Good" cholesterol HDL

Fitness Crossword Puzzle


The M in BMI stands for? Mass
Drink this daily Water
The Range of motion of joints and mobility of muscles Flexibility
Normal Range is less than 120/80 Blood Pressure
____ Syndrome is a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes Metabolic
Physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness Exercise
Acronym for goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely SMART
The I in the F.I.T.T principle stands for? Intensity
Cobra and downward dog are ____ poses Yoga
Walk for a long distance, usually in the woods Hiking
Exercise that increases heart rate and the use of oxygen Aerobic
____ Training using less reps and higher weights Strength

Lifestyle Diseases Crossword


Two _________ and five vegetables. fruit
Food like spinach, carrots, and cauliflower. vegetables
Means that the disease runs in the family. heredity
Healthy choice for helping to reduce risk of lifestyle disease through movement. exercise
Lifestyle disease associated with glucose control. Diabetes
Lifestyle disease associated with the cardiovascular system. heart disease
Lifestyle disease associated with the digestive tract. bowel cancer
Lifestyle characteristic that involves how we fuel our body. Nutrition
Helps our body to recover over night. sleep
Unhealthy _______________ are the key cause of lifestyle diseases. behaviours
Uncontrollable risk factor associated with how old we are. age
Uncontrollable risk factor associated with whether we are male or female. gender
Disease caused by uncontrollable cell growth in the body. cancer
Blockage of blood flow to the brain. Stroke
__________________ plays a key part in the development of lung, mouth, and throat cancer. smoking
Diet, body weight, physical activity, sun exposure, and drug abuse are all _________________ risk factors. controllable
High blood pressure. hypertension
A fat like substance that occurs only in food of animal origin. cholesterol
Lack of sufficient amount of nutrient, which can often result in illness. deficiency
Chemical process that takes place in the cells after the body absorbs nutrients. metabolism
The body's process of breaking down food into simpler compounds for the body to use. digestion

Cardiovascular Disease Crossword


Various diseases involving heart and blood vessels Cardiovascular Disease
Inactive Lifestyle Sedentary
Ranked #2 in deaths in the U.S. Cancer
Consistent High Blood Pressure Hypertension
“Bad” Cholesterol LDL
“Good” Cholesterol HDL
This type of diabetes is biological Type 1 Diabetes
This type of diabetes is environmental Type 2 Diabetes
Blood pressure range Below 120 and Below 80 Normal
Blood pressure range 120-129 or 80-89 Prehypertension
Another name for genetics Heredity
Coronary artery is completely blocked Heart Attack
Blocked blood supply to a part of the brain Stroke
Stroke caused by blockage in a blood vessel Ischemic
Stroke caused by burst or ruptured blood vessel Hemorrhagic
#1 Risk Factor Smoking
overall condition of body or mind and the presence or absence of illness or injury Health
expands the idea of health to include the ability to achieve optimal health, all dimensions Wellness
Any body movement Physical Activity
Internal Dialogue Self Talk
planned, structured, repetitive movement intended to improve or maintain physical fitness Exercise
Length of a workout Duration
Pressure when the heart is beating Systolic
Pressure when the heart is relaxing Diastolic
Peak of an exercise plan, most intense Workout

nutrients Crossword


a physical activity that speeds a persons heart rate and breathing Aerobic activity
the unit used to measure the amount of energy value in foods calorie
an eating disorder where the person starves themselves to death anorexia nervosa
an eating disorder where there is a large repeated episodes of uncontrolled eating amounts of food binge eating disorder
a calculation of a persons weight and height to determine overweight or obesity body mass index
proportions of bone muscle fat and tissue that make up body weight body composition
unborn baby fetus
a diet that is popular for a short period of time fad diet
baby doctor pediatrician
physical or mental tension causes by reaction to a situation stress
foods that have been canned frozen dried cooked or fortified processed foods
influence of people in same age group peer pressure
the body's ability to meet physical demands fitness
a reaction to the body's immune system when exposed to protein foods food allergy
a condition in which there is excessive fat in the body and BMI is 30 or more obesity
a condition where a person is 10% or above normal weight or BMI is 25 thru 29.9 overweight
a condition of being 10% under your normal weight or BMI OF less than 18.5 underweight
producing breast milk lactation
stages of human growth from birth to maturity life span
BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 in an adult healthy weight

Risk Factors for Heart Disease Crossword


What beats 50-99 times in 1 minute? Heart
The heart is the same size as what body part? Fist
This is a symptom of a heart attack. Vomiting
Drink me to decrease risk of blood clotting. Asprin
What fats found in the blood are important for muscle energy? Triglycerides
This gender is more likely to have chest pain during a heart attack. Men
If you have a count of 6.7 blood cells or more, per 1 liter of blood, you are more likely to have a heart attack. What cell am I? white
What can you quite to prevent a heart attack? Smoking
By eating more of this nutrient you can prevent a heart attack. Omega3
Reducing your intake of this, you can prevent a heart attack. calories
Take me to improve blood flow. Nitroglycerin
Having high what, can cause a heart attack. Cholesterol
what is another word for high blood pressure? Hypertension
What can cause you to have high blood pressure? Diabetes
What are doctors that specialise in heat disease called? Cardiologist
This is a noticeable deterioration of the hearts ability to contract. Cardiomyopathy
Abnormal heart sounds. Murmurs
This is the cessation of heart rhythm. Asystole
A tight pain across what part of the body can be a symptom of a heart attack? Chest
This type of rehabilitation will help you to recover from a heart attack. Cardiac


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The Nursing Process Crossword


Establish a data base about patient and gather information through observation, physical examination and interview questions. assessment
Formulate a clear nursing diagnosis that determine the client's response or problem related to an illness. Diagnosis
Establish priorities as to time limitations. They must be SMART. Planning
To put into action and carry out plan. Interventions
Assess if nursing interventions have been effective. Revising and redirecting may be necessary. Evaluation
A patient weighs 158 lbs, this is an example of what kind of data? Objective
Patient says that they feel depressed. This is a type of __________ data. Subjective
Low blood glucose r/t diabetes AEB patient feeling lethargic and weak is what kind of care plan? actual
Risk for insulin dependence Risk factors: unmanaged diabetes is an example of what kind of care plan? Risk
Readiness for enhanced blood glucose management AEB willingness to adhere to new diet is an example of what kind of care plan? Wellness
SMART goals need to be specific, ___________, attainable, realistic, and time limited? measureable
First described the nursing practice as a nursing process in 1958. Orlando
r/t imbalance between oxygen supply and demand: is an example of a________? Etiology

Foods 1 Crossword


An exercise that increases a person's vital signs. Aerobic Activity
A type of exercise that causes the vital signs to increase for at least 20 minutes. Aerobic Exercise
A short, intense burst of energy such as lifting weights. Anaerobic Exercise
A psychological disorder where a person deliberately starves themselves. Anorexia Nervosa
The minimal amount of energy needed for the body to function. Basal Metabolism
Changing your diet gradually by adding and subtracting new foods over time. Behavior Modification
An eating disorder where a person overeats regularly. Binge Eating Disorder
The proportions of tissue, fat, muscle, and bone that make up the total body weight. Body Composition
The mathematical calculation of a person's height and weight to determine whether a person is underweight or overweight. Body Mass Index (BMI)
An eating disorder where a person overeats, then takes drugs or regurgitates the food to prevent weight gain. Bulimia Nervosa
A unit used to measure the amount of energy found in foods. Calorie
A long lasting condition where the body cannot control blood sugar levels due to the kidneys not functioning properly. Chronic Diabetes
A thick, yellowish fluid found in breast milk; it has antibodies that can protect the baby from infection. Colostrum
The lack of water in the body due to someone not consuming enough fluids. Dehydration
The overeating or starvation of a person due to a psychological condition. Eating Disorder
A diet that a person stays on for a short period of time. Fad Diet
A baby that is still in the uterus of a female. Fetus
The ability of the body to meet its physical demands. Fitness
A negative reaction to a food by the body's immune system. Food Allergy
A negative physical reaction to certain foods that does not involve the immune system. Food Intolerance
A BMI of 18.5-24.9 in a normal adult. Healthy Weight
A body function where a female produces breast milk for her offspring. Lactation
The stages of a human life from birth to death. Life Span