A 14th century term used to describe the Christian crusade to take back Spain from the Muslims
An economic system of the Middle Ages with a self-sufficient economy
Son of Pepin the Short and unified the territories of Gual and Eastern Europe for the first time since the Romans vacated the territory in 476
Christians who adopted some Arabic customs but did not convert
Supporters of Ali, made up one of the two main divisions of Islam
7000 mile trade route linking China, Centra Asia, N. India and the Roman Empire
Silk Road
Roman emperor "little boot", improved Rome's infrastructure, went crazy and made his horse his most truste adviser
Rich, land owning families the held 70% of all wealth and 100% of government
Every singular person votes
Direct Democracy
"city in the sky" dedicated to Athena in Athens, Greece
Issued written code of laws but was very harsh and punished people by death
War between Athens and Sparta
Peloponnesian War
Abused Christians and is reponsible for burning down Rome
Holy Wars between the Muslims and the Christians
Leader of community prayer in Islam

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