Activity that speeds person breathing
Aerobic activity
Vigorous activity that causes heart rate to increase
Aerobic exercise
Short intense burst of burning energy
Anaerobic exercise
eating disorder where the person starves themselves
Anorexia nervosa
Just enough energy out body needs to stay alive
Basal Metabolism
Making gradual changes to your eating habits
Behavior Modification
eating disorder where a person has large episodes of uncontrolled eating amounts of food
Binge eating disorder
Proportions of bone, muscle, fat and tissue
Body composition
Calculation of a person's weight and height
Body mass index (BMI)
Repeated binges and inappropriate behaviors to prevent weight gain
Bulimia nervosa
unit used to measure amount of energy value in foods
condition where the body cannot control blood sugar levels
Chronic diabetes
thick yellowish fluid that will protect the body from infections
Loss of body fluids
eating behavior that harms one emotionally and mentally
Eating disorder
diet that is popular for short period of time
Fad diet
Unborn baby
Body's ability to meet physical demands
reaction to the body's immune system when exposed to proteins in foods
food allergy
negative physical reaction to food
food intolerance
body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9 in an adult
healthy weight
producing breast milk
Stages of growth from birth to maternity
life span
foods that have more vitamins and minerals
Nutrient-dense foods