a useful and desirable thing, quality, or person
a light cotton fabric usually in multicolored plaid or stripes
aware of and responding to the feelings of others; easily upset, pained, or annoyed
The old owl _____________ waited until the mouse was in the open field.
The ___________________ in her voice hurt my feeling and made me angry.
The naughty boy winked _________________ as took two pieces of Halloween candy from the basket.
not believing
The teacher __________________ at the student who shot the rubberband.
The cat carefully ___________________ the mouse through the tall grass.
in a cooly unconcerned, indifferent or casual manner
I wanted to watch TV all day but my mom _________________ me into running errands with her.
The young girl could ________________ remember the cruise she took when she was three.
My mom ________________ dove under the van to save our dog.
People who live in the city are often more __________________ than those that live in the woods.
My friend _____________ about the new store in the mall with lots of great clothes and jewelry.
The state of being distant, especially with feelings or interest.
The ______________ child threw all his peas on the floor.
Many voters did not believe Clinton would bring about change for working people because she is a member of the ____________.
uneasy or fearful about something that might happen
The saleswoman sneered _________________ when I said I didn't have enough money to buy the ring she had shown me.
in a manner that shows sorrow, pity, or regret
a penal institution for the discipline, reformation, and training of young or first offenders
a feeling of anticipation or anxiety over a future event; a forewarning or omen
a bleaching agent also used as a disinfectant
begging in an urgent and pitiful manner
The child walked ________________ to his room after he was scolded for hitting his sister.
I gave my dad a big hug and kiss even though his _____________ scratched my face.

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