abuse and neglect can happen to ______
__ children die as a result of child abuse in homes each day
about ___ people report child abuse when faced with an actual situation.
child abuse is reported somewhere in the united states every __ seconds
____ motor skills involve the development of small muscles
____ motor skills involve the development of large muscles
_______ control most of a newborn child's movements
______________ is uneven, as children do not progress in all skills at the same time.
too overweight
form of emotional abuse that involves excessive yelling, shaming, belittling and/or teasing of a child.
verbal abuse
children who have been abused may not ______ other people.
someone who operates his or her own business
person from a foreign country who lives with a family and provides childcare in exchange for room and transportation
au pair
takes care of a child/children in their own home
time period from birth to 9 years old
early childhood
this exercise works well for nervousness before a special event, such as speaking in front of the class.
this exercise is useful for learning beginning skills; as well as spelling, writing, listening, etc.
cross crawl
this exercise helps improve blood flow to the brain.
brain buttons
theory that focuses on the child's independence in order to engage them in a learning environment.
developed the social development theory of learning.
developed 4 stages of cognitive development.
developed 8 stages on emotional and personality development.
developed a hierarchy of human needs.
florida abuse hotline
failure to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, or needed supervision.

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