This phone can only be used with a phone pass from your counselor or tech permission. Hint: you don't need a phone card.
Case management phone
How many phone calls are you allowed M-F after 7pm? Hint: You need a phone card for long distance calls.
The number and ext. for friends and family to leave you a phone message. Hint: they must cearly leave your name and their name, no nicknames!!
7858439262 ext250
THE ONLY PLACE AT FSLV THAT CLIENTS CAN SMOKE Hint: You can not smoke in your rooms, out front, on the driveway/trail, on the playground area, or Ruby's garden.
Smoke deck
Where will your name be written if you have mail? Hint: It's by the med room
When does store run happen? Hint: You must be ready and signed out by 1:25pm!
Can you go in any other clients room, even if they give you permission? Hint: Just don't do this.
What must you wear every time you get transported in our vehicle? Hint: You should wear this EVERYTIME you are in a car.
What time can you come out of your room in the morning?
What time MUST you be in your room at night? Hint: You shouldn't be leaving the smoke deck/dining room or trying to take your meds at this time.
What happens on Friday and Saturday nights? Hint: you can paint nails, do hair, watch movies, and have a special snack during this time.
What time can you shower in the morning?
What time can you shower at night?
What groups are optional?
True or False: doing my chore is optional Hint: Clients will recieve a memo and put themselves at risk to being asked to leave if they do not do their chore.
True or False: I can do my laundry whenever I like. Hint: You can't do laundry with another client.
How many people can be in the laundry room at one time?
True or False: I can eat snack whenever I like. Hint: You CAN NOT eat snack during groups unless you have gained permission from staff.
What must always be on your feet unless you are in your room or the shower?
True or False: Whoever I want can come see me during visation
What time MUST visitors be here on Wednesdays by?