Tragedy of Julius Caesar Crossword

warned Caesar of the ides of March.
He hates the fact that Caesar has become Godlike in the eyes of the Romans
One of the assassins of Julius Caesar
Caesar's friend that betrays him on the day of his death
Senator who convinces Caesar to go to the senate on the day of the ides of March.
Tries to warn Caesar of the conspiracy on the ides of March by giving him a letter, but caesar does not read it.
Brutus' young servant
Senator and famous speaker of rome
visits Brutus in his tent warning to see him in Phillipi
Two tribunes nar the time of assassination of Caesar
Officer in the army commanded by Cassius and Brutus
At Phillipi, he erroneously tells his master, Cassius that the scout titinius was captured
Joins Antony and Octavius to form the second Triumvirate
The wife of Caesar. She was also the third and last wife of caesar
He was the adopted son and heir of Julius Caesar. one of the Triumvirs after Caesar's death.
Military and political leader of the late Roman Republic.
Poet; urges Cassius to bring "
urges Cassius to bring "noble" Brutus in the conspiracy.
Kills herself by swallowing fire
Loyal servant who holds Brutus' sword so that he may commit suicide
English poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in english language.
setting where the final battle took place at the end of act five.
Citizens of the ancient Roman times that spectated what happened through the play
The month that the author of Julius Caesar was born in.
Tragedy of Julius Caesar's genre name.
Brutus and Cassius can be considered what in the story?
Antony and Octavius can be considered what in the story?
The setting where the play took place.
Fate versus free will can be classified as the what of the play?
Elderly senate who escorts Caesar to the capitol with the conspirators
Last person to join the conspiracy during the morning of the ides of March.
Conspirator whose role in the plan to kill Caesar is to distracts im by asking for his brother's banishment to be repealed.
Conspirator that supports brutus' arguement that Antony should be spared.
The number of acts in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar play.
The Month that the famous author and English Writer William Shakespeare died in.

Julius Caesar Crossword Puzzle

Julius Caesar Crossword Puzzle

Captured by Antony's soldiers, and mistaken for Brutus
Soldier in Army of Brutus and Cassius
Distract Caesar's attention so the rest of the conspirators can carry out their plan
Gives Caesar a letter of warning that gives the names of the conspirators.
Caesar's wife
Servant to Brutus (C)
Vows to follow Brutus
Tribune who breaks up crowd waiting to honor Caesars triumph (F)
Holds Brutus's suicide sword
Warns Caesar to "Beware the ides of March"
Reinterprets Calpurnia's dream and convinces Caesar to go to the senate
Senator and famous orator (speaker) of Rome
Servant to Brutus(V)
Servant to Brutus (L)
Mistaken for the conspirator
First to stab Caesar
Reports of Portia's death, and discovers Cassius's body
Servant to Brutus. He refuses to kill Brutus.(C)
Takes Antony away from the assassination scene so that he won't interfere
Servant to Brutus. He refuses to kill Brutus.(D)
Devoted follower to Caesar. He defeats Brutus.
Organizes the conspiracy and then gets Brutus to join
Friend and soldier to Brutus. He refuses to kill Brutus.
Plants the forged letter for Cassius; also a conspirator.
Heir of Julius Caesar.
One of the many who escort Caesar to the senate meeting.
Wishes Cassius well in his enterprise.
Tribune who breaks up crowd waiting to honor Caesar's triumph (M)
Officer that guards the tent in Sardis.
Joins with Octavius and Antony. Used by Octavius and Antony.
Wife of Brutus
Joins and then leads the conspiracy to kill Caesar.
This Italian city is the setting for the first three acts of the play.
A place in western turkey where Brutus assembles the troops before the final battle
A worker who takes a day off in Act one to go see Caesar's triumphant return to Rome

Julius Ceasar Word Search

Julius Ceasar Word Search
Word Search

ides of march
julius caesar
marc antony

Julius Caesar Crossword

Julius Caesar Crossword

The roman political general who defeated pompey.
The adopted son of Caesar who comes back and joins Marc Antony to get revenge
part of the second triumvirate with Antony and Octavius
a senator
Caesar's friend, who join the conspiratorsm and double-crosses his friend by stabbing him.
"Beware the Ides of March"
Brutus' Wife
Person Caesar Killed
Scene of battle in Julius Caesar
... not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved ___ more
Servant of Brutus
Antony spoke at Caesar's _______
Plants the forged letters for Cassius
Antony offered Caesar a _____.
Organizes the conspiracy & gets Brutus to join
Liberty! Freedom! _______ is dead!
Devoted follower of Caesar; defeats Brutus
Caesar's wife
First to stab Caesar
_______, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears
Distracts Caesar's attention so the conspirators can carry out their plan
Reports Portia's death, discovers Cassius's body
Beware the ides of .....
Rome is built on this river
I have man's mind, but a women's _____
Captured by Antony's soldiers, mistaken for Brutus
Julius _______
Tribune who breaks up crowd waiting to honor Caesar's triumph
He refuses to kill Brutus
Servant to Brutus
The ruler over rome
Holds Brutus suicide sword
Officer that guards tent in sardis
Wishes Cassius well in his enterprise
Servant to Brutus

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Word Search

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Word Search
Word Search

Ides of March
Young Cato

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and Shakespeare Crossword

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and Shakespeare Crossword

Shakespeare's son whom he named a play after
daughter of Cato and Brutus's wife
setting of the play
conspirator that draws Brutus into the conspiracy
the only conspirator that seen the Feast of Lupercal
"the ides of March"
boy servant to Portia and Brutus
the most honorable man in Rome
supporters of Pompey
Potential king of Rome
wife of Caesar
"dumb jock" who loves Caesar
warns Caesar in various occasions
the senator of Rome who Brutus does not want to include in the conspiracy
conspirator who places the forged letters where Brutus can find them
Shakespeare's wife
William Shakespeare's father and a very well known man in Straford
Shakespeare was born here
one of the most popular acting companies in London whom Shakespeare became apart of in 1594.
Shakespeare's theater
the act in a tragedy where a character dies
what does Portia do to show her loyalty to Brutus?
flatters Caesar into coming to the capital
the time Act 2 takes place
Cassius is _____ of Caesar
excessive pride
the common people support
the first time Caesar is seen in Act 1
Calhpurnia's _____ make her convince Caesar to stay home
sick conspirator that follows Brutus's lead, although he does not know what is going on

Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Crossword

Tragedy Of Julius Caesar  Crossword

Cassuis and Brutus marched to Phillip from what city in Act V?
Was the last person to stab Caesar?
Relates to emotion.
In Act III in Scence 1 who distractes Caesar from reading Artemidorus' letter?
Pretended to be Brutus
Kill themselves by swallowing Fire
Wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets.
Was loyal and only friend to Casear
Where Casear body was kept in Act III
Wife of Shakespeare
Had visions that Casear was going to die
The ____ of march
Works with Antony in Act V
Killed themselves with Cassius's sword ( Cassius 's slave)
Made a grave error that killed Cassius
Believed all omens were false
The art of Persuasion
Famous Philosopher who studied the art of persuasion
Person who professes to fortell events
Waits outside to give the capitol to give Caesar a letter of warning
An Appeal that relates to character
Killed themselves over a mistake
Reports Portia death, discover Cassius body
______ Caesar
First to stab Caesar
Solider in army of Brutus and Cassius
Plants the forged letter For Cassius
Antony offered Caesar one
Roman senator to whom Casca talks on the eve of the assassination
An argument to perform together an illegal act
Wishes Cassius well in his 'enterprise'
Servant of Brutus; refused to kill Brutus
Servant to Brutus
Distracts Caesar's attention so conspirators can carry out their plan
One of many who escort Caesar to the Senate meeting

The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Crossword

The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar  Crossword

The people of Rome where
Caesar spirit
longtime acquaintance of Caesar.
soldier in Brutus' army.
Leader of Rome before the ides of march
Brutus orders him to be taken away.
Elected by the people
Caesar adopted son
Where did the war occur
a quality that evokes pity or sadness.
Caesars wife
community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.
a warning or indication of (a future event).
Cassius forged it to get Brutus to join
Who informed Brutus "gave the word too early"
Beware the ides of march
What happen after the speech
Convinced Caesar to come to the capital
Caesar best friend
Brutus wife
Killed for taking down Caesar decorations
Who showed the will of Caesar
to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly
The third member of Antony and Octavius
Where did the speech occur
Who killed brutus
a punctuation mark ( ’ ) used to indicate possession
A Roman senator
Writer of the play
pretends to be Brutus
What month did this tragedy happen
the principle of reason and judgment

Julius Caesar Crossword

Julius Caesar Crossword

Title of the play
Wife of Caesar
He is a friend of Caesar but joins the conspiracy because he loves Rome more than his friend ship.
Brutus wife and sister of Cassius
Brutus' brother-in-law. An EXCELLENT judge of character. Argues that Antony should also be eliminated and later he should not speak at Caesar's funeral
a senator and shrewd member of the conspiracy. He is the first one to stab Caesar.
conspirator who leaves the letters in places where Brutus will find them.
He has the gift of flattery and persuades Caesar to attend the Capitol on the Ides of March. He interprets Calpurnia's dream ina positive manner
the last member of the conspiracy who meets with Brutus
he gains Caesar's attention by asking for a pardon for his banished brother, thus allowing the other conspirators to surround Caesar and stab him.
he lured Antony from the senate allowing the others time to stab Caesar.
A senator and famous orator. The triumvirs have him executed.
a good friend of Caesar but reputedly more interested in pleasurable pursuits. He is an excellent orator who uses this skill to incite the people of Rome to rebellion when he speakes over the body of Caesar
wrote a letter to Caesar warning him about his future death
Said "Beware the Ides of March"

Julius Caesar Acts 1-5 Crossword

Julius Caesar Acts 1-5 Crossword

Emperor of Rome
Stabbed caesar first
Follower of Caesar
Last to stab caesar
Opposed antony speech
Killed for his bad verses
begs for the partion of his brother
lures antony away from the assissation scene
Gives caesar letter of warning
The nephew of caesar
Appeal to emotion
Logic with numbers
"Et tu, Brute!" says...
How many times was caesar offered the crown?
Who offered caesar the crown?
Do the people of rome support brutus during his speech?
How did Portia die?
Brutus wife
A play on words
March 15
Excessive pride
Is Caesar deaf in one ear?
Who warns Caesar?
Who convinces Caesar not to go to the senate?
What did Portia stab herself with..
Who underestimates Antony?
1 of the people ruled by trimvirate
The author
Year author was born
First name of author
How many acts are in this play?
Shakespeare's wife
Son of shakespeare's

Julius Caesar Crossword Puzzle Part 2

Julius Caesar Crossword Puzzle Part 2

Cassius wants to get Brutus to recognize his __________.
__________ Caesar was one of the people in the First Triumvirate.
Pompey was ________ by Caesar.
In Act 1, Scene 3, the gods are very _______.
Cassius is the _________ in the play.
Flavius and Marullus _____ the people for being loyal to Caesar.
"Beware the Ides of March" is a __________.
The ________ says, "Beware the Ides of March."
_________ acts like a party animal.
In Greek tragedy, Caesar was known as a __________ because of his excessive pride.
The play opens up on a note of __________, or discontent.
Cicero is ___________ years old.
Cicero had nothing to do with the ___________.
Cassius doesn't enjoy his own ________.
Caesar thinks that he has people in the _______ of his hand.
Casca doesn't speak _______ because he isn't as educated as the others.
Flavius and ________ hate Caesar.
In the 3rd scene, the ________ changes.
Cassius was pushing for ________ to be in a position of power.
Caesar had epilepsy and was ______ in the left ear.
Marullus and Flavius viewed the plebians (commoners) as ________.
In Act 1, Scene 1, everyone was gathered to celebrate the Feast of _______.
______ Antony offered Caesar the crown three times but he refused it.
Caesar's wife who didn't produce an heir was named _______.
Brutus compares Caesar to a ________ & their eggs.