The bloodiest battle of the civil war
People who opposed slavery
President of the Untied States during the civil war
Abraham Lincoln
Someone running away from legal authorities
When the war targets not only enemy soldiers but the land as well
Total War
the act of leaving a union
A warship that used to be wooden but now has iron plating
a small waterway that leads to a larger body of water
A legal order that gives prisoners the right to be heard in court, suspended by Abraham Lincoln during the civil war
Habeas corpus
slave states that didn't secede. These border states are Maryland, Kentucky, Delaware, and Missou
Border states
abolitionist John Brown led a raid on an arsenal, or military storage site for weapons in Harpers Ferry, Virginia. His intention was to arm slaves to start a revolt against slaveholders. Citizens and troops stopped him, and he was given the death sentence.
Harpers Ferry
the president of the Confederate States of America.
Jefferson Davis
deaths, injuries, and missings in battle and in wars.
the Confederates were demanding surrender to Fort Sumter and the Fort was in need of supplies. Jefferson Davis commanded that his troops attack before the Union’s supplies arrived. Without supplies or hope, the Union surrendered. This marked the start of the Civil War.
Fort Sumter
A major confederate general. Along with General “Stonewall” Jackson, he lead Confederate forces to many victories against much larger groups of Union forces. He lead in battles such as Gettysburg, Antietam, Fredericksburg, And more
Robert Lee

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