to be tired or exhausted frazzled
to make bigger or greater in size Augmented
to give the authority to do something empowered
using irony to mock someone or something sarcastic
in a forceful way emphatically
dangers that rise from a particular situation perils
comfort in a time of sadness solace
large or threatening shadowy form loomed
cautiously and quietly stealthily
concealed or to keep from being seen obscured

The Giver vocabulary crossword


To mock something or someone Jeering
To exacute something very carefully and with great quality Precision
To be unsure (or nervous) about something Apprehensive
To have the property of being stuck ( the abbility to stick) Adherence
To be gentle and kind Benign
To punish chastise
takeing care of something and helping it grow Nurturing
Naturel ability Aptitude
Full of ( positive) energy Exuberant
To be upset about something Anguish
Out-dated Obsolete
A warning for doing something Admonition
A quality someone possesses Attribute
To be releaved of a duty Exempted
To be aware/ awake Consciousness
Filled with something or penatrated (ex. sponge and water) Permeated
To have Responded to something Reacted
something extreme Excruciating
To express sorrow Rueful
A general idea Concept
To break a rule Violation
Something traditional Customary
To be tired or weak Languid
To be confused or stressed Frazzled
Bad events/ risks Perils
To continue to do something without stopping Relentless
Something that has been added on is something ______________ Augmented
Extremely tired Exhausted
something difficult to carry out is something _____________ Burdensome
Something teasing in a good way Tantalizing

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Lyddie : ch.1-ch.11 vocabulary words Crossword


strange, slitghtly crazy queer
help or gifts given to people in need charity
to feel you have duty to someone because they have done something for you beholden
a machine that weaves thread into cloth can be run by hand or waterwheel, electricity,ect. loom
unused fallow
a bar/restaurant that also has hotel rooms tavern
made at home homespun
expensive dear
someone who is hiding from authorities fugitve
jealous envious
extremely embarrssed mortified
someone who comes in where they are unwanted intruder
twisted the face to express a emotion grimaced
something diffucult or worrying that you are responsiple for burden
having to do something becuase the situation or your duty makes it necessary obliged
strong stout
a house in which a owner rents places to sleep and provides food boardinghouse
a loud noise that goes on for a long time din
very thorough in fulfilling responsibilities conscientious
imperfection, mistake flaw
someone who is working for a change, especically as relates to society, the economy, or the goverment radical
well known for being bad infamous
workers, especially workers who operate on machinery operatives
tiring or exhausting strenuous
full of, heavily loaded with laden
very tired, exhausted fatigue
leaving a place of work with a good record honorable discharge
being put on a list of people who are disapproved of and therefore should be avoided (or not hired) blacklisted
skillful, capabe proficient

The Giver Vocab 20-23 Reveiw Crossword


to excite by tempting tantalizing
physically or emotionally exhausting frazzled
saying something with great emphasis emphatically
supplied with the power to do something empowered
difficult to see imperceptible
lazy, inactive, sleepy sluggish
complicated and beautiful design exquisite
moving quickly so as not to be seen stealthily
making something bigger augmented
random and all over the place haphazard
an antonym for exquisite plain
an antonym for empowered powerless
an antonym for tantazlizing repulsive
an antonym for lethargy active
an antonym for haphazard purposeful
an antonym for imperceptible obvious
an antonym for stealthily clumsily
an antonym for emphatically quietly
an antonym for frazzled relaxed
a synonym for augmented increased
a synonym for frazzled exhausted
a synonym for stealthily sneakily
a synonym for tantazling tempting
a synonym for lethargy sleepy
a synonym for imperceptible unnoticeable
a synonym for exquisite beautiful
a synonym for haphazard chance
a synonym for emphatically forcefully
a synonym for empowered authorize

Tell tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe Crossword


Sharp;keen Acute
To think of Concieve
To disturb;to annoy Vex
Smothered Stifled
Crack Crevice
cautiously;secretly Stealthily
Shameless daring or boldness Audacity
With intense emotion Vehemently
Ridicule Derision
False or deceptive Hypocritical
notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant. Observe
strongly wish for or want (something). Desire
in a gradual way; slowly; by degrees. Gradually
a high-pitched piercing cry or sound; a scream. Shriek
the degree to which something has spread Extent
Graceful politeness Sauvity

The Giver Vocabulary Chapters 1-23 Crossword


Helping to grow or develop Nurturing
Something uncommon, infrequent, or rare. Rarity
Smooth, slick, shiny Sleek
Ability to float Buoyancy
Fearful or anxious that something bad or unpleasant may happen. Apprehensive
A natural talent Aptitude
Confusion; failure to understand Bewilderment
A person's usual mood or personality Disposition
So deeply upset that is is hard to think clearly Distraught
Always; without changing Invariably
Capable of being touched, felt, seen, heard, or recognized. Palpable
A strong feeling of sadness or guilt for having done something wrong remorse
The breaking or a rule or law Transgression
A close-fitting, short coat worn as part of a uniform Tunic
A small section of a room that is set back from the rest. Alcove
Harmless Benign
Obvious; not blending in. Conspicuous
Very important, necessary Integral
Careful about doing something in an accurate and exact way. Meticulously
An unusual, observable event. Phenomenon
One piece at a time Piecemeal
Enjoyment or satisfaction Relish
Acting in a way that is considered honest, proper, and right. Scrupulously
A person who has a job, title, or position after someone else. Successor
A large number of people gathered together; a crowd Throng
To ease or lessen the pain of something; to calm Assuage
Expert skill in a particular field or subject Expertise
To interfere with; to delay Impede
Too small or barely noticeable Imperceptible
Weak from illness or exhaustion Languid
Menacing; Threatening Ominous
Dangers or risks Perils
To spread or flow throughout; penetrated Permeated
Peace and Comfort Solace

Figurative Language Crossword


Comparison using like or as Simile
Comparison NOT using like or as Metaphor
Giving human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects Personification
The use of words that imitate sounds: crash, bang, hiss, splat Onomatopoeia
Two contradictory ideas side by side: jumbo shrimp or cruel kindness Oxymoron
An obvious and intentional exaggeration not meant to be taken seriously. Hyperbole
A brief and indirect reference to a person, place, thing or idea of historical, cultural, literary or political significance. Allusion
A set expression or phrase that is not meant to be interpreted literally: Every cloud has a silver lining. Idiom
Writing or speech that appeals to one or more of the five senses-sight, sound, smell, taste,and touch. This language creates word pictures, or images. Imagery
Concrete objects that represent abstract ideas, feelings, or thoughts Symbolism
The repetition of consonant sounds in the beginning of words: nodded, nearly, napping Alliteration
Words are used in such a way that their intended meaning is different from the actual meaning of the words Irony
A play on words Pun
The presentation of something as being smaller, worse, or less important than it actually is Understatement
The use of irony to mock or convey contempt. Sarcasm
sarcasm, irony, simile, personification, pun, metaphor, onomatopoeia, idiom, understatement, imagery, symbolism, oxymoron, hyperbole, allusion, alliteration Figurative Language

Touching Spirit Bear Vocabulary Crossword


Round Objects ORBS
Painful Damage TRAUMA
To realease or surrender RELINQUISH
Boring; Lacking in variety MONOTONOUS
Broke a law, rule, agreement, or promise VIOLATED
Respectfully REVERENTLY
Can't be avoided; bound to happen INEVITABLE
Irritated; Annoyed; Bothered IRKED
The ability or capability POTENTIAL
Slowly and thoroughly enjoying something SAVORING
Cautiously WARILY
In a threatening manner MENACINGLY
To move or travel from one place to another MIGRATE
In a tired manner WEARILY
Natural inborn ability INSTINCT
Family members who have lived before one's own time ANCESTORS
Forgiveness through making up for a wrongdoing REDEMPTION
Alone; Singular SOLITARY
The act of chasing or going after something PURSUIT
Wasted time; Moved very slowly DAWDLED

Romeo and Juliet Act 1 vocabulary Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

adversary one's opponent in a contest
augmenting to make something greater
deformities disfigurement
discreet careful, secretive
disparagement to belittle
nuptial wedding ceremony
obscured darkened unclear
pernicious tending to cause death
portentous foreboding exciting
posterity future generations of people
prodigious great in size
profane disrespect to religion
propagate to breed or to multiply
purged to remove

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