Matching Worksheet

Reason we invest in the survey Recruitment tool
Another reason we invest in the survey Employee owners have a voice
1 more reason we invest in the suvey Engagment impacts biz perf.
Why we invest in the survey Info to support EE experience
What was VM's score in 2019 73%
National average engagement score 30-35%
VM 2020 Engagement Campaign "1 Thing"
2020 Survey Dates 3/17-3/31
Number of times we plan to revisit "1 thing" campaign 3
Number of colors on the LT "Money" slide 4
2019 Enthusiastically Engaged #'s (purple) 25% (120 ee owners)
2019 Engaged #'s (green) 48% (233 ee owners)
2019 Disengaged #'s (yellow) 24% (116 ee owners)
2019 Deeply Disengaged #'s (red) 3% (14 ee owners)
LT Goal Move needle on "Money" slide

Business Crossword


an unincorporated business with two or more owners partnership
a business that is registered and operates apart from its owners corporation
an owner of shares of stocks in a corporation shareholders
a business that is owned by one person sole proprietorship
insurance agents debt and actions of a business liability protection
full responsibility for all debts and actions of a business unlimited liability
a participant in a partnership oh has unlimited personal liability and takes full responsibility general partner
a partner in a business who is limited to his or her investment limited partner
an entity that pays taxes on earnings C-corporation
he or she is responsible only up to the amount of the individual investment limited liability
a corporation that is taxed like a partner ship Sub chapter S corperation
a legal entity that makes money for reasons other than the owners profit nonprofit corporation
a company who's owner and managers have limited liability and some tax benefits limited liability company

Mortgage Terms Crossword


Home Mortgage ___________ Act Disclosure
Comparison of your loan amount to the value of your home LTV
Percentage of your debt divided by your gross income DTI
Spouse that will only be on title but not on loan NPS
Insurance that protects lenders/investors for losses due to the event of default of a mortgage loan MI
Document that most be provided withing 72 hours of taking an application Loan Estimate
Document provided prior to closing that replaces the HUD-1 and TIL Closing Disclosure
Document filed to show lien with lender is a Deed of _______ Trust
Sketch of a property showing its boundaries Survey
History of the title showing current owners and liens Abstract
Nationwide registraction system for mortgage loan originators SAFE Act
Origination, appraisal, and survey fees are know as _____________ costs. Closing
Insurance protecting the lender is known as a _____________ policy Lenders
We use the borrowers __________ income to qualify them for a loan gross
FHLB stands for _____________ Home Loan Bank Federal
Intergrated Disclosure regulation that went into effect October 3rd, 2015 TRID
Computer generated loan underwriting system AUS
An ___________ account is set up to pay taxes and insurance on a yearly basis Escrow
Right of _____________ gives a borrower 3 days to decide if they wish to continue with a loan Rescission
A Mortgage _____________ is in charge of receiving payments, paying taxes and insurance, etc. Servicer

Nursing week crossword puzzle


They do EKGs in the ED ERT
They assist our patients with ADLs PCA
They are often the first face a visitor sees when entering a nursing unit HUC
They educate and onboard our new staff Preceptor
A goal for 2019 is that 20% of our patients will be ______ by 11am Discharged
An important communication tool with patients and families found in every room Careboards
Our annual plan includes stopping harm and _______ Infections
Our four values are Excellence, Partnership, Compassion, and _______ Integrity
Every year we learn from our staff via the Annual _____ Survey Engagement
One of the best ways to reduce infections Hand hygiene
Regions has 454 _____ Beds
Preventing an error Good catch
Eat healthy and exercise Bewell
Watchful eyes for at risk patients Safety Assistant
Integral part of the Mental Health team that lead a group MHA
Unit subject matter experts DNE
Rhythm watchers Remote telemetry
Regions Be Well program supports employee well-being in 6 areas: financial, social/interpersonal, community, mental/emotional, career and _____ Physical
South 6 has gone 27 months without a _____ CAUTI
Works collaboratively with care teams to provide safe discharge plans for patients Case Manager

E F H L T I Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards



Los Numeros 1-30 Crossword


one uno
13 + 2 quince
twenty-eight veintiocho
18 - 4 catorce
two dos
thirty treinta
2 + 27 veintinueve
thirteen trece
6 - 3 tres
2 + 2 cuatro
20 - 2 dieciocho
nineteen diesinueve
10 +10 veinte
five cinco
24 - 3 veintiuno
twenty-four veinticuatro
six seis
5 + 20 veinticinco
4 + 4 ocho
twelve dose
seven siete
veinte + siete veintisiete
nine nueve
twenty-two veintidos
ten diez
23 + 3 veintiseis
sixteen dieciseis
12 - 1 once
seventeen diecisiete
twenty-three veintitres

Integrity and Ethics Crossword Puzzle


Who We Are Month is a celebration of our ______, culture and values people
Ball employees are expected to behave as ______ of the business owners
______ has always been a key component to “Who We Are” at Ball Integrity
Our core purpose is to add ______ for all of our stakeholders value
Our core values are ______, integrity, respect, motivation, flexibility, innovation and teamwork honesty
Corporate compliance includes our legal and ethical responsibility to conform to all laws, rules, regulations, ______ and procedures policies
Every employee is responsible for maintaining personal ______ to ethics, laws and policies compliance
Ball Corporation has a formal Corporate Compliance ______ Program
The Corporation will not tolerate ______ in the workplace harassment
Conflicts of ______ interest
Never use the Corporation’s ______ information for personal benefit confidential
Ball’s Social ______ Activity policy is in effect whether you, as an employee, are at work or off duty Media
No ______ statements or entries may be made for any purpose in the records of the Corporation false
Ball has adopted ______ employment opportunity and affirmative action policies equal
Acts of discrimination and violence will not be ______ tolerated
Ball views health and ______ as one of its most important business priorities safety
All employees are expected to safeguard their own health and safety, as well as that of their fellow ______ employees
Our sustainability goal is focused on continuous improvement toward the ultimate goal of ______ accidents zero
EVA stands for Economic Value ______ Added
EVA dollars are the measurement of our long-term ______ success
Who We Are month reaffirms our ______ of ethical behavior and record of personal and corporate compliance culture
Which plant has the best employees? Conroe

Jile Puzzle: Agile DevOps Crossword #1


A list of the new features, bug fixes or infrastructure changes that a team may deliver Backlog
The first Agile DevOps platform developed specifically for product-centric Agile delivery Jile
Defines a specific Agile working model that each product team chooses to implement (3 words) Wayofworking
An Agile framework for developing and sustaining complex products in an iterative and incremental manner Scrum
A Lean Agile tool that supports a continuous flow model Kanban
A process improvement toolkit that provides lightweight guidance to help organizations streamline their processes in a context-sensitive manner (2 words) Disciplinedagile
A lightweight Agile framework for scaling Scrum, Lean and Agile development to many teams working on a single product (3 words) Largescalescrum
A large user story epic
A timebox during which development takes place Iteration
Synthetic biographies of fictitious users of the future product Personas
Estimates in units other than the time-honored “man-hours” Points
A role created by the Scrum Framework responsible for making sure the team delivers the desired outcome (2 words) Productowner
The person in this role is responsible for ensuring the team lives Agile values and principles (2 words) Scrummaster
A previously agreed period of time during which a person or a team works steadily towards completion of some goal Timebox
In consultation with the customer or product owner, the team divides up the work to be done into these functional increments (2 words) Userstories
A combination of collaboration among all involved stakeholders namely, biz, dev, test, security & ops, automation of repeatable tasks & governance across the value stream from inception to delivery DevOps
The month in 2020 when Jile 4.0 was launched February
The month in 2018 when Jile was officially launched August
Jile was included in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools...what analyst firm produced this report? Gartner

Introduction to Accounting Grade 10 Crossword


The process of identifying , measuring, interpreting and communicating financial and other information to interested parties. Accounting
The information in books of business is summarised into... Reports
Statement which records profit and loss Income
The Cash Flow statement reports on this Liquidity
The main purpose of accounting then is to provide information that is useful and accurate and presented in a clear and ________ form. concise
Occurs when a business acts in the best and highest interests of its owners. Accountability
Abbreviation for the Institute of Chartered Accountants ICAA
Accounting rules, practices and procedures with which members of the accounting bodies must comply. Standards
This assumption presumes that a business enterprise ( entity) has an existence separate from the private financial affairs of its owner/s. AccountingEntity
Type of account where money received is recorded. Revenue
Costs occurred in the earning of revenue. Expenses
Items of value that are owned by the business. Assets
Amounts that a business owes to other people or organisations Liabilities
The value of any investment the owner has made in the business. Ownersequity

Computerized Accounting Crossword


Cash, properties, and other things of value owned by business Asset
Debts or amounts owed to creditors Liabilitities
The owner's investment or equity in an enterprise Capital
The taking of cash out of a business Withdrawal
The amounts a business earns. Revenues
The costs that relate to earning revenues Expenses
The right side of a T Account Credit
The left side of a T Account Debit
An error in placing the decimal point in a number Slide
An error that involves switching digits around in a number Transposition
Book of original entry Journal
The process of recording a business transaction in a journal Journalizing
Temporary accounts closed at end of fiscal period Nominal
Any period of time covering a complete accounting cycle Fiscal
A cash fund used to make small, immediate purchases Petty
One who works for compensation under the direction and control of an employer Employee
The total amount of an employee's pay before deductions Gross

Engagement Crossword


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a ______." – Aristotle HABIT
An effective leader is one who ____________ and influences others, not one who tells people what to do. MOTIVATES
Link your engagement efforts to high _________________. PERFORMANCE
Employee engagement starts at the _____. TOP
Focus on _________________, the cornerstone of engagement COMMUNICATION
_______________________ your engagement. Individualize
The work environment has three components: __________, physical, and external interactions. SOCIAL
An engaged employee feels they have an opportunity to learn and _______. GROW
An engaged employee feels their __________count at work. OPINIONS
Define an opportunity that cause people to _________. STRETCH