Movement of text or graphics within a slide Animation
Underlying color or design of a slide Background
Create a show from scratch Blank
Used to emphasize items in a list Bullets
Pre-designed format Template
Formatting feature that moves text on and off slide Effects
Printing so that multiple slides appear on each page Handouts
Action button that shortcuts to another slide or webpage Hyperlink
Combined use of more than one media Multimedia
The page a user creates and uses during a presentation Notes Page
View that displays the text of slide only Outline
Empty boxes that reserve spaces Placeholders
Software program for presentations Powerpoint
Single page in a slide show Slide
Predefined format that determines the position of objects on the slide Slide Layout
View that allows presentation to be ran Slide Show
Displays miniature versions of each slide Slide Sorter
View that displays a single slide and allows editing Slide View
First slide Title
Effects between slides Transitions
Located bottom right of screen View Buttons
Displayed on the left side of powerpoint Thumbnail

PowerPoint Word Search

Word Search

effects options
entrance effect
format options
gradient fill
handout master
Layout Gallery
Notes Pane
play across slides
reading view
slide show
slide sorter
title slide
with previous

PowerPoint Chapter 1 Vocabulary Crossword


What can help you deliver a dynamic presentation. Presentation
The collection of slides. deck
design with coordinating colors, fonts, and special effects. Theme
Alternate designs for each theme variants
Default slide when you open a new presentation. title slide
Where slide width is greater than its height landscape orientation
boxes with dotted or hatch-marked borders that are displayed when you create a new slide. Placeholders
Segment of text with the same format that begins when you press the ENTER key and ends when you press the enter key again. paragraph
a position within a structure such as an outline, that indicates the magnitude of importance. level
View of the slide on the screen so that the text or other content is enlarged or shrunk Zoom
Appearance format
typeface font
indicates how the characters are formated style
specifies the height of the characters and is gauged by a measurement system that uses points size
1/72 of an inch in height point
defines the hue of the characters color
text with a slanted appearance Italic
list of paragraphs, each proceeded by a bullet character bulleted list
a slide that consists of more than one level of bulleted text multilevel bulleted list slide
creating a lower level paragraph demoting
creating a higher level paragraph promoting
The view to use when making the final presentation slide show view
A special effect used to progress from one slide o the next in a shlide show slide transition
properties associated with files and include author, title, and subject standard properties
properties that include file system properties, such as the date you create or change a file and statistics, such as the file size Automatically updated properties

PowerPoint Module 1 Vocabulary Crossword


__________________________ button is a button on the PowerPoint status bar in Normal View that allows you to open the comments pane. Comments
A freehand pen and highlighter marks you can draw on a slide in Normal View. Inking
__________________ slider is a slider on the status bar that is dragged to enlarge or decrease the display. Zoom
______________________ placeholder is a box with a dotted border and text that you can replace with your own text. text
A software program used to organize and present information that is part of an electronic slide show. Presentation
__________________ point is a blinking vertical line that appears when you click in a text box. Insertion
_________________________ button is a button on the status bar in PowerPoint that opens the notes pane. Notes
__________________________ pane is the main section of Normal View that displays the current slide. slide
Slides_____________________ is on the left side of the Normal View and it displays the slides in the presentation as thumbnails. Tab
Theme_________________ is a set of 12 coordinated colors that make up a PowerPoint presentation. Colors
Theme ___________________ is the set of fonts for titles and other text. Fonts
A horizontal strip near the top of the window that contains tabs. Ribbon

power point vocab Crossword


A botton you can click to take you to a differnt slide, a file, a website, sound, etc. action button
the underlying color of a slide background
marks, usually a round or square dot bullets
the formatting features that move the tect on and off of a sinlge slide Effects
a presntation program Powerpoint
the movement of text, graphics, or other objects within a slide animation
a single page of a presetion in a slide show slide
the view that allows you to run your presention and preview how it will look slide show
the first slide in a pesentatoin title slide
The effects that move one slide off the screen and the next slide on during a slide show Transistions
A pre-designed background and format that you can apply to one or all of the back ground slides in a presentation design template
a shortcut that allows you to go from the presentatoin to another program hyperlink



button shapes you can add to a presentation and set line Action Buttons
the technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the movie is shown as a sequence. Animation
the area or scenery behind used months Background
gives you the opportunity to build a presentation completely from scratch, offering you a great deal of creative latitude. You can design your own slide backgrounds (colors, pictures, lines, shapes, etc.) and choose your own fonts, styles, and colors. Blank Presentation
a small symbol such as a circle , item in the list Bullet
simple pictures and symbols made available Clip Art
is a pattern or a blueprint of a side group Design Template
a link to something , website Hyperlink
using more one medium or expression of column Multimedia
allow to enter text in the from of speaker notes Notes page
show all the text or the slides in the power point Outline View
box with a dotted outline Placeholders
a software package designed to create a presntatiom PowerPoint
a layout on a power point Slide
arrangement of all the items that make up the slide Slide Layout
store info about the theme and slide layout Slide Master

PPT Crossword


When you mark a PPT as final the file becomes Readonly
You can export your handouts to word which option from the File menu must you select Saveandsend
To turn on the Developer ribbon which menu option do you need to select from Options Customiseribbon
What is the keyboard shortcut to launch a presentation straight into slide show mode? F5
A sound effect file that is compatible with powerpoint MP3
To add automatic timings to a presentation you need to use Rehersetimings
Slide Master will be found on which ribbon View
Can hidden slides be seen in the slide show, yes or no No
a .gif is what type of file image
Transitions determines how the .... appear slides
Animations determines how ..... appears on a slide Text
A video file format that can be used in PPT WMV
A hyperlink can be added to text, pictures or objects, true or false? True

PowerPoint Vocabulary Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

movement of text, graphics or other objects that appear on a slide animation
picture or art image you can add to a slide clip art
feature that lets you create a presentation from scratch blank presentation
movement that occurs between slides transitions
controls formatting for all the slides in a presentation slide master
empty boxes that appear on a new slide that you can add content to placeholder
combination of more than one media, text, image, sound, or video multimedia
pre-defined slide format slide layout
a single page of a presentation in a slide show slide
software program that allows you to create professional looking presentations PowerPoint
first slide of a presentation which include the title of the presentation and the presenter's name title slide
predefined colors, fonts, and layouts for a presentation theme
an unordered list usually marked with a solid round dot bulleted list
a shortcut that allows you to link to a website or another page in your presentation hyperlink
the view that allows you to run your presentation and preview how it will look slide view

Microsoft Word & PowerPoint Vocabulary Crossword


an automatic determination of the best width for a column or the best height for a row, based on its contents Autofit
called the primary tab, contains the more frequently used commands Home Tab
Speacial symbols that represent spaces, tabs, and paragraphs, that do not appear on the paper when a document is printed Formatting Marks
a note at the end of the document or section that is used to cite references or to give more information endnote
a printed note of defintion placed below the text at the bottom of the page footnote
a paragraph format in which the first full line of text is not indented but the following lines are indented hanging indent
used to position the content on a slide layouts
creating a lower-level paragraph demoting
the area on a sheet of stationery where the name, address and other information is printed letterhead
text that is printed at the top of each page header
the amount of space above and below a paragraph linespacing
a printed note placed below the text on a printed page footer
sets of formatting specifications styles
appears at the bottom and/ or right side of a window to allow a user to view another part of the window scrollbar
indicates that the text may be incorrect grammatically green underline
Means the flagged text is not in Word's dictionary red underline
an area at the top of an office program window that contains commands for working with the open file; the commands are organized under tabs ribbion
correctly spelled word used inappropriately blue underline
automated features such as a pop-up calendar or drop-down list that make it easier to enter or format information. contentcontrols
items you can insert include fields, such as current date, author, title, will update automatically Quick parts

Power Point Lesson 1-2 Vocabulary Crossword


Enables you to see your presentation in a variety of ways. Views
The default view Normal view
The slide you are currently editing current slide
A view that shows one slide at a time Notes Page View
Shows no color, only shades of gray Grayscale
A box that holds text Text box
A box that can hold either text or a graphic object placeholder
A reusable sample file Template
A collection of settings including colors, fonts, backgrounds.....etc. Themese
An icon, button or list that tells Power Point to perform a specific task command
The tabbed toolbar at the top of the window Ribbon
The ribbon is divided into these Groups
A small arrow in the group's lower right corner Dialog Box Launcher
Small downward facing arrows that open a list of options Drop Down List
Another name for the File Tab Backstage View

Web Design Crossword


clickable text in a hyperlink Anchor
used to format the layout of webpages in conjunction with HTML cascading style sheets
area enclosed by the beginning and ending tags Container element
small piece of data kept and stored on websites cookie
name used in URL's to identify a particular webpage Domain
refers to using computer code to place something such as a video or song on a Website or blog Embed
any link that goes to a different domain external link
design for characters you type font
graphics interchange format, image file format commonly used for images on the web GIF
Joint photographic experts group, popular image file format jpeg
hypertext markup language, used to create webpages HTML
internet protocol address, numerical label assigned to each device connected IP Address
does not start on a new line and only takes up as much width as necessary inline element
adjusting the space between characters, placing two characters closer together than normal kerning
HTML object that allows you to jump to a new location when click or tap it link
number of pixels contained on a display monitor resolution
basic unit of programmable color on a computer display pixel
red, blue, green refers to a system for representing the colors used on a computer display RGB
a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol serif
computer program that lets a user enter, change, store, and usually print text text editor
document commonly written in HTML that is accessible through the Internet web page
a Web site that allows users to add and update content on the site using their own Web browser wiki